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REVIEW ´ Tobacco Sticks Ê [Download] ➵ Tobacco Sticks Author William Hazelgrove – In the aftermath of WW II the Hartwell family struggles to remain whole as a season of change descends upon the South Old loyalties and familiar ties are abandoned as their sleepy community lashes out In the aftermath of WW II the Hartwell family sNce between his family and the brother they refuse to understand and make his way in a time of unrelenting change Through it all his father counsels and confides easing the path of maturity with a strength of conviction that takes a lifetime to lea. If this book had had a decent editor and proofreader I might have been able to give it three stars The story was OK although it was both somewhat predictable and farfetched I read the whole thing partly because I was curious to see why it has a fairly high average rating I'm still not sureThe writing was often pretty bad with forced and overly flowery description Sometimes a sentence was so nonsensical or ludicrous I had to stop and cringe in disbelief It jumped from one scene to another without any transition at all In addition there were so many errors throughout the whole book punctuation grammar inconsistency incorrect word choice etc that made the distraction even worse A few specific examples stuck in my mind One character's name kept going back and forth between Joe and Jim another's spelling went back and forth between Scotty and Scottie In one sentence the word symbols was used instead of cymbals Every time an unmarried woman was referred to it was printed as Miss Jones rather than Miss Jones And what was the deal with the strange paragraphs at the start of each chapter that tried to describe growing tobacco in slavery times I hoped it would make sense at the end but it seemed to serve no real purpose and added nothing to the story

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In the aftermath of WW II the Hartwell family struggles to remain whole as a season of change descends upon the South Old loyalties and familiar ties are abandoned as their sleepy community lashes out with hate when Burke Hartwell Sr chooses to def. There are times that I wonder how any Southerner writes a coming of age novel Given that To Kill a Mockingbird was published than 50 years ago every novelist has to deal with its shadow but Southerners have it especially tough At least two of the professional reviews I read for Hazelgrove's story referenced TKAMI admit that it was hard to miss the similarities However Hazelgrove has his on tale to tell Lee Hartwell has grown up in Richmond VA where things are slow to change However World War II has made changes to the whole world and some of them are affecting Hartwell and his familyI believe Hazelgrove does a good job of putting the reader in Lee's shoes Hazelgrove does not give Lee an adult's knowledge of the world but he also gives his narrator plenty of chances to learn about how the adult world works I found the story interesting and believable I presently live near Richmond and from what I have learned since coming here the novel seems plausibleIf you are interested in coming of age tales stories about American history or in the changes this country has experienced I would suggest that you try Tobacco Sticks

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Tobacco SticksEnd a black maid who is accused of stealing a priceless heirloom from the man who wants to remain the US Senator from Virginia As his world fills with confusing strife year old Lee Hartwell struggles to avoid the perils of first love break the sile. This is the second novel by Hazelgrove I have read recently Both were offered as free downloads by the author so I took advantage of that and in the process discovered a great author who had been previously unknown to me I enjoyed The Pitcher so much that I immediately downloaded Tobacco Sticks when it became available and read it as soon as I could Hazelgrove captures childhood in his books Both are about young boys and these characters draw the reader into the story they are so well drawn The story of Tobacco Sticks takes place at the end of WWII in the southern US where colour lines are still being drawn Lee's family is caught up in the aftermath of the war from which some friends and family members returned and others didn't to a society that was changing from what had always been the accepted way of life to these descendents of plantation owners and slaves When Lee's lawyer father has to choose the side he will defend it changes Lee's family's lives foreverTobacco Sticks compares uite favourably to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird This is a very well written well crafted novel like The Pitcher and I highly recommend both books