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Download Court of Asphodels Book ì 321 pages ¸ Insolpro õ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Court of Asphodels By Elisa E. Enzo ⚣ – Persephone has been hiding herself since she was born Shielded by her mother’s embrace she doesn’t know who she is but she knows this isn’t the life she waSide of her she knows it Maybe the grieving king of the Underworld can be her chance to prove her value «I was born the destroyer not the destroyed» Decent enoughThe book was well written and you can tell the author did her research Loved how Hades and Persephone relationship grew gradually and their relationship with other characters as well however I can help feeling the ending was rushed and unsatisfactory

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Life she wanted She is stronger than her mother’s fears stronger than the maiden Olympus thinks her to be She was chosen by Gaia herself and deep in SoJust finished this bookI have so many things to say about it I'm just gonna try and write them all as best as I can while I ache deeply about that last page in the epilogue of the bookCourt of Asphodels is a little jemLet's begin with saying that I could sometimes sense that there were some descriptions or just some phrases which would have sounded better in Italian There were some typos there were a few errors but it seemed to me that they had been caused by the fact that Elisa wrote and published this book in two months which is incredible This was Elisa's first attempt at publishing a book if I'm correct And she wrote it in a foreign language It's impressive Apart from some minor flaws and you can find those in books printed in large amounts too anyway her book is great The plot is harmonic the narration is never boring the characters are so intriguing it's a pleasure to read I never put down the book while I was reading it Elisa basically had three jobs to perform on her book at the same time and she did it in two months In a language which wasn't her first languageI'm VERY impressedCourt of Asphodels is a book that just gets you I wanted to read it because I know Elisa and also because I saw how passionate she was about writing it and also because I study and I love it of course Greek history and poetry so of course I would read something about it It didn't disappoint me Court of Asphodels gave me a sense of satisfaction You know sometimes you read a review or something about a work of fiction and you think great That is exactly my kind of thing and most of the times you read or watch or whatever that work and you think meh this isn't what I had expected and though I still like it it just isn't what I wanted Well I had been waiting for something that would bring me back to Greek gods and times in the most sincere way possible for uite some time It finally happened Court of Asphodels surprised me but it is exactly what I want when I read greek mythology retelling Elisa stayed true to atmospheres and places and characters but she took in everything and she made it her own The final product is GREATAlso best sex scenes EVER

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Court of AsphodelsPersephone has been hiding herself since she was born Shielded by her mother’s embrace she doesn’t know who she is but she knows this isn’t the The thing I love the most about the Greek mythology is that it's immortal and yet never the same You can read dozen of books about greek gods and if they're good books it will never be the same story Even when you already know their myths by heart even when you already have your own idea about each and everyone of them it's still fun to see them through someone else's eyes I think there's some kind of magic in how they belong to us in such a personal way and yet to everyone else too I just love it That said the rat of Persephone is probably one of the best known greek myths and rightly so because it's also one of the most intriguing the relationship between Hades and Persephone being very peculiar and fascinating Here in 'Court of Asphodels' they find a new voice Elisa's voice and the story they tell is beautiful and sweet and heartbreaking just as it should be I loved them and I ached for them and I was completely awe struck by them but I'm not gonna lie the one that truly stole my heart was Persephone It was such a great feeling watching her grow one page after the other the little girl who became ueen the daughter who became wife the spring bringer who's also the destroyer of light Following her through her journey of self discovery was the most interesting thing for me and apart from her romance with Hades I also loved her relationship with Demeter her mother which in a way was the most tragic thing in the entire bookThe ending left me wanting for and lucky me I know there's coming and I simply cannot wait for the chance to immerse myself again into the amazing world Elisa has recreated Thank you so much for writing it