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Book Ô Sex and Sushi 88 pages Download ↠ Tassa desalada ✓ ➜ [Epub] ❧ Sex and Sushi By Tassa Desalada ➦ – These highly detailed short to the point stories are narratives of one couple's actual sex sessions as written by the woman They're written by the wife for her hu's society but these stories are first hand descriptions of mind blowing sex at its finest The sultry thoughts that fill the woman's head during foreplay sex orgasm and post orgasm are beautifully illustrated in these stories This is the complete must read unabridged version Well there's no abridged version everything's in here The abridged version would be one empty page You want the full version Read the book for some great entertainmentWarning Men who patronize women will not enjoy reading this bo I am a back door manI am a back door manWell the men don't know but the little girls understandBack Door Man by Willie Dixon 1960One star for Tassa DeSalada’s Sex and Sushi because it is her first book One because she seems to have built a following sufficient to have written several and no I just cannot add in enough of a partial star for writing erotica for women The subtitle says it is a story of married sex and it is repetitive enough to be just that It is not what most anyone would call family friendlyThe premise of Sex and Sushi is that the narrator maintains a journal for herself and her husband recording recent sessions in their sex lives She is an avid rabid convert to back door sex and while other variations get their mention it is this particular form of play that is foremost in her entries There is some mention of Sushi but that is as close to a tease as S and S will getIn terms of “woke” erotica the author is a woman all the sex is consensual she is an enthusiastic participant and regular initiator of all sessionsHer word choice may be intended to be less male oriented but it verges on the immature and is off putting “O my intimate parts” indeed Lack of enthusiasm for Sex and Sushi means this is all I care to say

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Nny not in a funny joke way but in a sexy OMG I'm too red in the face way This is where the reader finds herself fully immersed in the stories The stories engulf the reader in such a way that the reader becomes fully heated and aroused This super racy book is too hot to read in one sitting It's a steamy hot dirty naughty bundle of erotic sexcapades of real life taboo sex sessions between a happily married adventurous couple who both love pussy and anal sex with each other That might seem odd in today ANDWell Tassa Desalada promised stories that were honest with painstaking detail and she definitely delivered in that department – and then some Sex and Sushi follows the sexual escapades of an approaching middle aged married couple who have been together for twenty five years and are parent’s to young children That’s about all the personal details we know about the couple other than their voracious sexual appetites and their love of sushi restaurants for lunch The woman seems to have sex on her mind 24 7 and the man seems happy to oblige most of the time The book is not really a story per se as it reads like entries in a diary skipping blocks of time in between It was definitely uniue and most certainly held my interest from beginning to end I would have liked to have personal details about the couple what they looked like where they lived how they got together but I think I understand the author’s reasoning behind this and I think it works well Sex and Sushi was like nothing I’ve ever read before and I found it to be an entertaining and enlightening uick read Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a uick and hot read

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Sex and SushiThese highly detailed short to the point stories are narratives of one couple's actual sex sessions as written by the woman They're written by the wife for her husband to learn what goes thru her head when they're having sex The stories are a form of communication between the couple In honest and painstaking detail the wife shares her thoughts actions comments conversations and sexy feelings before during and after their sex sessions It's Mummy Porn at its sizzling best They're laugh out loud sexy fu ARC generously provided by author in exchange for my honest reviewThis is a book about sex And sushi Mostly sex Sometimes sushi I thought I had an idea what I was getting into Then I read the introduction Okay I think to myself She likes to fck her husband Got it Understood Let’s do this Then we get to Chapter OneThis is the most sex I’ve read in a book in uite some time What’s there is a very different vibe to it as other readers have noted It’s very intimate as though we’re reading something we shouldn’t I feel like I’ve just read the author’s journal I’ll never actually know this woman and yet I know about this HuhAs a piece of erotica I’d say this book would also have uite a bit of appeal with the voyeur crowd Stylistically it’s not a passionate bodice ripper nor is it a heated connection taking place after a sloooow burn This is an established married couple getting it on like bunnies with graphic descriptions that leave very little to the imagination And for a snippet we’ve essentially been invited to watchShould Ishould I look now? The “dickie meets pussy” thing was the only bit that was a little unsettling to me Reminded me too much of those friends with kids we all know that constantly refer to themselves in the third person “Mommy needs a nap Daddy needs a snack Dickie needs pussy”All in all gotta say this was different raw and empowering It's a uick read that is to the point and DAMN Hope my sex life is that exciting in 25 years Get that dickie