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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare review ã 3 Õ [Read] ➳ The Complete Works of William Shakespeare By William Shakespeare – Tempest Two Gentlemen of Verona Merry Wives of Windsor Measure for Measure Comedy of Errors Much Ado About Nothing Love's Labour's Lost Midsummer Night's Dream Merchant ofLiet Timon of Athens Julius Caesar Macbeth Hamlet King Lear Othello Complete Works of PDFEPUB #191 Anthony and Cleopatra Cymbeline Pericles Venus and Adonis Rape of Lucrece Sonnets Lover's Complaint Passionate Pilgrim Sonnets to Sundry Notes of Music Phoenix and the Turt. It all ended so fast I feel like it's just January but look at the calendar it's December You surely remember earlier in the year when I said I had put a challenge for myself This was the Shakespeare Challenge in which I had to read all the works known by William Shakespeare Guess what I finally read them allIt started in January I was bored and I didn't know what to read One day I went to the library and checked out a book that contained 4 of Shakespeare's best plays I read it and soon after I told myself I needed to read of his works Thus I got another book The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 11 months after I finally managed to read them allThe task of reading Shakespeare's works was not as difficult or tedious as it seems to be It took me long because I was most of the time busy and didn't have time to read so I read them in between classes and studying To my surprise I loved some of the plays others disturbed me and others made me laugh out loudThe first plays I read were the most popular ones and were the ones I enjoyes the most The tragedies worked better for me than the comedies with the exception of Romeo and Juliet which I did not despise but didn't love either My favourite ones are probably Hamlet Macbeth Othello and A Midsummer's Night DreamAbout the historical plays I can say they were harder to read because the tone was serious and they were not meant to entertain but they were worth reading all the same I think the best ones here were the ones about Richard II and IIIAs for the poems they were good too They were beautiful and this is said by someone who is not used to read poetryI tell you this challenge is one of the best I've put to myself For next year I'm not sure if I'll put aside the Goodreads one because of my studies but I certainly will read classics for example something by Jane Austen

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Tempest Two Gentlemen of Verona Works of PDFEPUB #189 Merry Wives of Windsor Measure for Measure Comedy of Errors Much Ado About Nothing Love's Labour's Lost Midsummer Night's Dream Merchant of Venice As You Like It Taming of the Shrew All's Well That Ends Well Twelfth N. I plan to read many Shakespeare plays this summer I won’t complete the full works but finishing them all is one of my major reading goals It might take me a few years to do it but I shall get there eventuallyHere’s where I’m up to at the moment1 Two Gentlemen of Verona 2 Taming of the Shrew 3 Henry VI part 1 4 Henry VI part 3 5 Titus Andronicus 6 Henry VI part 2 7 Richard III 8 The Comedy of Errors 9 Love's Labours Lost10 A Midsummer Night's Dream 11 Romeo and Juliet 12 Richard II 13 King John14 The Merchant of Venice 15 Henry IV part 116 The Merry Wives of Windsor17 Henry IV part 218 Much Ado About Nothing19 Henry V20 Julius Caesar21 As You Like It 22 Hamlet 23 Twelfth Night24 Troilus and Cressida 25 Measure for Measure26 Othello27 All's Well That Ends Well28 Timon of Athens29 The Tragedy of King Lear 30 Macbeth 31 Anthony and Cleopatra 32 Pericles Prince of Tyre33 Coriolanus34 Winter's Tale35 Cymbeline 36 The Tempest 37 Henry VIII38 SonnetsThere's so may greats on this list that I have to read soon

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The Complete Works of William ShakespeareIght Winter's Tale King John King Richard II King The Complete eBook #209 Henry IV Part King Henry IV Part King Henry V King Henry VI Part King Henry VI Part King Henry VI Part King Richard III King Henry VIII Troilus and Cressida Coriolanus Titus Andronicus Romeo and Ju. Celebrity Death Match Special The Complete Works of Shakespeare versus Deep LearningUbergeek Andrej Karpathy had the bright idea of training a recurrent neural network on the complete works of Shakespeare It produces remarkably good output for an algorithm which not only knows nothing about Shakespeare but can't even tell a noun from a verb Here is the first of the two samples he givesPANDARUSAlas I think he shall be come approached and the dayWhen little srain would be attain'd into being never fedAnd who is but a chain and subjects of his deathI should not sleepSecond SenatorThey are away this miseries produced upon my soulBreaking and strongly should be buried when I perishThe earth and thoughts of many statesDUKE VINCENTIOWell your wit is in the care of side and thatSecond LordThey would be ruled after this chamber andmy fair nues begun out of the fact to be conveyedWhose noble souls I'll have the heart of the warsClownCome sir I will make did behold your worshipVIOLAI'll drink itThe Karpathy article is excellent and if you're at all geeky yourself I strongly recommend looking at it The examples are impressive the random Shakespeare is good but the random algebraic geometry and random Linux kernel code are even better