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CHARACTERS Ë Stay With Me Ecstasy Island #1 ☆ [Reading] ➸ Stay With Me Ecstasy Island #1 Author Maureen Smith – Four women One ancient legend An invitation to ecstasy Dallas reporter Sydney Russell is in desperate need of stress relief When she and her best friends are invited to spend three weeks in the tropFour women One ancient legend Me Ecstasy MOBI #241 An invitation to ecstasy Dallas reporter Sydney Russell is in desperate need of stress relief When she and her best friends are invited to spend three weeks in the tropical paradise of St Mirabelle it’s just what the doctor ordered Boasting white sand beaches and lush rainforests the beautiful Caribbean island throbs with an unmistakable sensualitythe kind that promises untold St. You know that feeling when you read a book and after you're done you run out and try to find EVERYTHING that the author has written because it was just that good You know the feeling you get when you finally read all of the books and you're really bummed out because there are no and you anxiously wait and think about stalking the author as you're waiting on the next book Yeah that's Maureen Smith and Stay With Me doesn't disappoint Dallas is a journalist who takes a vacation with her college girlfriends to the lovely Caribbean island St Mirabelle The trip is a gift from one of the friends whose family owns the luxury resort they are staying at While on the trip she meets a handsome doctor Thane and is promptly swept off her feet Tall gorgeous kind and white The first white man that Dallas has ever been attracted to Thane is the guy that dreams are made of Great heart sense of humor and gorgeous face and body His attraction to Dallas is instantaneous He has his own mysteries and secrets but at the end of the day he found something he wasn't really looking for love Now that he found it he's not ready to let it goWhat do you do when the vacation fling that you stumbled into feels like forever Add into that mysteries tied into the relationships among the characters and the island itself and you have Stay With MeAs usual Ms Smith writes in a way that allows you to actually feel the tropical breezes of the island You begin to actually develop a relationship with the characters and I found myself giving Dallas advice just like she was my actual girlfriend Although this story is the beginning of a series you still walk away with the feeling that you read an entire story It's like eating a great meal and feeling stuffed but you want that desert so badly that you go for it anyway I'm sure that the next books in the series will be the desert but I'm still stuffed The story mentions four girlfriends so I'm guessing we are good for at least 2 if not 3 stories in this seriesIn addition to the romantic theme there are some paranormal references linked into the story and tied to the island history Not an overall paranormal theme that overtakes the story enough to change the genre but just enough of an appetizer to interest you More like seasoning used on food Just enough to enhanceOverall this is a great read that I would definitely recommend and I am anxiously awaiting the next story


Her steamy island adventure is just getting started As she falls deeper under Tristan’s seductive spell not only does she lose her inhibitionsshe soon finds herself losing her heart But when her three weeks in paradise are up will she be able to walk away from the one and only man she's ever loved STAY WITH ME is an interracial BWWM erotic romance novella with fantasy elements There will be four books in the Ecstasy Island serie. I'm a big fan of Maureen Smith read a majority of her books but I just couldn't get into this storyThis being a novella I knew the story would move along uickly but dang the Hh was having sex within what should I say 15 min of meeting each another This really went downhill for me with the BDSM scene at the party and Sydney thinking about a threesome with Tristan and his brother Sylvain No love connection for me in this one

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Stay With Me Ecstasy Island #1Ay With PDF or pleasures The moment Sydney arrives and locks gazes with a breathtakingly sexy stranger she knows that this will be the vacation of a lifetime Although Dr Tristan McCade isn't her usual type she can't resist the fierce arousal he awakens in her When he offers her a ride to her luxury resort she surrenders to their explosive mutual attraction It's the most reckless thing she's ever With Me Ecstasy Kindle #214 done but. Different but I loved itThis was really a great read It was a but different and even though it was so unrealistic and I am referring to the relationship and thee way it ends not the legends the emotions still felt so real I can't wait to read Be With Me when that comes out I'm looking forward to it