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Falling AwayJaxon is the guy she’s supposed to avoidKC is the girl he won’t let get awayKC Carter has always followed the rules until this year when a mistake leaves her the talk of her college campus and her carefully arranged life comes crashing to a halt Now she’s stuck in her small hometown for the summer to comp ‘These violent delights have violent ends’ I love Penelope Douglas’s writing I think she is an amazing story teller and she writes some of the hottest sex scenes I fell in love with Bully I really enjoyed Until You and Rival For me this book just didn’t work like the others There were some parts I enjoyed but way too much I had mixed feelings onKC and Jax had a moment once upon a time The moment passed but neither of them forgot it It’s been a few years but now KC is home for the summer and Jax isn’t that highschool kid any They are insanely attracted to one another but they butt heads A lot The push and pull The back and forth This author does that very well I was super nervous to start this story because of the heroine I like most others did not like KC at all in the other books What shocked me most about Falling Away is that KC wasn’t an issue for me The I felt I understood her the I liked her Jax was a character I’d loved from the start but the I read the I couldn’t connect with him He had his moments but then he would do or say something that just got to me What I did love was that both of these characters were broken I love my broken characters I just wish that knowing all that KC had been through Jax would have been sensitive to that She was sensitive about all he’d been through I wanted him to return the feelings The you suffered the you survived It shaped people in different ways and what broke one person could empower another One of the best parts about Falling Away was the insanely hot sex I mean wow How old are these two again? I didn’t even care because my kindle was smokin The sexual tension and build up was great and when it finally happened Just wow It took me several days to get through this book which is very usual for me I just had trouble connecting to the story trouble staying invested Every time I would start to feel that pull something happened that stressed me out or disconnected me The end did pick up then that dreaded scene happened Surprisingly the last 10% I really loved There was even one scene that brought me to tears Now I’m not sure how I feel about that little teaser for her next book but one things for certain I love Tate and Jared and I love Penelope Douglas’s writing so I’ll be reading it to find out wtf is going onI think this is one of those books that is going to be a big hit for some readers and a miss for others For me it was somewhere in between This was by no means a bad book It was very well written and a ton of my friends enjoyed it Whether it was my mood or the content of the story it just wasn’t the book for me Even so I’m looking forward to from this author and I’m so happy she was able to redeem KC for me

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Lete her court ordered community service and to make matters worse trouble is living right next doorJaxon Trent is the worst kind of temptation and exactly what KC was supposed to stay away from in high school But he never forgot her She was the one girl who wouldn’t give him the time of day and the only one 45 5 stars Full disclosure I liked Rival but I wasn't blown away by it as much I was with its predecessor Bully and Until You So I was a bit apprehensive reading the ARC But something happened as I started to read this I slowly fell in love with one of its characters And no it wasn't Jax That doesn't mean he wasn't lovable but falling in love with the hero is almost a given In this book it was the heroine who stole my heartKC Carter was known as the girl who has it all On the outside at least But on the inside she was unraveling until everything came crashing down and KC found herself back in Sherbourne Falls living in Tate's house serving community service This brought her back into Jaxon Trent's life Jax Trent has been uite a revelation ever since being introduced as Jared's younger brother in Bully He was smart cunning mysterious and self assured despite his relatively young age He's always wanted KC but being a year younger than her he wasn't uite in her league until this summer When this two met again KC wasn't the same young woman who left for college a year ago and Jax certainly wasn't the boy she remembered But the attraction that's been simmering between them finally exploded And boy their chemistry was sizzling But than their romance this book was also about their individual journey And as much as I loved Jax's journey to adulthood so to speak it was KC's story which made this a very satisfying and emotional read for me She was a revelation I wasn't uite sure how Ms Douglas was going to pull off redeeming KC's character after what happened in Bully but after reading this book everything made sense about her As a reader I went on that journey with her It was painful and beautiful at the same time KC had so much growing up to do and by the end of the book she finally came full circle And Jax's journey? Well let's just say that what we've known so far based off of Jared's story from Until You doesn't even begin to describe the atrocious hand life has dealt him with In a way his journey mirrors KC as he finally stopped allowing his past to shape his future I loved his relationship with Cirian Fallon's dad and Jared I loved that they weren't always lovey dovey bros and I loved how the author highlighted their differences as much as their similarities Unlike its predecessor which I felt just skims the surface of the couple's relationship and individual journey Falling Away took its time to get expose each character's motivations It also allowed me to get to know them fully which made me root for their HEA even Overall this book rank right up there with Until You as my favorite in the series KC was definitely a revelation I didn't expect to fall in love with her as much as I did An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Book ñ Falling Away È 429 pages Download × Insolpro Ð ✤ Falling Away Download ➸ Author Penelope Douglas – Jaxon is the guy she’s supposed to avoidKC is the girl he won’t let get awayKC Carter has always followed the rules—until this year when a mistake leaves her the To ever say no Fate has brought KC back into his life except what he thought was a great twist of luck turns out to be too close for comfort As the bond between them grows he discovers that convincing KC to get out from her mother’s shadow is hard but revealing the darkest parts of his soul is nearly impossib Well shit y'all I had to step away before I could even write this if that is any indication So some background shall we? This story is about KC Tate's bitch ass backstabbing BFF and Jax is Jared's younger bro Can you tell I hated KC going into this? A LOT If you didn't read Bully or you forgotview spoiler she used Jared to get her cheating ex bf jealous but her supposed BFF Tate had no idea she thought her BFF was all of a sudden hooking up with her mortal enemy Oh and they kissed in front her BFF Tate too hide spoiler