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CHARACTERS ´ Ravellis Defiant Bride The Legacies of Powerful Men #1 ¾ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Ravellis Defiant Bride The Legacies of Powerful Men #1 By Lynne Graham – His unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father's Irish country estate ruing the day he heard the Brophy name ThLf siblings She'll do anything to provide them with the security she never had So when this gorgeous Italian offers marriage she won't say no But once the ring is on her finger Belle uickly discovers there's to a marriage than saying I. This is a sweet love story between Cristo Ravelli and Belle Brophy Cristo has a father who was such a manwhore He had a long term mistress who is Belle's mother She had been his mistress for twenty years and has five children by him Cristo was always ashamed of the father he barely knew After his father passes away he is shocked to find out there is another whole family by his father and they were left with nothing Cristo is half siblings with these five children plus he has two grown half brothers that he has a relationship withBelle's father was not Mr Ravelli but her mother's first husband who also passed away The five children and Belle lived together as brothers and sisters After the death of Mr Ravelli Cristo his son and executor of his will goes to their home and property where this family lives to immediately put it up for sale They will now be homeless and I thought it uite unfeeling for him to put them out of the home they grew up inHe ends up marrying Belle for convenience and so the children wouldn't be separated Immediately after consummating their marriage he says some very hurtful things to her He was still in the top position if you get my meaning when he calls her a gold digger blackmailer and social climber and he is convinced It breaks her heart Especially since she just gave him her virginity She uickly leaves the bed and he is threatening to divorce her if she refused to sleep with himThis is their story a journey to a HEA I really liked this and as I have read book two as well but this one was head and shoulders above that Book two I had many many problems with and hated the hero In this book I loved the hero and heroine The children were super kids and so loving as was Belle's GrandmotherI highly recommend this but I can't recommend the second book and I am passing on the third It has some things in it that are triggers for me


Ren is hardly surprising Defiant Bride The PDFEPUB #236 but to silence this scandal Cristo must bring their guardian the enchanting Belle in line with his plans Belle Defiant Bride The Legacies of PDFEPUBBrophy's only concern is her ha. It didn't start promising when Cristo was so dismissive of his illegitimate siblings He may not have been in the best terms with his brothers Nik and Zarif but you could see he at least felt affection for them so I hated that he made the distinction just because the Brophy's were born from a peasant mother Fortunately he redeems himselfIt was funny watching Belle pretend to be her mom because it felt so ridiculous and was glad that the angst for that wasn't over dragged I also liked her showing him she was super intelligent and capable at business What I didn't like was that she seemed to forget about little Franco all the time she was working with CristoMaybe it was just my luck that I picked Jess's promise and then immediately this one But I don't like it much when Hero's think they've been in love before I mean with someone BEFORE he met the heroine Forget I said anything now that I think about it one of my perverse side rejoices when the hero admits that what he felt for the OW was nothing compared with what he feels for the heroineHaving said that I love a hero that loses it from the moment he sees the heroine and makes stupid decisions he would never have done had it been someone else in front of him at least I want to think he's intelligent outside from his time with the heroine or he wouldn't be a billionaire right And sorry but I also liked his pervert ways him wanting to be the one removing her wedding dress and him wanting her in lingerie Not that I forgave him easily after the carelessstupidhurtful words he told Belle after they first had sexAlso loved grandma Isa and the rest of the Brophy clan especially Bruno and Franco

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Ravellis Defiant Bride The Legacies of Powerful Men #1Bride The MOBI #240 His unexpected wife Cristo Ravelli paces the floor of his father's Irish country estate ruing the day he Ravellis Defiant MOBI #10003 heard the Brophy name That his father died and left a brood of illegitimate child. Well I enjoyed this book for the most part The plot was simple and predictable yet the story itself was short and moved uickly It had so much potential to be a 4 stars read for me but sadly this book ended up getting only 3 stars from me Why Let’s just say the heroine Belle was my biggest problem Every time I started to get into the groove of the story she managed to do something that really irritated me She's the worst Lynne Graham's heroine everNevertheless the next book’s blurb sounds promising I'll continue this series for certain