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Hired by the Brooding Billionaire Free read Ò 106 ✓ ❴Ebook❵ ➡ Hired by the Brooding Billionaire Author Kandy Shepherd – Insolpro.co.uk Beauty and the reclusive billionaire When billionaire Declan Grant decides his estate's enormous garden needs taming he hires idealistic horticulturalist Shelley FairhilBeauty and the the Brooding PDF #10003 reclusive billionaire When billionaire Declan Grant decides his estate's enormous garden needs taming he hires idealistic horticulturalist Shelley Fairhill to take on. I enjoyed this one I'm not really into gardening but I liked that aspect of this story Content fairly clean some innuendo maybe a word or two but can't remember anything no sex some talk of wanting it

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The challenge Since losing his wife Declan has adjusted to a life of self imposed isolation he Hired by PDF or wants Shelley to tackle the weeds then leave But as Shelley gradually restores order and unex. Wow I am really torn on this book which makes it a bit difficult to rate The last half of the book was a solid 4 stars but the first 50% was agonizingly slow and filled with not much than gardening information I could not give the first 50% anything higher than a 2 star ratingOur Hero Declan Grant is a broken brooding man living a solitary existence since his beloved wife and premature baby girl died in childbirth two years ago He is a gorgeous man who is only 30 years young but he made a vow on the day he lost his family to never let another woman into his life to never again love or be lovedand he was leading a celibate life never leaving his home He had a great need to punish himself by not allowing happiness to enter his lifetrying his best to atone for the guilt he carried because he blamed himself for their deaths When neighbors began complaining of the lack of upkeep in his monstrous gardens he was forced to do something about the overgrown messA horticulturalist Shelley Fairhill bravely stopped by the disheveled gardens at a mansion she passed by traveling to and from work to offer her gardening and landscaping services to the owner The owner refused but after the neighbors filed a complaint with the city he had no choice He contacts Shelley and she accepts the job Shelley makes a strong impact on Declan and they are immediately attracted to one another His walls begin to very slowly crumble bit by bit but he is still so heartbroken over the loss of his wife and baby it is next to impossible for him to move on As time passes they are drawn closer and closer together but still he's struggling with his grief and self induced punishmentI consider this to be a fair read The slowness of the first half had me on the cusp of not finishing this book several times and to move on to something else It was somewhat dark with the negative thoughts and feelings Declan had for his deceased wife baby and excessive guilt It became very redundant to the point of choosing to skip over themRecommendation Read this book and make your own decision I for one would not read it again It was too sad for me

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Hired by the Brooding BillionairePected beauty to his garden her caring nature also begins to thaw the ice encasing Declan's heart Can he let Shelley's light in and finally let his by the Brooding PDFEPUB #187 second chance at love blosso. A story of a man in need of healing before he can move on and love another woman and form a familyThis is a sad but also sweet story Declan is a man that lost the woman he loved and what was worse was she was pregnant He felt guilt about their passing because he wanted a family and she wanted to wait But something that his wife wanted to do never got done and that’s where Shelley comes in She loves plants and she has had her eye on a garden that has not been maintained She assumed that the house belonged to this old grumpy man or maybe an old woman but it ended up belonging to a very handsome obnoxious young man I couldn’t believe how he ended up treating her but in the end he ends up making it up to her by hiring her to clean up the garden or suffer the conseuences As he spies from his “high tower” he get this idea He is a young man that creates video games and Shelley’s character her looks inspires him and he gets to work Shelley knows that she is attracted to Declan but she has a plans and those plans include moving But what Declan never thought would happen was happening and these feelings were different and he didn’t want them Then the day happened when she was going out to look for a new place to live and he stopped her Declan actually asked her to live in the apartment in the estate but what he needed to think about was those feelings and also the jealously he was feeling But I could see that Declan was a different person and he was getting better at laughing and he was being very kind Can Declan and Shelley live happily ever after Hired by the Brooding Billionaire was a great read It is one of those reads that I enjoyed on a rainy day The characters were well developed This is my first read by Ms Shepard and I absolutely loved her writing I totally recommend this readReceived ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review