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review Munich Airport Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB µ ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Munich Airport Author Greg Baxter – An American living in London receives a phone call from a German policewoman telling him the nearly inconceivable news that his sister Miriam has been found dead in her Berlin apartment — from starv ANg and her yearning and grace MUNICH AIRPORT is a novel for our time a work of richness gravity and dark humor Following his acclaimed American debut MUNICH AIRPORT marks the establishment of Greg Baxter as an important new voice in literature one who has already drawn comparisons to masters such as Kafka Camus Bernhard and Murakami. I got this book as a giveaway as part of Goodreads first readsIn Munich airport a man waits with his father for the fog to clear They are taking his sister's body back to the US In flash backs our narrator explains what he and his father did in the weeks that they waited for his sister's starved body to be released to them and he also flashes back to scenes in his personal life explaining how he's reached the point that he's reached in his life It was okay And believe me it's well written so it's not a bad book it's just that I personally don't like it For one it uses vertical time at least that's the phrase my old english teacher used to use for it I dislike vertical time when there is no spacing or new chapters to make the transitions clear Every so often when I wasn't paying uite enough attention I'd get a couple of sentences in before realising he was recounting a past memory I have an issue with there being no chapters or uotation marks hopefully this will be corrected at some point because I get confused and the book also gets rather heavy that way I also just didn't like the main character I don't know why he rubs me the wrong way but he does There's a point in the story when the character makes some joke about the germans I read it out loud to my brother and asked him if it was offensive and he had to point out it was a joke because in all the heaviness the narrator doesn't seem capable of jokes to me so when he makes them it throws me I didn't even notice it was a joke I always catch the slightly racist jokes He doesn't ever clearly resolve the situation of why Miriam is dead you're left to assume she had problems but a little detail would make it feel well rounded And our narrator behaves in ways that I don't understand and can't uite come to grips with view spoilerhe cuts himself and then some of his wandering off in the airport to buy stuff he doesn't need hide spoiler

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Gbound Munich Airport where Miriam's coffin is set to be loaded onto a commercial jet and returned to AmericaGreg Baxter's bold mesmeric novel tells the story of these three people over the course of three weeks as they wait for Miriam's body to be released grieve over her incomprehensible death and try to possess a share of her sufferi. In this poignant novel a father and son are at Munich Airport They are planning to return to the States where the father lives with the body of Miriam Miriam – a daughter a sister had left America years ago and was living in Germany while her brother has made a home of sorts in London They are a family split by time and distance and have had infreuent contact with each other since the mother of the children died Now Miriam has died and shockingly she was found in her apartment having starved to deathOur narrator is the brother of Miriam and this book takes us through the call just before an important meeting to tell him that his sister was dead; back through flashbacks of his life and his visit to Germany with his father Although this sounds dreadfully serious – and in parts it does deal with very important issues such as what makes a family how you react to life’s challenges and modern life – it is also very full of dark humour and emotion Much of the novel takes place inside a fog bound Munich Airport; where flights are delayed and people mill around waiting endlessly Father and son are accompanied by Trish a caring and sensitive woman who works at the American Embassy She has her own problems but her natural empathy means that Miriam’s father a former historian turns to her for understanding Our narrator himself struggles with what happened to his sister and wonders why he did not do to make sure she was fine; why he did suspect something so terrible could happen We follow father and son over their trip to Germany the weeks of waiting visiting Miriam’s apartment and of the sadness and horror both men feel over her deathThis is really a very imaginative and moving read It will challenge you and make you uestion modern families where expat life means that families are in danger of losing contact that support networks may be lost and that elderly parents are left behind Ideal for reading groups and a personal read you will find hard to put downLastly I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley for review

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Munich AirportAn American living in London receives a phone call from a German policewoman telling him the nearly inconceivable news that his sister Miriam has been found dead in her Berlin apartment from starvation Three weeks later the man his father and an American consular official named Trish find themselves in the bizarre surroundings of a fo. I was given this book for free by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review for the publisherI love a depressing book and if you are looking for a read that makes you feel empty and depraved this is it Munich Airport takes place entirely in the setting indicated by the title where the main character and his father are waiting for a delayed plane The family is in Munich to pick up the body of the sister who has died of starvation an illness that becomes a central metaphor in the novel While in the airport the main character continually flashes back to experiences that occurred during his childhood and throughout the several weeks that they spent in Munich while waiting for the body to be released One primary strength of the novel is the writing Well written with imaginative and clever prose Munich Airport is skillfully composed At times however it read a bit like an MFA thesis too many devices compiled one after anotherAnother strength of the novel is the depiction of the main character’s thoughts Although another reader may perceive this entirely differently in my opinion the main character arrived in Berlin as a rather normal professional adult Although grieving he appeared sane educated and practical However the longer he spends in Berlin with his father the he seems to lose his mind By the end the main character strongly resembles the character from American Psycho I couldn’t stop comparing the two characters and the I read the the resemblance increased His thoughts are erratic and his actions are unpredictable In this way the theme of starvation or perhaps deprivation is a better way to think of it arises throughout the novel The sister has literally starved herself to death dying of malnutrition after admitting that she enjoys the sense of control that not eating affords her While the reader grapples with the sister’s physical starvation the minds of the other characters are examined and found wanting Starved of happiness and comfort the characters experience existence as painful and agonizing I’m not sure if the formatting of the novel was faulty due to it being an ebook and not the final version at that but the flashbacks were not clearly indicated in the text Normally a novel that contains flashbacks especially this many would designate these memories by white space; however this book moves in between time periods without any visual indication of the change I found this confusing at times although I was able to find my way so long as I paid close attentionLike I said I love a depressing book and this one gets a B in that arena But it gets a C for development of plot I don’t need an action packed read but this was a bit too slow at several times