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A book about Jesus Christ Jersak lays out how Jesus Christ of Nazareth in his fully human nature forged the path for a new and true humanity We’ll call it the Jesus Way The author critiues four common counterfeits to the Jesus Way Moralism When Morality Becomes Heresy Partisan Amoralism When Politics Trump Morality Retributive Factionalism Are You on the Spectrum Nationalism Civil Religion He then describes seven facets of a Christlike Way Facet – Radi. Excellent book Brad gives clarity of Jesus from scripture and His purpose and now our purpose in living out life with a foundation of Love in reflecting our Lord through out are lives

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A More Christlike WayCal Self giving Facet – Radical Hospitality Facet – Radical Unity Facet – Radical Recovery Facet – Radical PeacemakingForgiveness Facet – Radical Surrender Facet – Radical CompassionJustice Finally Jersak closes with “A More Beautiful Vision Abba’s ‘I have a dream speech’” A More Christlike Way sets forth a vision for following Jesus that is in keeping with the kind of faith that first turned the world upside down two thousand years ag. In this seuel to Brad Jersak's majestic A More Christlike God A More Beautiful Gospel the author considers what a new and true humanity flowing from the theology of the first book would look like Taking our understanding of the God of triune Love whose cruciform and kenotic nature is revealed perfectly in Christ we are lead on a journey to discover what it means in practice for us to follow the path forged by JesusAnd what a journey that is Jersak is unafraid to tackle some of the difficult issues of our time from a firmly Christ centred perspective starting with what it means to identify as Christian when Christianity has become tarnished by the unChristlike behaviour of some adherents He proposes a new approach to deconstructing a toxic faith before introducing the Jesus Way in ScriptureWhatever your political persuasion part 2 will challenge as Brad considers how faith is lead astray through various isms The book concludes with an exposition of a beautiful faith expressed through seven radical facets ending with a truly inspiring visionA More Christlike Way can be read without having completed the earlier book particularly if you are already familiar with Cruciform Theology Nevertheless I recommend reading A More Christlike God first not just because it is a clear and easily digested introduction and overview of the cruciform way of thinking but also because it is helpful to follow Jersak's progression from theory to practiceI had high expectations because the preuel was a foundational pillar of my theology I am delighted to report that A More Christlike Way is a worthy successor and stimulating read from which I have learnt a great deal about the human aspects of our cruciform pilgrimageDisclosure I was given a copy of the book to review

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A More Christlike Way Read & Download Á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ A More Christlike Way By Bradley Jersak ✩ – Insolpro.co.uk Christianity’s infamy is that our way and our faith have not been very Christlike A More Christlike Way is a book for our time where so much of what is Christianity’s infamy is that our way and our faith have not been very Christlike A More Christlike Way is a book for our time where so much of what is called Christianity has been hijacked to serve agendas that are decidedly un Christlike In this A More Kindle seuel to A More Christlike God Brad Jersak an award winning author accomplished theologian grounded in Scripture and Patristics writes from decades of pastoral experience A More Christlike Way is. Overall I was not a fan of this book However there were good tidbits here and there especially about judgement and hate I lost interest through most parts due to the author seemingly continuing on about something for far too long