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Download Reader º The Familiars 344 pages  ❰Reading❯ ➾ The Familiars Author Stacey Halls – Young Fleetwood Shuttleworth a noblewoman is with child again None of her previous pregnancies have borne fruit and her husband Richard is anxious for an heir Then Fleetwood discovers a hidden doctor YounGhts of 17th century women and raises the uestion Was witch hunting really women hunting? Fleetwood Shuttleworth Alice Grey and the other characters are actual historical figures King James I was obsessed with asserting power over the lawless countryside even woodland creatures or “familiars” were suspected of dark magic by capturing “witches” in reality mostly poor and illiterate women Book Reviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescomThe Year 1612 Pendle Lancashire Seventeen Year Old Fleetwood Shuttleworth has been married for four years and in that time she has been pregnant three times too losing each child before their birth dates Fleetwood is once again pregnant and hoping to make it to full term with her child so she can give her husband an heir to carry on the Shuttleworth name Unfortunately she comes across a letter from the local physician which was written after she lost her third child which states that if she would be to fall pregnant again it is unlikely that she will surviveFleetwood is distressed by the letter and wants to confront her husband about it but doesn’t know how She decides to go a different route and hire a local woman to be her midwife a woman that knows all about potions and herbs and promises to deliver a healthy baby – Alice GreyThere is talk amongst the local people of witches in the area and her new midwife is soon finding her name bought into the accusations of witchcraft Fleetwood is sure Alice is innocent and with the trial looming close and if found guilty Alice will be hung Fleetwood will do anything to save her new friend even going against her husband for the young womanThe Familiars is a historical novel set in the era when people who were a little different were accused of being witches and killed not only in the UK but across the world too One of the most famous and best recorded witch trials in the UK was in Pendle Lancashire now dubbed the home of the ‘Pendle Witches’ where twelve people went on trial and ten found guiltyMs Halls has weaved her superior tale around the events from 1612 and brought into her fictional novel some famous names from the trials including Alizon Device and Alice Grey The Shuttleworth family are also a well known real family from the area tooFleetwood although only seventeen has been through some hard times Not only is it illegal to get married at the age she did these days but you just couldn’t comprehend a young girl of seventeen having been married for four years and not only being pregnant four times but losing three of her children before birth too I found her character although a little weak minded at times yet she was intriguing and I enjoyed watching her evolve as the plot progressedWhilst the book is set during the Pendle Witch trials for my liking there wasn’t enough about them in the book mainly because I love a good book featuring witches and this is what made me choose to read the story in the first place What information there is is historically accurate and you can tell that the author has a keen interest in the past and has done lots of researchOverall the book left me satisfied and I thoroughly enjoyed it It left me feeling enthralled with parts and spellbound by others The pace felt a little slow to at times but in my personal opinion slowness works in historical fiction as it allows you to really grasp the past and understand it The pace does pick up as you near the endThis is a book that I feel is going to be a bit like Marmite in that if you have an interest in historical fiction or indeed the witch trials or Pendle you will love it If you have no interest in these subject then I can’t see it being of interest to you

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Used of witchcraftIs there to Alice than meets the eye? Fleetwood must risk everything to prove her innocence As the two women’s lives become intertwined the Witch Trials of 1612 loom Time is running out; both their lives are at stake Only they know the truth Only they can save each otherRich and compelling set against the frenzy of the real Pendle Hill Witch Trials this novel explores the ri There are times when I get absolutely giddy over a book that I’ve just finished so much so that I start babbling to my neighbors call up family members talk about it to strangers in stores despite their strange looks as though I’ve lost my mind That is exactly what I have found myself doing with Stacey Halls new book The FamiliarsAre you familiar with familiars? Yes I know I’m part Scottish so these things are embedded into my DNA but for many I now realize they are not A familiar is an animal that is close to a witch who does certain things for the witch They can act as protectors spies a type of servant or most often a close companion If you see one you most often will see the other because they rarely are separatedFleetwood Shuttleworth is the 17 years old mistress at Gawthorpe Hall The year is 1612 and she pregnant for the fourth time The problem however is that she has yet to