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Ing manWhen he begins his search every road leads back to one woman a haughty vixenish pit girl named Rose With her fiery hair and skirts pinned up over trousers she cares nothing for a society that calls her unnatural scand. Jonathan Blair a mining engineer late of West Africa and finding himself in Victorian England takes on the mysterious disappearance of a curate at the coal mining town of Wigan And so begins a multilayered tale of things that are not as they seem and sometimes are much much Because Blair was apparently born in Wigan and doesn't know who his mother was Because he is only in the town to complete the task so that he can earn enough money to return to West Africa and because the curate didn't simply disappear and there is so much to the town its people and the mysteryThis is an engrossing tale that keep the reader reading and carried along with Blair who finds himself attracted to a pit girl named Rose as well as conflicted by the coal mine owner's daughter Charlotte What happened the day that the curate disappeared — and 76 men died in the mine Why is it so important to find out what happened to the curate And the tale is wrapped in the s and customs of a victorian coal mining town This is very good reading with fully established characters well crafted dialogue and words that bring the town and its time to rich life

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Rose By Martin Cruz SmiAlous eroticAs Rose and Blair circle one another first warily then with the heat of mutual desire Blair loses his balance And the lull induced by Rose's sensual touch leaves him unprepared for the bizarre soul scorching trut. uite a departure from the Arkady Renko series by the author This historical mystery takes place in the mining town of Wigan in England The main character Jonathon Blair is a disgraced Mining Engineer Blair is asked by his benefactor Bishop Hannay to investigate the disappearance of his future son in lawThe descriptions of mining in the late 1800's and the mining community were vivid and riveting reading The conditions underground and the men and women whose daily grind was the delivery of coal for the mine owners was a grim and gritty existence The mystery component of the novel was almost secondary to the mines and the working conditions That's not to say that it wasn't a solid historical mystery there were uite a few twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end Thoroughly enjoyed the novel by a writer whose style and delivery I enjoy

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DOWNLOAD ✓ Rose By Martin Cruz Smith ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Rose ✑ Author Martin Cruz Smith – The year is 1872 The place is Wigan England a coal town where rich mine owners live lavishly alongside miners no better than slaves Into this dark complicated world comes Jonathan Blair who has accept The The year isThe place is Wigan England a coal town where rich mine owners live lavishly alongside miners no better than slaves Into this dark complicated world comes Jonathan Blair who has accepted a commission to find a miss. This dude can write Really interesting historical fiction with a very different cast of characters Jonathan Blair is a mining engineergeologist and has come back from Africa without the pay he'd been promised His benefactor has another job for him All Jonathan has to do is shake off his malaria and manage to make it to his appointment He swung his feet onto the floor took one step and collapsed He came to an hour later He could tell by another outburst of bells so there was some point to God after all as a celestial regulator with a gongIt is 1872 and he is due at the Royal Geographical Society It turns out to be a fascinating job that takes him to his place of birth Wigana place he would not have voluntarily visited A preacherbridegroom has gone missing and Blair needs to go into the mines and talk to the workers to find out what could have happened There are some highly unusual characters in this tale and the solution seems satisfactory to all for very different reasons