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Cidade do Alabama To Kill PDF or Retrato fiel do terreno sulista norte americano no início dos anos foi eleito pelo americano Librarian Journal o melhor romance do século XX. My favorite thing about this review is that it is from 2018 and yet still in 2020 I am getting old white men writing 800 word essays in the comments about how wrong I am 3Bestseller Pulitzer Prize 18 million copies printed worldwide One of the greatest American novels even And I did not like it Everyone seems to praise this novel and hold it as a literary masterpiece What I got from this book was boredom slowness dryness confusion and random unnecessary scenes that did nothing to further anything 🌷 I WAS BORED AND ALMOST FELL ASLEEP Those first hundred pages Boring Absolutely boring I absolutely HATED that whole first section because it was boring to read and I literally did not care about anything that happened nor did I care about any of the characters It was boring it was pointless and providing Scout’s outlook on the current events could’ve been done in a much shorter and much less dense way It was just so slow and dry and confusing There were the most random scenes that had no effect on the plot or characters whatsoever Sure it’s great to provide backstory to things But including every tiny minuscule unnecessary detail about their childhood No thank you good sir To be honest after reading the whole book I still don’t really care for the characters And if I don’t care for the characters how do I care about whatever the hell happens to them The only one I actually like is Atticus and the others Scout Jem and motions vaguely the rest of them are meh I don’t hate them but I don’t love them They’re just so very meh and do not stand out at all And Scout is way too smart for her age People may think otherwise but she is so precocious and it is SO ANNOYING🌹 IT GETS SLIGHTLY BETTER As soon as we got into the trial and after part though my interest increased considerably I was able to actually focus on the story —instead of finding myself falling asleep like I had been in the first section It was interesting to read about And some events I did not see coming at all though it was written in the most boring way that I couldn’t really bring myself to care about it sad as they were which shows some really horrible writing skillsI honestly could comment on the whole trial section but if I had to find the willpower and effort to read the first section of the book and receive nothing in compensation I don’t feel particularly obliged to deeply analyze things in a positive light to convince you how clears throat good and perfect this book is Because it is not In my very humble opinion🌷 HOW THIS BOOK IS PROBLEMATICToday we are “taught” to believe the victim—of rape harassment assault and other forms of abuse It’s something we should all do But in this book we are inclined to not believe the victim in her claim that a man raped her since we are led to believe that this was a false accusation because of the man’s skin color It’s a complicated situation Do we believe the victim or do we believe the perpetrator who may have been falsely accused because of racial prejudiceThe characters are also disturbingly problematic Atticus as much as I like him is a white savior It makes a little bit of sense in the time period but it surely does not fit in times like now when white people need to step back and make sure to let people of color have a voice Allies are extremely important but there’s a difference between an ally and a savior Calpurnia is also a Black woman who is written off as complicit in her own servitude though she is luckily not treated as a slave or servant She also doesn’t seem to have many complexities to her character and neither do the other Black people who are portrayed as helpless and act as if Atticus is the only one that can save them which is a really ugly look And even Mayella Ewell The way her character is written can show that people who are of lower status or are not as welcome in society might not be believed if they were raped and spoke up about it And the fact remains that this book is a book about racism written by a white woman in Western society It’s nice that she tries to tackle racism and bring awareness to it or whatever but Harper Lee could not have written a book accurately educating about racism against Black people because she has no experience in it Even someone who experiences racism cannot write completely accurately about it because the individuals facing racism are exactly that—individuals not a monolith But they can sure write it accurately than someone who has never experienced racism and can only view it from a Western white person’s perspective This isn’t necessarily a problematic fact of itself but it’s something I think people should rememberAnd of course though this is less the fault of the book itself and the American school system we really need to stop using this book in schools to teach students about racism against Black people There are plenty of novels discussing racism that come from actual Black voices that can be read instead 🌹 CONCLUSION So A book I expected to like but one I was ridiculously bored by Maybe it’s because I don’t like historical fiction Maybe it’s because I don’t like classics Maybe it’s because I had to read it for school I don’t know All I know is everything about this book can go rot in a hole Far far away from me

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To Kill a MockingbirdSucesso desde a sua publicação emO Sol é para todos de Harper Lee se mantém como um dos romances mais adorados em todo o mundo Acompanhando três anos da vida dos jovens Je. Why is it when I pick up To Kill A Mockingbird I am instantly visited by a sensory memory I’m walking home leaves litter the ground crunching under my feet I smell the smoke of fireplaces and think about hot cider and the wind catches and my breath is taken from me and I bundle my coat tighter against me and lift my head to the sky no clouds just a stunning blue that hurts my eyes another deep breath and I have this feeling that all is okay Why Why this memory I mean this takes place in Alabama and mostly in the summer well there is that one climatic scene on Halloween but I bet it’s still hot enough to melt the balls off a brass monkey It must be the school thing my daughter just finished reading it prompting me to give it another go to fall back into Scout’s world and pretend to be eight and let life simply be How is that How can life for Scout be simple I mean she lives in the south during the depression she has to deal with ignorant schoolteachers and town folk her ideas of what is right what is what it should be are laughed