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The hilarious and heart warming second in the series from the author of The Wedding DiariesI'd be sick right now but I never like to reinforce a clichéA few weeks after Kiki and Thom return from honeymoon Kiki finds there's a noticeable absence An extremely Unexpectedly good I found myself wishing I'd read this when I had my first baby

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The Baby DiariesSerious noticeable absence of something it turns out Kiki now realises she was pretty glad about One pregnancy test later Kiki's breaking the good news Thom Wow We're so Edwardian and rewriting all the plans she'd made beforeWith an ever expanding waistline The book starts off in Bridget Jones has a baby style with the same sort of internal monologue exhibited through a diary structure The similarities between the heroines women working in the publishing industry in London with a close knit circle of ecclectic friends only enhanced this As a well educated well traveled woman in my early 30s with a great marriage and career now living in England and who had a child three years ago I was surprised at how very little Kiki and I had in common Reading the opening chapters was like looking in at a curious animal in a zoo so utterly foreign from anything I know part of this was exacerbated by the underlying feeling present throughout the book a feeling with I've found in many British writers particularly British female writers that there is no other place than London for a well educate well traveled woman with a career who wants to have a family live That in itself is pretty exclusionary Kiki's experiences with a her ease of getting pregnant b the response of her partner who never seemed to exhibit any worry that even if this was indeed wanted was going to be a seriously big change and difficult to adapt to c the physical side of pregnancy d pregnancy work e such a very large and diverse social sphere of friends f making friends with other women in the prenatal class; are so far away from my own experiences that I found it hard to maintain the willing suspension of disbelief So I began the book with a rather sneering mental tone but since I picked it up simply as fluff read these drawbacks weren't any reason not to continue and of course by the time you reach the end you've been drawn sufficiently into the story to be invested in the outcome Two particularly good points about the book It was only about halfway through that with all the secondary characters being introduced sprung upon you here and there with very little background story I began to wonder if this were in fact a seuel In fact the only indication that you get is on the back cover a picture of another book by the same author called The Wedding Diaries It is not easy to write a seuel that also functions as a standalone novel; the author did this excellently While the book itself was fluff and a bit silly the after portion with advice for expectant mothers from the author I found to be sensitive straightforward humourful and sympathetic Here she shows a sensitivity to the fact that not everyone finds it as easy or straightforward to become pregnant as Kiki that the odds are high that someone in your social circle especially as large as hers has dealt with some form of infertility or pregnancy loss Her advice is given in a non judgemental fashion and you can tell that she tries to practice what she preaches I'd give this book to a friend simply for the last 20 30 pages in it

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The Baby Diaries doc â Paperback Ê [KINDLE] ❄ The Baby Diaries Author Sam Binnie – The hilarious and heart warming second in the series from the author of The Wedding DiariesI'd be sick right now but I never like to reinforce a clichéA few weeks after Kiki and Thom return from hone The hilarious and heart warming secHer nightmare childhood friend Annie pregnant too all the problem authors at Polka Dot Books she could not wish for and an army of NW London's Smug Mothers to deal with these nine months might not be the nine months of blooming relaxation she'd been promise God this book was good If you are looking for some pregnancybaby lit that is NOT solely about some woman staring at her stretchmarks in the mirror crying in front of her husband dealing with the mother in law from hell and hilariously bathing her baby in the sink then this book is definitely for you Sam Binnie's The Baby Diaries is a cut above pretty much all the mommy lit books I've ever read Too often they focus on all the Benny Hill style japes that come from leaking boobs and puking babies or if they're a bit ground based then you might get a look in on the baby blues but there's something this book deals with that I have not seen in any other and that's how a woman seems to migrate in the eyes of what I'm afraid is general society into a subclass of seen but not heard once she has a baby This makes me sound like a hobnail booted ultra feminist but when you read this book you'll see what I mean and you'll feel angry on both Kiki's behalf and that of all new mothers everywhere But anyway This book made me well up with tears and laugh out loud ACTUAL laughing out loud not lolz Kiki is an extremely well rounded character; no stereotyping here ma'am she's one of a kind And Thom I love Thom Those two together are one of the best couples I've ever read They work so well together that you could almost see them as a crime fighting duo if this were another genre Please do read this book I've got one child and the story of Kiki's progression from pregnancy through birth and on to new mum was the most accurate I've read We get days when we're pretty confident days when we feel we're doing everything wrong days when we can barely move days when we surge into the future with tremendous optimism and days when all you think about is the wonder of your newborn It's not the same for everyone and I think Sam Binnie illustrates that here in The Baby Diaries in the most witty and elegant way