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Malayan Spymaster review Ç eBook or Kindle ePUB à ➸ [Read] ➳ Malayan Spymaster By Boris Hembry ➽ – This is a true story of 1930s Malaysia of jungle operations submarines and spies in WWII and of the postwar Malayan Emergency as experienced by an extraordinary man Boris Hembry went out to MalaThe most successful intelligence coup of the Malayan war After WWII Hembry returned to planting at Sungei Siput Perak where the murder of three colleagues on June signalled the start of the Malayan Emergency Assuming the leadership of the local planting community he formed the first Home Guard unit in Malaya was an early proponent of suatter control later incorporated into the Briggs Plan served on district state and federal security committees and survived several attempts on his life. An autobiography of sorts in the form of a memoir of the author's time spent in Malaya during most of his adult life Boris Hembry came to Asia during the height of British imperialism in the 1930s before everything changed when the Japs invaded and took over As an expatriate he enjoyed a higher standard of living than his peers who stayed home Typical for many colonials he lived in a huge property with extensive grounds overseen by a retinue of native servants almost like a private kingdom given the distance from head office Meanwhile as an employee of Guthrie he organized land and labor to maximize rubber production while being paid uite handsomely for his efforts Indeed he lived the life of a globe trotting elite in those days taking vacations all around Asia and Australia by sea and by plane When the war came the author proved himself a survivor and was able to persevere through almost unimaginable hardship while narrowly escaping the aggressors and making it to Sumatra and eventually Ceylon Like many planters who found themselves driven out of their homes and jobs he participated in the military efforts to undermine the Japanese through covert operations of subterfuge during the occupation After this interlude Hembry returned to the life of a planter with renewed vigor almost as if the war had never happened Peace was short lived as the Brits soon found themselves at war with communist insurgents who were ironically their comrade at arms during the war Hembry was at the epicenter of it all where the first and most concentrated attacks took place and he almost led the efforts and strategies of the government in fighting them being a key advisor to politicians and officialsPerhaps owing to the tensions anxieties and stresses accumulated since the war and his chain smoking habit the author suffered from heart problems in his middle age and had to prematurely end his climb up the corporate ladder at Guthrie being advised to take up less strenuous positions Feeling sidetracked and bored Hembry returned to his home land after twenty odd years and 'retired' from life as a colonialist right about the time of Malaya's independenceThe tone of this book is very matter of fact without much embellishment or feeling I suppose like how memoirs are a mere narration of what happened the whos and the whereabouts As such it is a part of the historical record and not a thriller by any means as the title would suggest Still it is an eye opening account of how this part of the world was like during those days from the point of view of one who lived through it

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This is a true story of s Malaysia of jungle operations submarines and spies in WWII and of the postwar Malayan Emergency as experienced by an extraordinary man Boris Hembry went out to Malaya as a rubber planter in to work on estates in Malaya and Sumatra Following the Japanese invasion in December he volunteered for Freddy Spencer Chapman's covert Stay Behind Party and spent a month in the jungle behind enemy lines before escaping by sampan across the Malacca Strait to Sumatra Hembry. I grew up in Malaya living there at the tail end of the Emergency 1959 61 I throughly enjoyed this account and found it hard to put down A very brave man Lots of amusing anecdotes but also he pulls no punches about the atrocities committed by the Japanese and the Malayan Communist Terrorists Gives a wonderful account of the besieged life that rubber planters led on their isolated plantations I stayed on a rubber plantation as a nine year old and was fascinated by the tapping process the primitive machinery used and the huge sheets of rubber hung up in the drying sheds Definite must read if you want to understand pre war Malaya and the Communist Emergency

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Malayan SpymasterReturned to Singapore shortly before its surrender then escaped to Java and subseuently to India where he joined V Force a clandestine intelligence unit operating in Burma In Hembry was recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service given the bland cover name Inter Services Liaison Department ISLD and returned to Sumatra and Malaya several times by submarine on intelligence gathering missions He became Head of Malayan Country Section ISLD in liaised with Force and was responsible for. I picked up Malayan Spymaster some time ago for future research and have just got around to reading it The book was not originally intended for general publication but the author's family decided after his death to make it available to the general public I'm glad they did It contains some fascinating 'insider' insights into life in Malaya before and after WWII While it will not be everyone's cup of tea containing as it does a lot of detail for Malayan history buffs it is a worthwhile read