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The Egyptian Cross MysteryFound with their heads cut off crucified likewise in the form of a T Ellery ueen had the feeling that there was only one clue he didnt possess and that clue came to him with the fourth murder. Not going to lie it took me a bit to get into the book I wasn’t familiar with the writing style and even though the book starts in a very macabre and shocking way it took some time for the plot to really take off for me; but when it did I really enjoyed the story The crime is complicated and obscure but it makes sense even if till the end you can’t tie all the loose ends there are no plot holes and everything it’s explained well I’ve liked the main character Ellery ueen his intelligence and how he isn’t your conventional detective The rest of the characters were also intriguing and the background schemes didn’t turn the plot messy they actually added to it making it entertaining I’ve liked how since the first moment we know the name of the murderer but how regardless the suspense it’s maintained till the end Also as a curiosity I’ve liked how the author asks the readers about their theories when we are getting to the resolution of the story and also the last paragraph in the book that was a bit Meta but also a funny gesture toward the reader

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Read ✓ The Egyptian Cross Mystery Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ [PDF] ✅ The Egyptian Cross Mystery By Ellery Queen – A new series of classic facsimile reprints selected and introduced by the internationally renowned editor and mystery expert Otto PenA new series of classic facsimile reprints selected and introduced by the internationally renowned editor and mystery The Egyptian Epubexpert Otto Penzler The Egyptian Cross Mystery has justly. Really weird Even for Ellery ueenAnd I was stumpedEllery asks the reader do we know who it is because he does Clue staring me right in the face and I missed it

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Been called Ellery ueens weirdest adventure On Christmas Eve an eccentric schoolmaster in the little town of Arroyo West Virginia was brutally murdered Over the next year three other men were. In this book the writers Ellery ueen as opposed to the fictional author Ellery ueen can be seen to be working toward as less Philo Vancish lead character while still in the thralls of concocting overly ornate murders ueen the fictional character still talks far too much and says far too little The book would be a good third shorter if only he said what he meant the first time and without circumlocution The entire booksstoryplot would fall apart were not ueen the other characters and apparently the readers as well ignorant of that part of the world that the genesis of the tale is supposedly set in In order to captivate the reader ueen and Professor Yardley must react not much than a decade after the end of the Great War as if parts of Europe were separated from America by centuries as well as distance and as if a blood soaked crime scene and a decapitation bespoke brutality beyond any of the pograms of recent historyPerhaps the irritation of this reviewer is increased by the fact she found the solution to the crime obvious a good forty pages before it was unveiled and suspected it long before that conseuently found much of the book transparently an exercise in biding time and haring off after irrelevancies