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READ Î Eternal Flames The Amagarians #2 ✓ [Read] ➲ Eternal Flames The Amagarians #2 Author Stacy Reid – Tehdra El kyn a warrior elite of the shadow realm has infiltrated the Nurian kingdom as a concubine for the merciless King Ajali a man her demon has claimed as mate Tehdra enters a court of deceit pol Tehdra ES to prevent the kings’ assassination without betraying her heart and her realm Soon she finds that she must make terrifying choices which may result in her death or war for her kingdomKing Ajali Haddin is powerful cunning and ruthless in protecting those he loves With whispers of the realms plotting his death and the dest. I was so excited about this book because the first book uite impressed me I'd say this book did not disappoint me but at the same time did not really give a me a strong post reading buzz because after the great build up throughout the story the ending is a bit abrupt and cliffhangy There's a lot going on in the story it's a bit hard to catch up on the terms and the situation as some of the scenes in the book took me awhile to imagine i'm a visual person so i need to imagine what i'm reading and this story has a lot of swirling mess of stuff The love story between Ajali and Tehdra is uick and hot but also gets sidelined by the dramatics that's going on every few pages I'd say the story is definitely action packed one book this one is not enough to really satisfy a curious ready like me and so i have to wait for the next book for the story and the sinister plot to really unfold and see how the Darkans will eventually get the proper respect they deserve The main idea here of course is overcoming prejudice and working together towards a greater good We will still not see this happening in this book as the villains are still plotting and revealing their evil schemes bit by bit The good guys are still reeling from the attacks and trying to figure out who's the good and the bad guysThe sexytimes between Ajali and Tehdra here should be mentioned as they are hot but not overt no play by play description of what goes inside where and how fast etc What is not hot is the idea of a harem and a guy having access to hundreds of women who's than happy to service him in any way sorry this just really annoys me However i am pacified because the heroine Tehdra although forever fighting her lust for the super hot and hunky King Ajali of the blonde dreadlocks and phoenix fire manages to hold her own with her shadow skulking cool spying method demonic powers scary and lethal and all around badassery of the touch my man and i'll kill you type A great fun read especially if you enjoy a fantasy adventure with a touch of sexiness Looking forward to the next one


Ruction of his kingdom he uses Tehdra a suspected spy to draw the enemy into combat The last thing Ajali expected was to be captivated by Tehdra’s fierceness and her chilling beauty Resisting her is the hardest battle he's ever fought but one he is determine to win For to claim a woman as Tehdra means betraying his kingdom. Eternal Flames by Stacy Reid is book Two in The Amagarians series This is the story of Ajali Haddin and Tehdra El kyn This book can be a standalone from the the first book Tehdra is a strong warrior women who has been sent to hinder an assassin from killing Ajali Tehdra pretends to be part of a harem which is totally out of her character It doesn't take Ajali to0 long to know that Tehdra is than what she seems I was excited about this series after the first book and so happy that this book lived up to my expectations Loved it

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Eternal Flames The Amagarians #2Tehdra El The Amagarians PDFEPUB #190 kyn a warrior elite of the shadow realm Eternal Flames eBook #232 has infiltrated the Nurian kingdom as a concubine for the merciless Flames The Amagarians PDF #180 King Ajali a man her demon has claimed as mate Tehdra enters a court of deceit political intrigue and danger where she trie. Nothing like the first book Heroine was way too sappy for me The good old door mat Where or where is the bad ass female she was in the last book Her Vagina ruled her that's what happened In serious matters in the book she was all melting her insides were on fire blah blah I wanted to slap her like a billion times Plus He CHEATED The classic case of Oh i need to F'ck someone else to get her out of my mind OK no he didn't F' the other chick but blow jobs are cheating too me He was such an arrogant assAnd guess what it took ohhh 5 min for her to forgive him Because she was just so hot for himSooo NO sorry DNF 49 percent What a DICK I really didn't like him anyway