at by her schoolmates man and I thought my childhood was rough Still she lives in this idyllic town I mean except for the racism and the creepy neighbors and the whole fact that it’s you know the southforgive me I’m not immune to the downfalls of the north I mean we had witches and well Ted Bundy was born here But there’s this sense of childlike innocence to this book that makes me believe in humanity even in the throes of evil What am I saying here I guess that this is a good pick me up What I also get from this book is that I have severe Daddy issues I consume Atticus Finch in unnatural ways He is the ultimate father; he has the perfect response for every situation He is the transcendent character My heart melts at each sentence devoted to him and I just about crumble during the courtroom scene Am I gushing I sure am I was raised by a man who thought that Budweiser can artwork was the epitome of culture That drinking a 6 pack was the breakfast of champions That college was for sissies He could throw out a racial slur without a single thought care or worry to who was around I won't even get into the debatesrantings of a 16 yr old me vs a 42 yr old him What a role model So I thank Harper Lee for giving me Atticus I can cuddle up with my cider and pretend that I’m basking in his light I can write this blurb that makes sense to maybe a handful but that is okay I am approved of and all is good

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Free read To Kill a Mockingbird 106 ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ To Kill a Mockingbird ❤ Author Harper Lee – Sucesso desde a sua publicação em 1960 O Sol é para todos de Harper Lee se mantém como um dos romances mais adorados em todo o mundo Acompanhando três anos da vida dos jovens Jem e Scout Fincher Sucesso desdM e Scout Fincher numa terra de profundo preconceito racial a história é pontuada pelo caso de um homem negro injustamente acusado do estupro de uma garota branca numa peuena. In the course of 5 years I’ve read this book nearly 17 times That adds up to reading it once at least every 4 months on an average And I still return to this book like a bark seeking a lighthouse in the dark When I first finished it I was so overwhelmed by how much I related to it I read it nearly 8 times before the year ended By now I’ve memorized almost every scene and I still can’t shake off the feeling that I still have to learn a lot from it Over the years I realize that without knowing it it has become my personal Bible – a beacon to keep me from straying from the path of kindness and compassion no matter whatWith its baseless cruelty and what Coleridge poetically referred to as motiveless malignity the world is in need of much motiveless kindness – a rugged determination to keep the world a uiet haven and not the callous cruel place it constantly aspires to be To Kill A Mockingbird is one of those rare books that doesn’t give in to the belief that ”deep down everybody’s actually good” Not everybody is And we must still persevere to see things from their perspective and though we may not justify their ways we must strive to understand them – though we might not follow them we must try to be as kind to them as possible And yet there comes a time when some people need to be put down – we must follow the call of our conscience then and yet be kind to them in the process as much as we canStriving to follow this dictum I have realized how difficult it is to be kind to others when I find I’m right It is so easy to put down others bluntly it is so easy to be critical and fair but so difficult to consider for a moment what the other might be going through How convenient it is to dismiss the hardships of others and say “They had it coming” and unburden our conscience of the probable guilt that perhaps we’ve been a bit too harshHow simple it is to stereotype people classify them neatly into convenient suare boxes and systematically deal with them based on those black or white prejudices Robe a prejudice in the opaue oppressive garment called Common Sense and display boldly the seal of Social Approval and you’ve solved the biggest difficulty of life – knowing how to treat peopleAnd yet nothing could be farther than the truth Rarely are people so simple as they seem In Wilde’s words “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple” For you never know when a grumpy rude racist Mrs Dubose might be fighting her own monsters or Ewell be in fact trying to protect the last vestiges of honor he has or Aunt Alexandra only trying to advocate the least painful way of life And though we might not agree with any of them like Atticus we must see them for their peculiar situations and grant them a little leeway make a little corner for them too and yet stand up for what is right in defiance of themIt is this tricky rope walking balance between prejudice and common sense kindness and firmness and justice and leeway that spurs me to revisit this little book every time I seem to falter While I find it difficult to keep my cool in the midst of flagrant injustices and ensuing pain I strive to strike a balance between giving in to despair and becoming too optimistic; between becoming indifferent unkind righteous and being compassionate considerate It is what keeps me from becoming paranoid or cynical with the unceasing drone of passivity callousness overwhelming prejudice and unyielding customs while still being alive to the pain of those very people I do not necessarily agree withIn a country like India with its bizarre incomprehensible euations and seuestrations of religion class caste region language race gender sexuality and education it takes a whole load of effort not to blow up one’s mind – people will kill each other over anything and everything They’ll hate each other isolate each other and cook up stories amongst themselves and leave it floating in the air It takes every ounce of my energy not to hate my land and its majority people viciously Yes viciouslyBut you see I’ve got so much to learn to survive here – I have to stand up for myself when there will be hordes banging upon my door telling me to shut the hell up And I’ll have to muster all the courage I have to tell them to go f themselves if they think I musn’t transcend the limits set for me But I also have to learn not to hate them Even if it sounds sillyI know for one Lee – I don’t care if you never wrote another work I don’t care if Capote helped you write it as many say I’m glad somebody wrote this book and somebody assigned this book as syllabus when I needed it the most Five years ago I hadn’t even heard of it I read it in a single sitting And then I read it several times over taking my time pondering over every page I still do so It is my favorite book ever