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DOWNLOAD The Chaos Protocols 107 ï [Download] ➺ The Chaos Protocols ➿ Gordon White – The years since the financial crash have seen the realization dawn that the great promise of modern civilization will go unfulfilled Study hard work hard buy a house retire happy It's all a lie spun f The years since the financial crash haBecome famous Pragmatic sharp and funny The Chaos Protocols is a treasure of a book Peter Grey author of Apocalyptic WitchcraftTake two parts Magick Without Tears a measure of The Wealth of Nations a pinch of Ian Fleming and a dash of Noel Coward and you have this almost promiscuously readable text Whoever said books on magick can't be fabulously entertaining as well as eminently practical has obviously not read up on their Gordon White Remedy that situation Chris Knowles author of The Secret History of Rock n' Roll and Our Gods Wear Spandex. I'm a fan of this book and have read it numerous times even though I don't necessarily agree that cities are the place to be in coming days but I suppose that's depends on your goals A magician is no magician without adventures right I have applied schoaling techniue to several practices beyond sigil work and find it helpful Additionally Gordon is pretty great at allowing you to read between the lines if you are able Winner winner chicken dinner

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Not only to navigate these trying times but to triumph as well Discover how to become invincible through initiation and wage the mind war that will keep you moving toward what you really want From sigil magic to working with spiritual allies The Chaos Protocols helps you act on the unwavering belief that your life should matter and you're not going to let something as trifling as the apocalypse get in the way of itPraise Gordon White gives a master class on the hard economic realities and the kind of low down and dirty magic for which he has. Here is the difference between bravery and recklessness If you are not taking risks you are failing to find the opportunities you are looking for you are denying yourself optionality In a career setting this looks like taking on side projects at night and on weekends being visible at industry events putting your hand up for international assignments applying for jobs you think you are under ualified for or even just asking the boss for extra work that stretches you Bravery when combined with alertness manifests in the highly desirable state of being lucky Trial and error is the intelligence of chaos If you wish to increase your optionality if you wish to build luck behaviours then you are indeed going to be placing multiple bets on multiple successful outcomes You cannot do this for very long if each of the bets are too large Invest in multiple bets that expose you to only a small amount of downside and a greater possibility of upside than one large bet Eg Do not uit your job to found a design agency volunteer your design skills one evening a week for three separate charites or nonprofitsTrial and error is the intelligence of chaos because your mistakes are information The of them you make the information you have to make the next round Aim for as many mistakes as possible that cost you the least amount possible Almost any situation you find yourself in can be improved and even turned around with a combination of persistence and increased information pp 151–3Much like the author's blog this book is a bouillabaisse of practical magickal experiments chaos theory not that kind this kind futurist speculation political commentary and career advice I think some of it is spot on some of it is outrageous and goofy and that my take on which is which will almost certainly fluctuate over timeHere is an example of the sort of “parapolitical” insight the author often deliversContemporary financial and macroeconomic incentives become even bizarre when you consider pension funds some of the largest institutional investors Think on this You spend your entire career paying money that you earned in America or Britain's real economy into a pot that is then taken out of the country and invested in an emerging market with the result that it destroys jobs in the economy you worked in making everyone poorer and increasing your tax obligation as people have to rely on social programmesAnd why is this money taken out of the country Because you want your pension fund to have the highest return on investment so that you can actually retire one day in a corner of the world that is now economically depressed as a result of this pooling of capital you contributed to your whole life So do you want the companies your pension fund invested in paying or less tax If they pay less tax you have a bigger pension but you pay for roads Whether you call this a conspiracy or just good business is irrelevant because not only is it happening but it sets the agenda for how you generate your own wealth Because make no mistake your pension fund currently cannot afford to pay out what it has promised you pp 28–9The perennial human condition metamorphoses into the contemporary human predicament TANSTAAFL Or is there thanks to our robot overlords Our inability to recognize the exponential function Colonizing Mars as the consolation prize for fucking up the only Earthlike planet we know exists Politics as a rigged game with each of us as both house and sucker with the differential between the two stacked massively toward a vanishingly small minority Same as it ever was only worse perhaps But here in these predicaments the author sees opportunity where others may see only collapse In keeping with the chaos