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The golden evenings of summerCapture a moment of yesterday a sunset from evenings of Kindle #180 the porch swing the aroma of the backyard lilac bush. This is one of my favorite books in the world It is by the American humorist Will Stanton I bought a copy at a yard sale for a nickel as I recall when I was 8 I read it until it literally fell apart I still have the remains of that copy along with another paperback I bought through ebay and a gorgeous first edition hardback which I believe cost a whopping 20 It is set in the depression and it is one of the funniest books I have ever read

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FREE DOWNLOAD The golden evenings of summer 100 å ❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ The golden evenings of summer Author Will Stanton – Capture a moment of yesterday a sunset from the porch swing the aroma of the backyard lilac bush the inviting appeal of the vacant lot next door the riches of a bottle cap collection the temptThe inviting appeal of the vacant lot next door the riches of a bottle cap collection the temptation of the cookie jar. I bought this because it's the basis for Disney's 1975 Charley and the Angel starring Fred MacMurray and Cloris Leachman a movie I haven't seen by the way but I've spent plenty of time strolling through various synopses and was hoping to get the real story from the book on which it was based I got something much betterAuthor William Stanton was one of four boys raised by his father and a series of housekeepers after his mother died due to complications from the birth of a younger sibling Stanton's second marriage brought him seven children six of them boys so he had plenty of material to work with when he decided to use his Princeton English major to become a full time freelance writer after WWIIIn Golden Evenings we have a family of three children with their parents living through the 1930's depression Maybe we're all too young now to know what the depression was really like but we're not too young to know how sitting on the front porch enjoying the cooling comfort of the evening in summertime feels That with the mischief that two boys can find while out of school the uirks and mannerisms of family members the extreme behavior people will go to when trying to win an argument all the elements of stories that families tell for years are what you'll find in this bookWhat's not in this book An angel telling dad he's about to die reuiring amends and farewells to family and friends Disney must have felt that Fred MacMurray needed range in his part interaction with someone else say Harry Morgan as the angel and that the stories from the book alone couldn't attract a 1975 audience It's true that other heart warming stories that have remained in broadcast rotation regularly came from either the 1980s or what we would kindly call the vintage era so perhaps Disney made the right decision for the times But the book stands alone as warm sweet funny I did laugh out loud while reading a few times and charming well worth the read And I look forward to other Stanton works

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The summers that never endedCapture a moment and journey back with us to the good old days those very very good old days. A genuine family classic I remember one scen that had me lauging out loud when someone in the family the dad tries to take a compact apart at the dinner table and the powder goes flying everywhere and when the rest of the family speaks it's with little clouds of pink powder