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Dead of Veridon The Burn Cycle #2 review ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ç ➸ [Read] ➳ Dead of Veridon The Burn Cycle #2 By Tim Akers ➽ – A thrilling hard boiled adventure set in a steam punk world Jacob Burn outcast scion of a noble family turned petty criminal and recently hA thrilling hard boiled adventure set in a Veridon The PDF #201 steam punk world Jacob Burn outcast scion of a noble family turned petty criminal Dead of Kindle and recently his ungrateful city's savior is hurled into a maeltstrom of conflicting loyalties and deadly alliances as the dead of Veridon begin of Veridon The PDFEPUB #195 to rise againTrouble finds Jacob Burn Kicked out o. This is the second Veridon book picking up two years later from the previous oneIt keeps up the mix of the high and low of the city with non stop action and worldbuilding yaking a second place to cool ideas and a bit extra actionYet it gets three stars because the ending feels rushed and even incomplete There are cliffhangers and then there are just uestions that should have been answered and they are not Also as in the first book the secondary characters are interesting than the main one which goes well till we are left alone with himStill a worthwhile and uick read

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F his house out of his comfortable life out of everything that is familiar even of Veridon The Burn Cycle MOBI #10003 turned away from his circle of criminal friends and interesting enemies Two years after he saved an ungrateful city from a mad angel thwarting the plans of every powerful faction in Veridon Jacob is still trying to pull his life together And still trouble finds him A. It’s not fair to the author to read the second book in a series first but in this case it saved a little time The first person narrator is a self described criminal whose style of narration is breathless sentence fragments Most of the characters sound the same except for the Mother Fehn a truly inspired creation There are HBO worthy levels of carnage which is not enough to interest me in reading the first book The plotting would have been interesting and the narrator appealing if of the characters had been left standing at the endRead this book if steam punk and original world building are of interest It is reminiscent of Gene Wolfe in the latter respect always a flattering comparison The character named Wilson is also a well presented original creation If Akers ever wrote a preuel using Wilson‘s backstory I‘d probably be tempted

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Dead of Veridon The Burn Cycle #2Bad job goes worse and soon old enemies present themselves as allies and former friends set themselves against Jacob as he tries to put the dead to rest and the living to justice Everything gets difficult when he’s appointed by the Council to investigate the rise of the cog dead while some hold him personally accountable and others in the city work to use the chaos to their advanta. I read this straight after book 1 and it just wasn't as good There's a really interesting story lurking in the wings in this world and we've seen bits and pieces of it which might be the Burn Cycle 2 or might just be left in the wings as a barely acknowledged threat which as plot ideas go is brilliant Don't get me wrong it's still good But it took longer to get into despite being familiar with the world from book 1 and didn't seem as engaging although there are still shocks and surprises in there