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Nt on a game show moonlights as a stand up comedian and in the collection’s last story the immensely moving “Costello” a middle aged plumbing supplies salesman comes to terms with the death of his wife The men in Gavin’s stories all find themselves stuck somewhere in the middle caught half way between their dreams and the often crushing reality of th. This set of short stories took me completely by surprise and Gavin's writing totally swept me off my feet I got caught up in the first story of the basketball hopeful and it wasn't hard to keep going after thatThere is such a strong sense of place which is evident in everything from the long freeway drives to the freuency that his characters go to Del Taco Is Del Taco a SoCal thing Anyway the writing powerfully conveys certain emotions in each story which highlight the middle ness of the character's situations Some are in the middle of grief denial mediocrity but all are so in the middle It's really brilliant the truly strong sense of middle ness that the stories conveyThe writing was powerful in its simplicity You can feel so much meaning in the little details from the gimp mask in Illuminati to the lizard at the bottom of the pool in Costello Once you start feeling this it's no wonder that Jim Gavin is a fabulous writer All these little details build up to convey those emotions and poignant moments in the glimpse we get of the character's life Understated is the perfect word to describe this feeling Understated but overwhelming and incredibly sympathetic is what you can feel from reading this I also particularly relished the snap with which each story ended I don't read this kind of fiction often but now he has me completely sold on ithttpenjoyabookblogcom

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Middle MenEir lives A work of profound humanity that pairs moments of high comedy with searing truths about life’s missed opportunities Middle Men brings to life a series of unforgettable characters learning what it means to love and work and be in the world as a man and it offers our first look at a gifted writer who has just begun teaching us the tools of his trad. A great read and not just for those of us mourning the apparent end of Lodge 49

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Download É Middle Men ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub · ➹ [Download] ➵ Middle Men By Jim Gavin ➼ – In Middle Men Stegner Fellow and New Yorker contributor Jim Gavin delivers a hilarious and panoramic vision of California portraying a group of men from young dreamers to old vets as they In Middle Men Stegner Fellow and New Yorker contributor Jim Gavin delivers a hilarious and panoramic vision of California portraying a group of men from young dreamers to old vets as they make valiant forays into middle class respectability In Play the Man a high school basketball player aspires to a college scholarship in Elephant Doors a production assista. No one aspires to be a “middle man” – a low paid assistant a traveling salesman a boy who lingers on the cusp of basketball greatness Jim Gavin’s eight stories all focus on a man who knows deep down inside that he will not exit the world in a blaze of glory but gamely takes what life has to offerThe term is defined in – predictably – one of the middle stories entitled Elephant doors Jim Gavin writes “He imagined the two versions of himself – the young fraud and the old pro—standing on either side of a dark chasm If there was some blessed third version of himself the middle man who could bridge the gap Adam saw no trace of him in the darkness”So the uestion becomes how does one bridge the gap Sometimes the answer is just to get into the game Sixteen year old Pat Linehan – whose family is desperate for him to win a college basketball scholarship – ends up playing for a ragtag second string team in high school When the school is predictably defeated Pat “felt a miraculous sense of relief because I knew it was all over my future” Yet at the same time he “felt something rising in me a sense of life maybe”In one of my favorites Bermuda a young penniless man named Brian chases a flawed older woman Karen to Bermuda to somehow get some closure or arrange some resolution Despite the fact that Karen signals strongly to Brian that the romance is now over he reflects “I wanted her to disappear around a corner so it would be too late I’d have an excuse for not doing what I wanted”And in the aforementioned Elephant Doors lowly assistant Adam panders to the studio mogul Max only to discover that the whole game is really meaningless and empty By the end “his plan was to sit there all night drinking and cheering and listening to all the other souls who like him depended on the incorruptible spirit of El Goof”In the excellent eponymously titled story we meet Matt – who spends some years nursing his dying mother Gavin writes “After she died Matt for his pain and loss felt entitled to many rewards He secretly anticipated in no particular order a moment of spiritual transcendence the touch of a beautiful and understanding woman and some kind of financial windfall Instead at thirty he was broke and living at home”These are men who are frozen in their inertia yearning for something in life but resistant to actually taking hold of it They are unwilling to bow down to the future of their fathers yet they are way too tentative to map out an alternative future of their own In ways they are stuck but curiously not unhappySome of these stories are stronger than others and the same theme framework reverberates through the majority of the stories It’s a good – but not great – collection that bodes well for this debut author