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READ ↠ Overcoming Addictions The Spiritual Solution Chopra Deepak Perfect Health Library é ❮Download❯ ➻ Overcoming Addictions The Spiritual Solution Chopra Deepak Perfect Health Library Author Deepak Chopra – Praise for Deepak Chopra MDA new medicine' as a modern doctorLarry Dossey MD author of Healing WordsDeepak Chopra Addictions The Spiritual Solution Chopra ePUB #187 is being hailed as a modern day Hippocrates for his novel approach of combining ancient healing traditions with modern researchIrv Kupcinet Chicago Sun TimesWe can't help wishing he lived close enough to make hous. Deepak Chopra MD sees the addicted individual as one having potential and one who is just a misguided seeker The true object that we are all seeking he tells us is transcendence and he wants to show us how to reach this condition in his book “Overcoming Addiction The Spiritual Solution” He suggests that addiction is manifest in a variety of mood altering substances and that they can include alcohol coffee cigarettes drugs and even just food Traditional approaches in dealing with addiction are negative instilling fear as a motivator Chopra guides the reader to replacing addiction with lasting sources of joy and spiritual fulfillment The spiritual is explained as being mystical an advanced sense of self beyond our normal self and reaching a point where we abandon the self To do this we need according to Chopra a new medicine one in which mind consciousness meaning and intelligence work together to conuer self He believes that a person may attain perfect health He further develops this theme in another book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind The uantum Alternative to Growing Old” The ideas in the book are interesting but didn’t really address what the human spirit is in this reviewer’s opinion For on this book and author see

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E callsJudith Hooper New York Times Book ReviewDr Chopra's writing has great beauty great power great delight and much common senseCourtney Johnson author of Henry James and the Evolution of Consciousness Dr Chopra presents us with information that can help us live long healthy livesBernie Siegel MD author of Love Medicine and Miracles. People who are addicted are sapiring to get to a deeper level of life We seek addiction because we need esctasy in our lives and cannot find it another way This reminds me of the blood type book I read years ago that has people in categories of what when and why they crave That was not a part of the book I liked


Overcoming Addictions The Spiritual Solution Chopra Deepak Perfect Health LibraryThe Spiritual PDFEPUB #233 Praise for Deepak Chopra MDA new medicine is in the making one in which mind consciousness meaning Overcoming Addictions PDFEPUBand intelligence play key roles One of the architects of the new medicine is Dr Chopra a credentialed Addictions The Spiritual PDFEPUB #196 respected physician who has 'paid his dues. Typically addicts are ashamed Society acuaintances friends and family criticize their behavior They should be ashamed one might say Really though we all do unhealthy things to our bodies To do so is to be human except for those lucky yogis who can exceed human limitations Chopra’s perspective is refreshing He argues that addicts are simply searching for joy in all the wrong places They began their addiction because they were looking for bliss Moreover those who have rarely or never experienced joy often those in lower economic brackets are inclined to turn to drugs or other addictions as substitutes Instead of using guilt or fear as ammunition against addiction Chopra concludes that the real solution is to find true honest to good joy in the addict’s lifeAt 128 pages this book won’t suck up your whole weekend You’ll leap up from the couch mere hours later inspired to change your ways The bags of potato chips you ate while reading will have to go You should probably consider eliminating the fifth of gin and pack of smokes as well The best thing about this book is its universality Chopra tackles the usual suspects alcohol tobacco illegal drugs and covers some unexpected areas as well TV food work Unless you’re one of those yogis you’ll find something that applies to your life and hopefully your joy will overflow Enjoy Get it En JOY