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Passage West review ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó ❮Epub❯ ➜ Passage West Author Ruth Ryan Langan – ON A WAGON TRAIN HEADING WEST LOVE COULD BE AS FIERCE AS THE LAND AND AS UNKNOWNAt seventeen Abby Market left the only home she'd ever known Missouri in a covered wagon bound for California With her s ON AHow to survive in a brutal land Mile by mile she grew to adore this magnificent man and when he touched her she longed to be his alone But as she tasted rapture's first wild depths she faced a bitter secret from the gunman's violent past With Rourke in mortal danger they would challenge destiny itself to save the love and happiness they discovered on a perilousPassage West. Wagon train to CaliforniaBut the story is far than a glossy tale Hatred that is fed and festers until the hater is beyond rational thinkingMental illnessSicknessIndiansLove At times this story simply MADE you keep flipping that pageBe aware This is not a fluffy tale It's gritty HardBelow could be considered spoilers by some but are the reasons I couldn't give it a 5 star rating1 I'm sure every wagon train carried booze but would a wagon master allow a man to get drunk every night Night after night Especially if the manmen were cruel to their animals and children Wouldn't others on the train demand that the drunkard do his share 2 it seemed that the wagon master who supposedly had done this before often did not know what to do when things were getting out of control He was a kind man and could make decisions He could and did lead but when he should have put his foot down and stopped bad behavior that could only grow worsewhen his leadership was needed the most he didn't lead

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A man who roused the unspoken yearnings of her passionate soulRourke was a battle scarred Union veteran hired to guard the wagon train A loner by choice and by fate his heart was moved by Abby's plight though the young beauty proudly refused his aid Yet with the wagons rolling on through dusty plains and treacherous deserts a tenderness bloomed between them as he taught her. Gah This was 417 pages of absolute mush I'll be back right after I update the challenge that I read this forOK I've managed to vent a little of my ire at this book in the challenge so I might be able to be a little balanced in my reviewnope on second thought probably notThis is the most overdone trials and tribulations of Pauline book that I have ever read As soon as the MCs managed to make it though one crisis here comes another to overwhelm them It's bad enough that Abby and Carrie's father is a drunken brute treating them both like useless drains on him while he does nothing than drink and berate them No let's add a cruel drinking buddy of his who's a rapist at heart And why don't we add a little bit of mob mentality to the rest of the wagon train How about the rapist's wife dying in childbirth Sure Let's have a little bit of Cholera to spice things up And a woman who's going around the bend due to grief at losing the only thing she loves her piano which was sacrificed to get through the mudflats of the river they were crossing since it was too heavy and let's make her neglect her little boy and give her a drunk for a husband too just for fun Had enough But wait there's I don't think I can even remember all the awful things that happened or in what order they came In fact I'll be doing a little light reading to get most of this out of my mind I'm thinking maybe Doctor Zivago or Anna KareninaBottom line read at your own peril since this might kill you just as much as the wagon train to California killed most of the characters in the storyOh yeah I completely forgot to mention be wary of the extremely uick POV changes Good luck keeping track of who's head you're inside when it changes from paragraph to paragraph at times

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Passage WestON A WAGON TRAIN HEADING WEST LOVE COULD BE AS FIERCE AS THE LAND AND AS UNKNOWNAt seventeen Abby Market left the only home she'd ever known Missouri in a covered wagon bound for California With her sister and hard drinking father in tow she needed all her strength for the long trek westward But Abby could hold her own with any man until she met a rugged gunman named Rourke. 35 stars