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Will you do me the greatest honor of all time and be my bridegroom?” she asks hope in her eyes How did I get here? My assistant bent on one knee holding my hand her expectant face waiting for an answer Just how?How did I go from being insulted Release Date January 23 2020 Actual Rating 5 stars Romantic Comedy | Office Romance | Marriage of Convenience Incredibly fun and absolutely HILARIOUS I laughed the whole way through and I’m not exaggerating at all Meghan uinn knows what her readers want and always delivers From devastating breakups to insanely romantic makeups Meghan uinn SLAYS it Again and again and again There’s really no wonder why she’s one of my top 3 favorite authors of all time Her books are magical Boss Man Bridegroom is a uniue mix of an office romance and marriage of convenience This is a story about getting over broken hearts finding love in the most unexpected ways and letting your freak flag fly Meghan uinn writes the best uirky characters and Charlee is one of my favorite heroines EVER I love her zest and outlook on life and the way she projects herself on her grumpy boss Rath The comedy? Top notch As I mentioned above I laughed the whole way though I simply couldn’t get enough and didn’t want it to end Even though I flew through this book because of how invested I was in Charlee and Rath’s unconventional love story I wished there was MORE Not because the story isn’t perfect the way it is but because I simply loved their story HARD It’s just so GOOD If you haven’t read a Meghan uinn book you need to rectify that immediately She’s such a talented author and each and every book she writes are easily top favorites of mine This one in particular is going down to be one of my top 3 favorites of hers Seriously Now Boss Man Bride Groom IS a standalone but characters from two other books do make appearances here You can choose to read this prior to this one if you haven’t already or not It doesn’t matter either way but you may see a few small spoilers from the other relationships here I’ll list the books below PS I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK Want ? Here are the other two that are interconnected with this one again you don’t have to read them before this one but I recommend them regardless ▶ The Secret to Dating Your Best Friends Sister Bram and Julia ▶ Diary of a Bad Boy Roark and Sutton LET’S CONNECT – YOU CAN FIND ME ON MY BLOG | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BOOKBUB

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Boss Man BridegroomBy Charlee Cox to hiring her to be my assistant? How is it that she’s chaos in color making me crazy and my life better at the same time? I never thought I would be staring down at her bright blue eyes begging me to go along with this ridiculou 35 StarsOverall Opinion This came recommended to me and I'm glad I read it There was one scene whe I was laughing so hard my husband got rather frustrated with me for not being in on the joke David Hasslehoff The h was crazy in a good way the grandma was her pea in a pod and I liked Linus too I however never really related to the H I felt like something was missing with him and he was rather dull I enjoyed this but it was pretty much surface level fun nothing too deep but on the other hand was just right for lightening my spirits after some not so great readsBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Charlee and Rath's story Charlee is Rath's new executive assistant after Rath lost his last reliable one in a failed relationship that left him with a broken heart He has sworn to himself to never mix business with pleasure again but Charlee uickly knocks down all his defenses There is a wacky grandma causing drama some sexy times and some laugh out loud momentsand they get a HEAPoint Of View POV This alternated between Charlee and Rath's POVOverall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed wellInstalove Kind of They move pretty uickly with not much other than lust to back it upH Hero rating 3 stars Rath Meh I though he was alrighth heroine rating 4 stars Charlee I liked her She was pretty crazy She was bubbly and pretty funnySadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoiler They both push away at times and I'd say the H is the main pursuer of the relationship hide spoiler

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Download Boss Man Bridegroom Doc ô 402 pages ↠ Meghan quinn ✓ ❴Epub❵ ➟ Boss Man Bridegroom Author Meghan Quinn – Will you do me the greatest honor of all time and be my bridegroom?” she asks hope in her eyes How did I get here? My assistant bent on one knee holdiS scheme I suggested Yes I suggested Like the idiot I am I thought hey why not start an HR nightmare and have my assistant ask me to marry her? Confused? Don’t worry so am I But try to follow along because this is how I became Boss Man Bridegro LIVE Grab your copy now mybooktoBOSSMANBRIDEGROOM Getting fake engaged to your hot alpha male billionaire boss can't be the worst idea right?Wrong It's a very bad idea very bad indeed But it felt like a solution to all of my problems and he was the one who offered up the scheme I was just the one who got down on one knee✔️HOT billionaire✔️ Marriage of convenience✔️ Slow Burn with an EXTREMELY smoldering end✔️ Office romance with all the ALPHA swoon✔️ Romantic Comedy that will melt your heart