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review í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó John Clements Nd men at arms Based on years of extensive training and research in the use of European swords it contains highly effective fighting techniues for the sword sword shield long sword great sword pol. I don’t usually read about martial arts except when I need to do research for my novels The only other work I’ve read on a similar topic was a book about boxing which contained about 10% of the information you can find here To me this book is amazing It’s not something you can learn by going to a school for a training class It reuires studying tons of historical records pretty much anything that’s remotely related to Medieval swordfights because unlike Asian martial art experts Medieval fighters did not have the habit or discipline to create detailed documentation A good comprehension of the social background is also critical for the studyThe illustrations are very clear Sometimes for a basic posture than one figure are presented from different angles Even a layman like me found no problem understanding the principles The writing is also very good unlike those scientific papers that merely present facts in a boring way Font sizes layouts everything is reader friendly This is a classic and I’d like to thank the author for taking all the efforts to do this

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review Medieval Swordsmanship Illustrated Methods and Techniues è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × ❆ Medieval Swordsmanship Illustrated Methods and Techniues kindle Epub ❤ Author John Clements – From the author of Renaissance Swordsmanship comes the m E Medieval Swordsmanship PDFEPUBarm and And with than illustrations and rare historical documents it is a scholarly reference as well as a hands on training guide for martial artists of all levels. Been reading this book on and off for years now I like it a lot but without having a partner to spar with the exercises are rather dry pun intended Still a great book to learn about the anatomy of a sword fight

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Medieval Swordsmanship Illustrated Methods and TechniuesFrom the author of Illustrated Methods Epub #222 Renaissance Swordsmanship comes the most comprehensive and historically accurate view ever of the lost fighting arts of Medieval knights warriors a. It's a cliche but this is a curate's egg of a book I think a reader is entitled to approach a text cautiously when they realise the author feels the need not only for an introduction but also a preface an author's note acknowledgements and a warning before actually getting down to business he adds an afterword a note to the reader and an 'about the author' section at the end for good measure This sort of thing lends itself to two assumptions first the writer might be a wee bit pompous and second that the book could likely be shorter and would probably be better for it Both of these are true to some degree When writing about actual fighting instruction the book is an excellent primer clear in both the instructions and the illustrations usually concise covering a variety of basic stances and moves and including a nice range of information separate sections on sword alone and sword and shield for example each containing information on fighting against a variety of weapons other swords axes polearms etc There are other sections that are excellent background information too informative and interesting But for all his knowledge of swords it's the axes he has to grind that Clements struggles with His particular bugbears including theatrical combat two common re enactment rules and the reluctance of Eastern martial artists to fight him each get a dedicated appendix to themselves Sadly this doesn't stop him bringing them up with irritating freuency in the text particularly the first and last Nor are these the only instance of a point being laboured It really bogs down the writing and handicaps what should be a great book The author's claims that the book is 'scholarly' are also a bit overblown in fact I was struck by the relative lack of references in the text though the bibliography is fair But authors do tend to make these kind of claims and unlike the axe grinding this shouldn't be a problem for the book's main audience those interested in learning or refining their knowledge of use of the sword