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Free read Never Forget Always Remember ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰Download❯ ✤ Never Forget Always Remember Author Ashlyn Mathews – Never forgetVampire Slayer Elise Castle can’t forget the night she and her friends were ambushed They were murdered while her life had Rism his interest in Elise Castle goes beyond the professional Yet how to convince her he’s not the selfish man she believes him to beLives and friendships are at stake while love and loyalty is put to the test Will Elise and Xavier survive unscathed and together Or will a secret from Elise's past tear them apart. This is action packed book that will drop you in the middle of a paranormal world with vampires slayers knights and Fallen It's a book that makes you love the main female lead Elise while feeling for Xavier and the decisions his love for her has to make It's a good book that helps you figure out why her and Drake her best friend have the word remember tattoo on their neck and what Xavier is willing to give up for a women who can only offer him her love I liked how all the characters in this book had a role their where no characters that didn't have a purpose All in all a good book I do hope the other boys in this book especially Drake get their own book Link to full review

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Never forgetVampire Slayer Elise Castle can’t forget the night she and her friends were ambushed They were murdered while her life had been sparedAlways rememberGuilt ridden for the part she played in their deaths she’ll do whatever it takes to right the wrongs even if it means working for a creature she detest. Originally posted at With some uniue twists to the usual “slayer” plot Ms Mathews novel My Fallen intrigued me from the get goThe book has created some fascinating ideas about those who are less than or perhaps than human For instance people who are changed to vampires have a period of time during which they may potentially be changed back It’s short — seventy two hours — but a great idea and the basis of this book actually as Xavier and Elise wouldn’t have met if not for thisThe author has given a huge set of conflicts both internal and external to keep our hero and heroine apart and it was difficult for me to imagine they’d be able to overcome them allI admit I didn’t like Xavier at first He was exceptionally blunt and crude to Elise when they first met and if I’d been Elise I’d have most likely smacked the smug look of his face and then slammed the door on any interaction with him His initial behavior didn’t endear him to me in the least But don’t worry he does some growing and changing as the book progresses and eventually becomes someone I could get behind Elise falling forI liked Elise right off She’s smart strong loyal and determined This is why her reaction to Xavier didn’t ring true to me at least not at first She had every reason to dislike him intensely but it takes no time at all before they’re groping each other and getting naked I admit I’m a fan of lots of sexual tension build up before things get physical so this part of the novel frustrated me some However the Fallen are apparently very sexual beings so as I got to know Xavier and Elise better I could understand it a bit The plot was truly fantastic though It’s a complex world the author has built and populated with exceptionally realistic characters I’d be hard pressed to name the secondary character I liked best though I am pulling for Drake to have his own book nextI spent much of the book wondering who was bad who wasn’t what information was correct and so on We have lots of information to process plenty of action in and out of bed and a storyline that reels the reader in and holds on tight Ashlyn Mathews is a new to me author and I’m so pleased I opted to review this book If she continues on as she’s begun this book series will be stunning My Fallen is sure to please any paranormal romance fan especially those readers who like their books hot

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Never Forget Always RememberS a FallenDesperate to save his vampire turned friend Xavier Doom hires the first Slayer he can get his hands on Sure he got the best Slayer money can buy But when he discovers the company she Never Forget PDF or works for is blacklisted and she’s personally involved with his rival for the next big cure for vampi. I was first drawn by the cover Very nice Then wow Lots of sexual tension set off by danger and interspersed with just enough humor to keep the story from becoming overly dark While a little slow at times but the ending makes it 100% worth it I received this book from eBook Discovery This is my honest voluntarily posted review