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review Father of Faith Missions The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves 103 Ë ➹ [Download] ➵ Father of Faith Missions The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves By Robert Bernard Dann ➼ – Modest and unobtrusive Anthony Norris Groves did not consider himself a giftedCall to Baghdad and India leaving their comfortable English lives behind Though he doubted his success as a missionary Groves' character and ideas shaped the people who followed him as he followed ChristExhaustively researched Father of Faith Missions is not merely about the life of Father of MOBI. As a student of mission history and also having an interest in the early Brethren movement this book was a fascinating read The author skillfully weaves together the biography of not only Groves but several of his contemporaries as well with a well researched historical perspective Groves was a man dedicated to a pure New Testament interpretation of the church and conseuently strove toward the realization of this wherever his missionary travels took him Incredibly Groves' influence has been even greater after his death than it was in his lifetime and he was well known and respected among his contemporaries I highly recommend this book to anyone that is considering doing missionary work or anyone who desires to explore organic church perspectives

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#10003 one missionary but also a record of Groves influence on missionary initiatives and the Brethren movement Drawing upon Groves own journals and letters in addition to copious scholarship this book is both a journey into history and a reminder that God's faithfulness is as true now as it was th. Without doubt this work is the best biography I have read to date Widely and deeply researched and using primary sources Robert Bernard Dann skilfully depicts the life times troubles triumphs and failures of Anthony Norris GrovesI first became intrigued with Groves shortly after I confessed Jesus Christ bas my Lord and Saviour in March 1974 after which I came into fellowship in a Brethren assembly and began to read the history of the movement Of all the sterling characters who were part of that beginning and formulation of practice and fellowship AN Groves appealed to me most He was the most 'Christ like' character yet have a frailty with which I could identify His simple faith and sincere obedience to his understanding of Scripture struck a cord in my life which resonates still I found this book both informative instructive challenging and well worth any effort to read and master its massive contents I would encourage you to obtain it and read it and sooner rather than later I would like to conclude with a lengthy uotation from the book which to me sums up Mr Groves and speaks volumes to me even today Anthony Norris Groves would have seemed a very ordinary man He had neither the sturdy self confidence of Karl Pfander nor the intense doggedness of John Kitto; neither the penetrating intellect of Franck Newman nor the methodical composure of George Muller; neither the cultured charm of John Parnell nor the scholarly acumen of Henry Craik; neither the evangelistic skills of John Arulappan nor the administrative ability of Alexander Duff Amidst all these outstanding characters he might pass without notice And yet looking closely we would see it was Groves himself who struck the spark that kindled the fire which made each of these men in his own sphere a bright and shinning light Someone asked John Kitto settling in as a dental assistant at Exeter what sort of man his employer was 'Mr Groves' he replied 'is not a Methodist a Calvinist a Lutheran or a papist What then is he A deist a Unitarian an Antinomian No he is one of those rather singular characters a Bible Christian and a disciple of the meek and lowly Jesus; not nominally but practically and really such A man so devotedly so fervently attached to the scriptures I never knew before' this it was that set Groves apart from the respectable and religious people around him 'I have little confidence in man' he confessed 'My greatest desire has been to cast myself on the word of God that every judgement of my soul concerning all things may be right by being in all the mind of God For exactly in proportion as this is the case shall we be a blessing to others Oh for a heart to love as he loved Oh for such meekness gentleness and devotion as shone in everything he did who is our Great Exemplar' Page 371As it was said of Abel soi can it be said of Anthony Norris Groves he being dead still speaks Hebrews 114Very highly recommended

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Father of Faith Missions The Life and Times of Anthony Norris GrovesModest and unobtrusive Anthony Norris Groves did Faith Missions PDF #10003 not consider himself a gifted evangelist His name is not usually mentioned alongside William Carey and Hudson Taylor but Groves had a pioneering influence that went beyond his personal reach He and his family followed God's. I received this recommendation via this list of Top 10 missionary biographies which is definitely worth reading is so much to this biography on The Father of Faith Missions; Anthony Norris Groves It is fascinating On the front cover is a tree with many well known names listed among its branches At the bottom of the trunk sits Groves directly above him George Muller Hudson Taylor and George VerwerGroves is credited as one of the founders of the Brethren Movement in England He suggested that individual believers should be free to meet together in each other's homes for spontaneous worship and study of the Scriptures The group should also be free to break bread together as commanded by Jesus in the NT His ideas were seen as radical and he was side lined by many But his principles were Biblical; He urged practical means to fulfill a threefold vision to meet the needs of the poor to restore the pattern of New Testament Church life and to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth It was in the face of these needs and opportunities that he offered radical solutions the principles taught by Jesus Himself My earnest desire is to re model the whole plan of missionary operations so as to bring them to the simple standard of God's wordHe believed in the principle of living by faith in terms of finance and encouraged others to follow his example in selling all he owned to travel to the mission field firstly in Baghdad and later India He didn't believe in appealing for finance from supporters and suggested instead that missionaries should attempt to become self supporting as soon as possible They should live and work among the people they were witnessing to and conform as much as possible to the culture without breaking Biblical boundaries this included living as simply as possible to keep the focus on the Gospel and to avoid moneymaterial things becoming the appeal to the heathen Groves found that possessing little he had little to worry about and little to lose Property reputation income honour these can be a blessing when we have them but to lose them may be a greater blessing still 'What a mercy it is to us' he remarked 'to have the world with its honours its pleasures and its hopes crucified with Christ; how it takes away the edge of the Enemy's weapons When he thinks to make a deadly thrust at us he finds he can only touch that which we have ceased to value because we have a better inheritance one incorruptible undefiled and that fadeth not awayThe first half of the book is dedicated to the life of the man himself; his work in Baghdad and India the many trials he experienced the criticism he faced from those opposed to his methods the illness and death that came to those in his party and eventually to his own family despite their fervent belief that God was protecting them the plague famine and flood that hit the city he was living and working in those that left him due to a divergence of opinion or simply fatigue his decision to slightly depart from his own principles and the conseuenceThe second half details those that were influenced by Groves either directly or in large part through his tract entitled Christian devotedness which seemed to find its way into the most unlikely places and resulted in many being stirred up for Christian service leaving all to follow Christ Those he influenced are numerous and may surprise some readers as they are household names Groves himself remained relatively unknown probably by preference as he would not have wanted to detract any attention from his Saviour and preferred to do things behind the scenes as it were The book closes with a list of all of the things he did presumably to demonstrate that his own view that he had accomplished nothing of significance during his lifetime was entirely false Groves seemed to me to be a man sincerely committed to following Jesus whereever that call might take him and whatever might be the cost Adversities and adventures may challenge and change us but we should never forget that all God's stories have a happy ending 'How slow we are' said Groves 'to learn that all the discipline of life is to prepare us for eternity; that nothing that has not God in it is either worth caring for or desiringThe book is well researched and written and is extremely readable It will be of particular interest to those interested in the Brethren movement as there is an appendix with further details I will read this again I highly recommend it to all Christians There are so many principles and further things to consider that I cannot document them all here Buy this book