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review Ethan Marcus Stands Up õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➨ Ethan Marcus Stands Up Ebook ➮ Author Michele Weber Hurwitz – “A thoughtful next step for readers of Andrew Clements” — BCCBMultiple points of view lead to multiple theories about what really happened after one kid turns a“A thoughtful next step for readers of Andrew Clements” BCCBMultiple points of view lead to multiple theories about what really happened after one kid turns a punishment into a protest in this hilarious novel from Michele Weber HurwitzPerennial good kid Ethan Marcus has just done the Ethan Marcus Epubunthinkable refuse to stay seated during class He’s not causing a riot he’s not wandering around he’s just sick of sitting But the rules aren’t designed for Ethan and so he is sent to the principal?. Michele Weber Huwitz’s Ethan Marcus Stands Up takes place in a middle school where 7th grader Ethan Marcus is being bored to death everyday by his Language Arts teacher He can’t stand sitting all day his brain gets foggy and he can’t concentrate symptoms of the well known scoma the feeling you get when you are extremely bored by your classes One day he decides to stand up and protest against the constant sitting unfortunately that does not end well resulting in two days of reflections Ethan doesn't give up and decides to fight a battle against the scomas Will he win Will he be able to stand during his classes and finish scomas once and for all Read to find out I absolutely loved this book It includes different points of views from several characters which gives an incredible experience Michele has unbelievable writing skills she can describe events with an outstanding level of perfection I had loads of fun reading this book I especially liked how all the character are so different and diverse I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read light fun books If you like the books Calli Be Gold and The Summer I Saved The World in 65 Days I am sure you’ll like this one as well

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??s office When Ethan’s sentence results in a Reflection Day McNutt Middle School’s answer to detention his faculty advisor suggests that Ethan channel the energy that caused his “transgression” by entering the school’s Invention Day Competition Ethan is not exactly Mark Zuckerberg so he doubts his ability to make anything competition worthy That’s the department of his slightly older sister Erin But as Ethan and his buddy Brian get into the assignment they realize they might actually have somethi. This novel Ethan Marcus Stands Up is a fictional book that is about a boy named Ethan Marcus who is tired of sitting in class for hours and decides to stand up in class Marcus is sent to reflection or as other people would call it detention where the facility advisor recommends him to take part in the school Invention Day Competition The book also tells the story through other characters such as Erin Ethan’s sister Zoe Erin’s friend and his friend Brian I enjoyed reading about everyone’s perspective on issues and how they treat them differently Although I liked how the book was written through multiple narrators I would have preferred that each character have time in their narrations Also some of the constant perspective switches were confusing Overall this book was great and it challenges the readers to step out of the comfort zone and see and treat things differently than they normally do

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Ethan Marcus Stands UpNg Enter Romanov the resident tech whiz who refuses to give them tips But Erin is furious at her formally slacker now traitor brother Meanwhile Erin’s friend Zoe is steering clear of Erin’s drama after realizing that she may be crushing on Ethan Then there’s Brian who has bigger things to worry about and finally loner kid Wesley who may know than others realize Told in the perspectives of multiple students discover what really happened on the day that one kid decided to take a stand against sitting down. Story told from five different perspectives all 7th graders focused on one student's uest to solve a problem through invention and innovation The ideas are good if not perfectly executed I found the constant switching between perspectives confusing I wish that they had spent time at a stretch on each character That might have made the characters feel than mere caricatures Still could be good for the right kid high energy and slightly low reader age 9 12