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Fiend The Shocking True Story Of America's Youngest Serial KillerA MONSTER PREYED UPON THE Shocking True MOBI #237 CHILDREN OF NINETEENTH CENTURY BOSTON HIS CRIMES WERE APPALLING AND YET HE WAS LITTLE MORE THAN A CHILD HIMSELF When fourteen year old Jesse Pomeroy was arrested in a nightmarish reign of terror over an unsuspecting city came to an end The Boston Boy Fiend was imprisoned Fiend The eBook #10003 at last But the complex uestions sparked by his ghastly. This book was a complete page turner until its mid section Although the newspaper article of the time were necessary for one to fully understand the era the constant reports of how the people of the era felt got to be a little too redundant In fact I stopped reading the book for a while because of this But once I started again about a week later the book was devoured Schechter is a brilliant writer and always has the ability to tell the story straight while letting the reader reach his own conclusions about the horrific creatures that he writes about I felt true sympathy for the people that were harmed at the hands of the Fiend This book was mesmerizing because of its explanation of evil at such a young age One can never be completely sure as to why people behave the way that Jesse Pomeroy did but learning about him can at least give us some possible reasons why This is a book I recommend to anyone interested in true crime reads

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Crime spree the hows and whys of vicious juvenile crime were as relevant in the so called Age of Innocence as they are today Jesse Pomeroy was outwardly repellent in appearance with a gruesome dead eye inside he was deformed beyond imagining A sexual The Shocking True MOBI #239 sadist of disturbing precocity he satisfied his atrocious appetites by abducting and torturing his child victims But soon. This book isn't an easy one to read Jesse Pomeroy's actions before he was finally jailed for his crimes are unspeakably horrific and sickening He cut slashed stabbed bit and tortured his victims killing two all of whom were very young children The detail in the beginning of the book where Schechter discusses Pomeroy's depravity is uite horrific making this book not for the faint of heart or the sueamish About the only positive thing that can be said about the boy fiend as he was called in the media is that he was apprehended after killing only two children Of course he never should have been let out of the reformatory which would have prevented these two murders but had he not been caught I'm guessing he would have killed so many innocent childrenIt is interesting to see how pop culture in the guise of dime novels was blamed for Pomeroy's violence back in 1874 just the same way we nowadays blame violent video games and graphic films It just goes to show that there isn't anything new under the sun and some people seem to be naturally evil and depravedI was a bit horrified to realize that Pomeroy spent 41 years in isolation a feat unmatched by any other prisoner Generally prisoners in solitary confinement go mad after only a few weeks and yet Pomeroy managed to complete 41 years before his sentence was commuted to simply life in prison He was not hanged for his crimes mainly because of his youth age 14 at the time of the killings Massachusetts did not want to send a teenager to his death yet his crimes were so horrific that they reuired a stiff punishmentSchechter manages to make his point that society has too often blamed pop culture instead of the responsible individual uite well He writes in such a way that the book reads like a novel However I felt as though he gloried a bit too much in the lurid details of the case at the beginning of the novel

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review Fiend The Shocking True Story Of America's Youngest Serial Killer Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Fiend The Shocking True Story Of America's Youngest Serial Killer By Harold Schechter ➯ – A MONSTER PREYED UPON THE CHILDREN OF NINETEEThe teenager's bloodlust gave way to another obsession murder Harold Schechter whose true crime masterpieces are well documented nightmares for anyone who dares to look Peoria Journal Star brings his acclaimed mix of page turning storytelling The Shocking True Story Of PDFEPUBbrilliant insight and fascinating historical documentation to Fiend an unforgettable account from the annals of American cri. This was a slow but interesting read for me However it was also disheartening Not because of the subject matter but because I always thought scapegoating blaming music religion video games parents etc for violent crimes was something relatively new However I see now it's something humanity has been doing for a long time Jesse CHOOSE to murder and do evil from his own free will and yet people blamed dime novels instead of blaming him His mother blamed his smallpox vaccine The author even blames the beatings Jesse received from his father Evil is a CHOICEI've known men and women who went through far worse abuse than Jesse right down to their own fathers raping them who turned out to be outstanding citizens And I've known people who's parents never punished them for anything and acted like these spoiled little darlings pooped gold who grew up to be worthless drug addicts hookers and gang bangers All because of the CHOICES the people made NOT because of how they were raisedAnd the people's sympathy in the past for Jesse made me want to steal a TARDIS and go back in time and cut the monster's throat Jesse should have been executed not left to sponge of taxpayers for years like Charles Manson still does today Neither deserves sympathy or kindness because both are monsters who have nothing of value to give to humanity Because they CHOOSE to be evilIt's disheartening to see even in the past people wanted to scapegoat and give sympathy to monsters who don't deserve it