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READ 世界一初恋 〜横澤隆史の場合3〜 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 108 ä [Ebook] ➣ 世界一初恋 〜横澤隆史の場合3〜 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi By 藤崎 都 – 文庫版2冊の合本に描き下ろし漫画を収録したスペシャル版が登場ある時、桐嶋の娘・日和の同??成人しても堂々と桐嶋と一緒にいられるのかと問われた横澤は. seriously Yokozawa stop your bullshit it's pissing me off

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文庫版冊の合本に描き下ろし漫画を収録したスペシャル版が登?. Too adorable I just love these two idiots together They're a perfect couple Sure Yokozawa is the usual uke who screams and can't deal when the seme tells them they love them and Kirishima couldn't be a perfect semeIn this book I feel like there were 'drama' than in previous books but no complaints there because there were also smut and cute moments between the too This is a definite new favourite book series

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世界一初恋 〜横澤隆史の場合3〜 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi?ある時、桐嶋の娘・日和の同級生の伯父である五百川に、日和?. This third novel was pretty cool I don't remeber at all the begining of it because I began reading it like 6 months ago but I really loved the firts two novels and this one too the couple Yokozawa x Kirishima is awesome But I don't know I felt that the whole ending was a drama cliche with the psycho girl Yokozawa even said that XDI already began reading the 4th novel I want to know about this couple and can't wait to see the anime adaptation