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SUMMARY ´ Fay By Larry Brown ✓ ❴Reading❵ ➶ Fay Author Larry Brown – She's had no education and you can't call what her father's been trying to give her love So at seventeen Fay Jones leaves home carrying a purse with half a pack of cigarettes and two dollar bills She' She's had no education and you can't calShe needs help getting there But help's not hard to come by when you look like Fay There's a highway patrolman who gives her a lift with a detour to his own place There are truck drivers who pick her up no uestions asked There's a crop duster with money for a night or two o. It's a shame Brown died because I felt this to be his best book and one that screamed for a seuel Given that Fay itself was a seuel of sorts I think this was a very real possibility Fay Jones comes from about as far down the social ladder as you can get I hate the term white trash so I'll just leave it at that so when her family falls apart she departs on her own in a way that definitely reminds you of Lena Grove from Light in August But Fay's a different kind of gal and her departure unlike Lena's is a nighttime journey Yeah she's vulnerable seemingly innocent but if pushed she shows herself a survivor who can take care of herself To my mind Fay is or evolves into one of the great femme fatale characters in all of noir literature but there's nothing darkly romantic here These are real people living out hard lives Fay is a part of that world but she moves through it like a ship of doom Many of these characters a cheating cop a bar bouncer an alcoholic wife a jealous lover a rapist are already damned Fay just provides the final focus I hope the Coen brothers pick this novel up as a future project because it's a killer

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N the town There's a strip joint bouncer who deals on the side And in the end there are five dead bodies stacked in Fay's wake Fay is a novel that could only have been written by Larry Brown whom the Boston Globe called one of our finest writers honest courageous unflinchin. All I know is that I couldn't put the book down It's a good story well written exciting and suspenseful Yeah the language is bad and there is lots of sex but heck I really liked it A LOT Fay poor FayA word about Fay I have been yelled at in another review for using the term white trash So tell me what other words can be used that so succinctly so completely depict a group of people OK I will describe Fay as poor and uneducated but that just brushes the surface of her ignorance Her understanding of how the world works is at a completely other level than most people's She doesn't know about tips or that liuor and cigarettes can only be bought if you are over 18 That is just two examples I did wonder at times if such ignorance was possible She went only through the fifth grade This book shows you her world and it is worth reading just for that To learn To understand what such a life is like; not to accuse but to really understand What are her alternatives Does she even have any alternativesEventually she learns about the real world All I will say is that she survives That is the only hint I will give about this story that concerns a police officer 17 year old Fay and a strip club bouncer in Mississippi in 1985 Love and survival are the themesBelieve it or not there is humor Here is one example She has learned one must tip So she tips a taxi driver and he says You are a very kind lady and a most scrumptious one I smiled There is so much beer consumed in this book it ought to be made into a movie to sell beer That the characters didn't simply float away is amazingBeside the tension that builds what hit me about the writing was the author's ability to describe body movements in such detail that you can read body language without seeing a picture This is very effective The emotions are there before your eyes through the body language described It is like watching a movie rather than hearing a story The audiobook narration by Tom Stechschutte was perfect No complaints Each character when they spoke sounded just as they should soundMy thoughts half way through This is so sad Do you hear meAnd life is so complicated It is actually possible to love a person so terribly fked up as Fayeven given what she does My heart bleeds for Fay


Fay By Larry BroShe's had no education and you can't call what her father's been trying to give her love So at seventeen Fay Jones leaves home carrying a purse with half a pack of cigarettes and two dollar bills She's headed for the bright lights and big times of Biloxi and even she knows. Lot's of reviews going around comparing Larry Brown with William Faulkner If you've never read any of William Faulkner's books then know that Larry Brown's writing is just like Faulkner's If you have read some of Faulkner's books then let me just go ahead and say I lied in my first comment but there are similarities in these two fellowsBoth gentlemen were born in the same area of Mississippi both died in Mississippi Faulkner 1897 to 1962 Brown 1951 to 2004Neither of these men obtained a college degree Both men pursued descriptive writingBoth wrote about the southern people of the United States Mostly the poor southern people flawed downtrodden everyman protagonists And they both knew these people incredibly well They lived with them Fay is a very good looking 17 year old runaway She had good reason to run away but no plan other than to head south Fay has two dollars She learns that she likes the taste of beer and enjoys making love She learns how to fry chicken and how to shoot a gun BANG