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Silver Borne Review Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Download] ➸ Silver Borne Author Patricia Briggs – Mercy Thompson car mechanic and shapeshifter never knows what the day or night may bring in a world where witches vampires werewolves and shapeshifters live beside ordinary peT about anything to keep it out of the wrong hands And if that doesn't take enough of Mercy's attention her friend Samuel is struggling with his wolf side leaving Mercy to cover for him lest his own father declare Samuel's life forfeitAll in all Mercy has had better days And if she isn't careful she may not have ma. I can't deny that I read this book in one sitting and that the narrative was absorbing Briggs is a good writer But by the next morning all I could think of were complaints I suspect I'll be in the minority in disliking this thoughThere's no Stephan at all Maybe the author thinks everybody is sick of vampires I'm not I'm sick of the damned Fae Their presence has ruined this series for me They're too otherworldy and overly magical for the kind of urban fantasy I enjoy I've always liked Zee pretty well but I disliked extremely the whole long seuence with the Fae towards the end of this book The previous book revolved around the Fae also but at least it had a better overall plot than this oneI don't like that Briggs has made her werewolves have split personalities I can see that a werewolf would think of himself as having a different identify when he transforms but to give the inner wolf an actual separate personality is taking that too far And while I usually like pack dynamics they were fairly pathetic hereFinally I didn't like the pat resolution to the Samuel problem I felt unsatisfied and disappointed at the end of this book and I won't be jumping to buy the next one as soon as it releases

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Mercy Thompson car mechanic and shapeshifter never knows what the day or night may bring in a world where witches vampires werewolves and shapeshifters live beside ordinary people Booklist But she is about to learn that while some secrets are dangerous whose who seek them are just plain deadlyMercy is smart enough. Patricia Briggs does not disappoint us in Silver Borne the 5th book in her fabulous Mercy Thompson Series We continue following Mercy’s life and the world that she lives introuble always follows her as she throws herself into saving or helping her friends This story goes deeper into the secretive and dark and dangerous fae world Mercy has something that the fae want back – a book she had borrowed from a fae friend who is in danger because of that She finds herself being contacted by the Fae ueen demanding the return of their valuable book In between trying to find her fae friend she another problem thrown at her by Adam’s wolf pack who are most unhappy about her Adam making her part of his pact without their consent But Adam is not backing down He’s committed to Mercy and no matter what is pack thinks says or do She’s his mate and that will never change I love the chemistry between Adam and Mercy Their connection is unbreakable and I like seeing their relationship grow instead of having that insta love thing The world building and the characters are so well developed that makes it so real and believableI just love this seriesMy favorite uote

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Silver BorneTo realize that when it comes to the magical fae the less you know the better But you can't always get what you want When she attempts to return a powerful fae she previously borrowed in an act of desperation she finds the bookstore locked up and closed downIt seems the book contains secrets and the fae will do jus. 35 stars This was a decent book as part of the ongoing Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series and worth reading for those who are already into this series but not one of my favorites in this series It combines two or three plotlinesFirst we have Mercy's ongoing issues with her failure to be fully accepted by her mate Adam's werewolf pack which become Adam's issues This leads to some insurrection in the ranks and a series of mixed martial arts fights for position and rank in the pack including that of the Alpha The disclosure of the conspiracy and the martial arts fights were interesting reading Briggs said she worked with her husband to write the fight scenes in as authentic a way as possible and it shows Unfortunately this continuing plot about the pack's issues with Mercy has passed its Sell By date for my money We're kind of treading water here nowSecond there's the Silver Borne artifact plot A special book was loaned to Mercy by a bookstore owner in a previous book and when she tries to return it the bookstore is closed the owner is missing and Mercy is worried about him This ties into the third plotline a personal crisis that Mercy's old friend Samuel is having He's at the end of his rope emotionally and his wolf Sam the werewolf half of his personality takes over their body to prevent a crisis but that's only a temporary solution So Mercy has three problems all of which are hitting the boiling pointMy favorite part of the book was the SamSamuel part; the werewolf politicking and fighting would have been fun if it were fresh The Silver Borne artifact part of the plot wasn't at all memorable