magic tenet that belief is a tool—something that really resonates with my own understanding of Mahayana Buddhism FWTW—the author does not give one right answer to the uestion of how to recognize and take advantage of the present opportunity in change Instead he presents a variety of techniues and tools for exploration of a variety of subjects initiation rituals whether entheogenic or otherwise putting the Headless Rite into practice whilst on vacation to Signal Mountain TN was uite powerful—and fun; ancestor veneration this has thus far lead to me gathering up old family photos for the mantle and tracking down origins; meaningful coincidence and cultivating synchronicities; Tarot and divination generally the I Ching and the McKennas come to mind; sigil magic my favorite chapter thus far one involving black paper and metallic Sharpies; and how to wage a mind war aka advice from a wizard on college and careerWhat’s scarce today is real world experience or even as it turns out real world preparedness The number of students exiting the college system with poor literacy skills is amazing to say nothing of those entering it Should you wish to pursue interests that reuire specific degrees make your college experience as cheap as possible be employed or minimize your debt as much as possible use the experience as an excuse to launch a bunch of projects Projects and continual learning are the stakes plunged into the ground that demarcate your area of expertise Continual learning is not the process of accruing a growing pile of certificates in project management and MS Office proficiency and so on—although they can help Continual learning arises when you refuse to let circumstances or other people’s opinions of you stand in your way Like being lucky it lives entirely in a singular mindset do not worry about being good at something Focus instead on getting better at it pp 159–61So am I as sanguine about the future and my ability to surf it as the author seems to be whether that future consists of business as usual as collapse or as fully automated luxury communist civilizationNope probably not; then again I'm now one of the middle aged folks waiting for the bottom to drop out of my pension at the very least Ah well I won't get out alive anyway Death kindly bent to ease us But I digress For the larval humans out there especially the ones about to pupate aka the adolescents aka my own progeny much of this information may be invaluable for navigating the uncertainties ahead

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The Chaos ProtocolsThe years since the financial crash have seen the realization dawn that the great promise The Chaos Epubof modern civilization will go unfulfilled Study hard work hard buy a house retire happy It's all a lie spun for the benefit of a tiny elite The richest eighty five people on earth have as much wealth as the poorest billion Each month the numbers change but they never improveMagical and spiritual discourse has failed to keep up with this new reality The Chaos Protocols aims to fix thatJoin Gordon White as he shows you how to use chaos magic. There's a lot of things I really like about this book and I do recommend it to anybody in the field Gordo's managed to pack both a decent if brief analysis of the state of both the western economy and the overall western worldview and of the major flaws and implications within them into the beginning of the book and he then presents a set of ritual tools and tech overview to allow a practitioner to navigate those maps from a practical and utilitarian perspective I'm particularly fond of the Headless RiteFour Kings bit since that's been an area of recent interest for me and the Crossroads petition rite is something that I think I can do some work with as well On the other hand what I did find slightly disconcerting is the degree to which the advice and overall perspective assume that the reader's coming to this from the position of a healthy white middle class western male with few social ties or responsibilities The constant refrain of embracing the uncertainty and exhortations for flexible responses to chaotic environments ring a bit hollow to people for whom risk is not just gosh I might have to go back and live with my parents but is like fuck I might have to watch my wife die because we can't afford her medicine or shit CPS wants to take my kid away because we've been living on the street for the last month See for me the thing is that magic doesn't always work; because nothing ALWAYS works And like most of the people I know I have to weigh the choices I make based on the risks not only to myself and my own comfort but to the lives and safety of the people I love And yes this is a fundamentally unsafe and unpredictable world and the mundane wage slave existence is as fragile and transient as anything else in it but the knowledge that the eggshell shelter I've erected can be crushed by random factors way out of my control doesn't exactly encourage me to leap out into the maelstrom dragging my family behind me without a LOT care and preparation than Gordo seems to assume is neededI have to factor that kind of thinking into my choices and my magical and lifestyle strategies I'm a lot less sanguine about rolling the dice with my life when I'm betting the lives and safety of my family And yes the storm's coming and yes sooner or later we're gonna probably end up out in it after the roof blows off but until that happens I want to keep us all as warm and dry as possible for as long as I can That doesn't mean that I didn't like the book and that I didn't find useful stuff in it But y'all should be aware of that aspect of the overall tone