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Download Ebook ´ Period Power 352 pages ã Insolpro Ý [Download] ➸ Period Power ➽ Maisie Hill – Period Power is a profound but practical blueprint for aligning daily life with the menstrual cycle to give women a no nonsense explanation of what the hell happens to their hormones every mCan achieve this as well as focusing on particular milestones that reuire an altered approach such as coming off hormonal birth control infertility pregnancy motherhood and the perimenopausal years Using what Hill calls the cycle strategy a woman’s secret weapon when it comes to improving her relationships career and health she will apply the principles of Eastern and Western medicine to give women all they need to make sense of their cycles as well as accessible and practical suggestions through which readers can improve their physical symptoms and stop berating themselves because of the way that they evolve through each menstrual month Medical book to be read by women and even men to avoid unwanted problems and have a healthy balanced lifestyleخلاصه این کتاب پزشکی را درباره بررسی علمی دوران پریود زنان از بلینکیست گوش دادم که تا شاید بصورت آگاهانه و علمی با این موضوع مهم و البته تابو در جوامع روبرو شویم خلاصه کتاب را در زیر گذاشتمBlinkist summary“She’s probably just on her period”How often have you heard or overheard this statement? Even in ostensibly progressive societies it’s all too common for men to dismiss women’s ideas opinions or anger simply on the basis of their ability to bleed every month The idea behind this is that periods somehow make you volatile dangerous or outright crazyBut the fact that your hormones fluctuate every month doesn't make you any less of a level headed or competent person Changes in mood energy and desire throughout your cycle are all perfectly normal; if you learn to recognize and work with them they can even boost your natural talents and abilities To harness your “period power” you just have to become familiar with the science behind your menstrual cycle as well as the strengths and challenges that accompany each stage By learning to go with the flow – uite literally – you’ll be able to access a power you never knew you possessed Because your hormones are sensitive to stress illness and life changes your menstrual cycle is a mark of your overall health and well being Tracking it can help you identify when in your cycle you thrive and struggle and how to adjust your life to match your mood and energy better The stages of your cycle correspond to the four seasons Your period is winter a time of rest and introspection As hormone levels rise again spring brings new energy reaching its peak around ovulation which is your summer Your energy and mood drop again just before your period in fall a time when it’s especially important to take care of yourself Actionable adviceUse homemade castor oil packs to ease menstrual crampsIf your periods are painful castor oil packs can be a simple and natural way to ease cramps All you need is a piece of cotton or wool flannel some castor oil and a hot water bottle You might also want to grab some old clothes and towels as the process can get a bit messy Let the flannel soak in the oil until it’s fully saturated and place it on your abdomen with the hot water bottle on top Leave it there for 30 to 60 minutes and your cramps should improve Afterwards you can massage the leftover oil into your skin Your menstrual cycle is regulated by the ebb and flow of the hormones estrogen and progesterone Menstrual tracking will help you take charge of your hormonal well beingHormones like estrogen and progesterone don’t just tell your uterus what to do They affect your mood and behavior in all kinds of ways regulating your energy sleep libido and appetite In fact hormones don’t just affect menstruators – they rule all humansBecause your menstrual cycle comprises an ebb and flow of hormones the mental and physical changes you experience throughout can feel uite drastic The different stages of your menstrual cycle are like the seasons of the year; each brings with it a different set of strengths and challenges Your period during which you withdraw from the world and rest is like winter After that comes spring when your body and mind begin anew Around ovulation you’re in summer when you feel light and energetic Finally before your period you move into fall to slow down and get ready for another winterYour menstrual cycle and the length and experience of each season are highly sensitive to changes in your life Work stress poor diet relationship issues and illness are just some of the things that can throw your hormones off balance As a result your cycles may be too long too short or very irregular When your menstrual cycles are out of whack it’s a sign that something in your life or body is not going according to plan But tracking your cycle – one of the most underrated and underused tools – can help you take charge of your mental and physical health The best thing is all you need to get started are a pen and paper Menstrual tracking can be as simple as jotting down a few words each day Some useful things to note are energy levels mood uality of sleep appetite libido headaches digestion or pain – but you can customize your data as you please For example write down how you’re feeling about your relationships what food you’re currently craving and which task feels extra hard today Period apps such as Clue and Kindara are another simple way to keep track of your cycleOnce you’ve tracked a full cycle you’ll be able to see how your mood and energy changed throughout it And after tracking a couple cycles not only will you be able to calculate when your next period is about to start – you’ll be able to plan for changes in mood energy and desire as wellA healthy lifestyle can help balance your hormones and ease the darker seasons of your cycle  There are many things you can do to regulate your cycle and boost your menstrual health Most changes will come to you naturally as you track your cycle and become familiar with your particular moods uirks and behaviors A lot of menstrual health tips are pretty straightforward A diet rich in nutrients from vegetables healthy fats and proteins will improve digestion and help your hormones stay on track If you have PCOS cutting out dairy gluten and sugar will be especially important to improving your condition Exercise is another great way to boost your immune system and hormone production It also allows you to sweat out excess estrogen which can be useful if you suspect that you have “estrogen dominance” a common condition in perimenopause Sleep is another big factor in hormonal health Just one night of bad sleep can mess with your blood sugar and raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol which in turn suppresses the production of estrogen and progesterone To prevent this aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per nightLess obviously you might want to consider your form of contraception Hormonal contraceptives like the pill work via synthetic hormones that suppress your natural hormonal cycle and prevent ovulation In recent years hormonal contraceptives have been linked to significant health issues from depression to inflammatory bowel disease to pain while having sex And the pill’s negative effects extend well beyond its use One study found that long term pill use permanently decreased the thickness of the uterus lining an important factor in your ability to conceive Although a lot of health practitioners fail to inform their patients about the negative aspects of hormonal contraception these are worth considering when deciding on a contraceptive Your menstrual cycle shouldn’t be a burden to get rid of through hormonal contraceptives but a source of joy and power If you can work on regulating your cycles through lifestyle changes and with the help of a trusted healthcare professional it’s worth a shotAs you’ve learned in these blinks going with the natural flow of your menstrual cycle can be a radical act of self care By helping you discover your individual patterns faults and strengths it will enable you to thrive in all stages and areas of your lifeWhat to read next Flow by Elissa Stein Susan Kim Now that you know how to best work with your own period perhaps you’re interested in taking a step back and considering periods as a cultural phenomenon In Flow Elissa Stein and Susan Kim trace the cultural social and political history of menstruation and debunk the myths and misconceptions that still surround periods todayref blinkistcom