bring a child to term something both she and her husband are concerned about each for very different reasons By chance Fleetwood encounters a woman in the forest on her property This woman Alice Gray claims to be a midwife and promises Fleetwood that she can help her give birth to a healthy child They agree on terms and Alice is brought into Gawthorpe Hall where Fleetwood almost at once begins to feel better There are problems however King James as we all should know is on a witch hunt and his minions who wish to stay in his favor will do whatever necessary to stay in the king’s good graces including accusing innocent women of witchcraft Fleetwood has the misfortune of living near Pendle Hill and one of her husband’s dearest friends and benefactor’s is just the sort of man to gather up innocents to appease the king – and that is exactly what he does – including Alice GrayI live in a town named Pendleton settled by men originally from Pendle Hill We actually have a place called Pendle Hill in our tiny town so I have a strange slightly bizarre fascination with the Pendle witches of Lancashire When I first read about The Familiars I was led to believe that it was a witch story and somewhat cutesy That is far from the truth This is a story of the women in the surrounding village who eventually were charged with murder and witchcraft at Pendle Hill specifically Alice Gray It is the story of Alice’s friendship with Fleetwood and the extreme measures that Fleetwood took in order to save her friend It is a beautifully told story of women devotion love motherhood history and so much but it is very much rooted in historically accurate research At the heart of the tale is Fleetwood and her desire to bring her child into the world safely and alive In order to do so she truly believes she must have Alice by her side It isn’t about magic or witchcraft it is about herbs and knowledge passed down from one generation of women to the next As we learn these women were being rounded up far too often because of men who merely wanted them gone for reasons of cheating anger because the women were knowledgeable not unlike what is happening today when intelligent women are mocked in the public arena They were also being hanged because their religion no longer aligned with that of King James Then as now religion was a source of war Isn’t it amazing how absolutely nothing has changed after all of this time? How we have learned nothing from the past?I absolutely loved the transformation of Fleetwood from silly frivolous socialite to the mature woman willing to fight for her child and her friend Women will do that when they have the right influences to guide them and it was beautiful to see how Alice so uiet and unassuming could give the much needed confidence to Fleetwood not with magic but through friendship and care In the end this is a novel of historical fiction and it stays true to the story Twelve women were charged with witchcraft some were hanged one landed in stocks for a fortnight and one is released This is a wonderful imagining of their story one that I highly recommendThank you to #Netgalley #Harleuin Mira and #StacyHalls for my advanced copy of #TheFamiliars

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The FamiliarsYoung Fleetwood Shuttleworth a noblewoman is with child again None of her previous pregnancies have borne fruit and her husband Richard is anxious for an heir Then Fleetwood discovers a hidden doctor’s letter that carries a dire prediction she will not survive another birth By chance she meets a midwife named Alice Grey who promises to help her deliver a healthy baby But Alice soon stands acc Four surprising witchy gothic also frustrating starsI cannot really believe in this is a debut novel because the story is so well crafted detailed and smartly written Well if it’s just first work of this writer I voluntarily like to read her future works So this is two women’s amazing fight and friendship story against all ignorance superstition judgmental and biased minds Fleetwood is afraid of losing her baby after three miscarriages at young age she is only 17 She reads physician letter written to her husband and understands this is her last chance to give a heir to himShe hires Alice as midwife who has untraditional methods but Fleetwood accepts any help she may get As they unconventional friendship grows King James’ minions wander around to accuse the innocent women for being witches weeding them out from the communityRising tension boiling anger and atmosphere surrounded by paranoia create doubts on Fleetwood‘s mind for making a choice about who she could trustSome parts of book makes your blood boil with anger uestion your beliefs and doubts about the people and their way of looking at the world When I search about the meaning of familiar I found out that it meant an animal close to the witches acting like her servant guardian spy protector companion This brings a different kind of meaning to the story and relationship of two womenMostly I liked Fleetwood’s change and growing by taking risks acting brave to protect her friend and baby It’s well developed informative but still frustrating with the parts show how the ignorance affect people’s minds and turned them into mentally blindAs a summary I liked it and I am happy to see upcoming works of the writerbloginstagramfacebooktwitter