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Selves in a state of physical and emotional discomfort and fatigue wanting nothing than to collapse on the sofa in front of Netflix But what if instead of just trying to plan for our dark days women were euipped with ways to improve them? What if our desire to improve ourselves could be combined with our need to know just what our womb and ovaries are getting up to every month? Not to mention how to take advantage of the natural superpowers that sit in each phase of our cycle so that we can plan our month to perform at our best Maisie Hill is uniuely placed as an acupuncturist women’s health practitioner and doula to explain just how we I initially rated this 3 stars but have now downgraded it to 2 after I ruminated on it some over the weekend This was mainly due to a level of unease that Period Power left me with as well as a feeling that I didn't really take as much away from it as I'd hopedI don't know if this was mainly because I'd already fairly recently read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler which was a phenomenally helpful and insightful text almost like the bible of fertility really but I didn't really find much in Maisie Hill's book that I didn't already know at least from a biological perspective The first few chapters are fairly comprehensive in terms of the female reproductive system and understanding how your body works and Hill writes in a way that makes the topic very accessible So there are definitely some positives to this book especially if you haven't read much on the subject before and are fairly new to itHowever the majority of this book was mainly dominated by what I've seen a couple of other reviewers refer to as 'woo' and I'd have to agree with them on this While I think it's fun and fairly illustrative to define the stages of the menstrual cycle as 'seasons' with certain positives and negatives to be found in each stage it didn't really feel like a lot of the content was based on solid scientific fact so conjecture and straight up opinion That's not to say that there's nothing in going on your own experience and that of others and anecdotal evidence can sometimes help especially when it comes to managing symptoms but I think that relying on this solely would be a mistake especially when dealing with important reproductive issues I also found the idea that you could pretty much tailor your life including external commitments such as work and parenthood around your cycle to be fairly naive and not possible for those who maybe come from a less than privileged background Maybe it's ideal to not take on any commitments at your job during a certain season for example but the fact of the matter is that when deadlines come looming you'll be working towards them whether you feel like it or not The reality of life going on around you is inescapableAnother part of this book that made me feel uncomfortable was the vilifying of the pill Now don't get me wrong Hill re iterates again and again that she feels that if you decide the pill is the absolute best option for you then that is fine and that she respects people's opinions about what is best for them in terms of contraception But I can't help but feel that this is just to cover her back because again and again she points out the negative aspects of using hormonal contraception I do agree that there are a lot of negative side effects of using the pill especially long term and I'm not going to say her points are wholly incorrect I'm not ualified to do so But I did feel as though my personal decisions in the past were being attacked and I felt depressed about the future in a way that I didn't feel reading Toni Weschler's book which tackles many similar topics and besides I felt like I was in a hopeless place like I had done irreparable harm to myself and I don't think any book based on helping women with reproductivefertility issues should make you feel this way It should empower you if anythingI also think that this book is definitely not one that should be listened to on audiobook in retrospect Maisie Hill does a good job of narrating don't get me wrong but it's incredibly hard to remember where you have heard certain snippets of information that you maybe do want to remember and act upon Unless you have a pen and paper to hand it's going to be ultimately pointless and the information will have been lost on youOverall I think this is an alright book I think its heart is definitely in the right place and I do believe that Maisie Hill has helped a lot of women to overcome fertility and cycle related issues But this book wasn't for me and it just made me glad that I had read Weschler's book first

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Period PowerPeriod Power is a profound but practical blueprint for aligning daily life with the menstrual cycle to give women a no nonsense explanation of what the hell happens to their hormones every month and how they can use each phase to its full advantageNinety per cent of women experience symptoms of PMS a syndrome which features a wide range of signs and symptoms and yet there’s an enduring lack of understanding about what it actually is and a disappointingly meager range of treatment optionsSo many of us have a Jekyll and Hyde experience of our lives; we feel on top of the world capable confident and sexy for part of each month then find our So Much Woo 😔Save your money and look for a book about the menstrual cycle that sticks to facts and evidence There are portions of this book like the first section which provide a genuinely helpful insight into how our cycles work from a biological perspective I did learn a lot about my bodyBut and it’s a big one beyond that there is so much woo and uackery that I almost couldn’t finish the book I held out in case there were any nuggets of useful information there weren’tBeyond the pseudoscientific “treatments” I also find it unhelpful to suggest restricting one’s life and work according to a largely arbitrary set of “seasons” Who in the real world can reorganise all public speaking to land on a handful of days in the month? Or to restrict creativity socialising introspection developing plans etc etc according to someone else’s imposed timetable? I really do find it odd in 2019 to be restricting women to be slaves to the monthly calendar Feels like a real step away from eualityAnd if you don’t believe me about the cycle seasons being largely arbitrary try the section for those not menstruating transpost menopausal etc which explains how you can just map the seasons into the phases of the moon How about this gem “There hasn’t been much research on cod liver oil packs but it’s been used by women for over 100 years and is proven to work” proven without research???If it sounds like a duck 🦆