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review The Lovers ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ù [PDF] ✩ The Lovers By Sara Bell – Scott was a child star and had all the pitfalls of his profession including drugs and a controlling partying mom Now he's clean putting his life back together and acting in a nationally known soap ope Scott was a child star aHis soap opera and he's not sure he'll keep his job if he's exposed Tough choices follow and Scott has to decide if he's afraid of hiding or of living his life openly Can he and Zane weather the storm and find a way to make all the drama work in their fav. I am such a sucker for gay romance novels that feature famous actors or musicians as lead characters I'm not sure what it is that appeals so much to me the whole coming out of the closet routine the drama involved in such a public arena or perhaps the typical dysfunctional andor lonely past suffered by said closeted stars While this novella makes a great start at telling this type of complicated story I love I just wish it were longer so that it could deal with all the issues fully Scott is a has been child star whose druggie mother mismanaged his career and spent all his earnings Scott now works on a soap opera and has been secretly dating another actor Zane for the past 15 months Unlike Scott Zane has a huge career an ex wife and five kids to worry about But this is all backstory When the novella begins Scott's addict mother has come demanding cash in return for not outing her son to the tabloids Yikes What is a guy to doThe ensuing decisions to be made by both Scott and Zane are extremely difficult Scott's internal struggles about coming out his mixed feelings toward his addict mother and his yearnings for a normal open relationship are heart wrenching to read about Zane is struggling in a different way he's freaked about the possibility of losing Scott his friends his career and mostly his kids It's all achingly sad and infuriating at the same time And that is what's so great about all the Sara Bell stories that I have read so far they all make you feel for the characters' struggles as if they are realOverall I think this novella is great for what it is an attention grabbing tale with emotion inducing subjects and a gift wrapped finish What makes it less than it could be is its short length and the fact that it glances over a lot of conflict and potential story line I can't help but wish for it to have been a fleshed out novel Regardless I still liked it and would recommend it On a final note What's up with the title and cover for this book Seriously The only reason I picked this up was because I had read and enjoyed two other books from this author previously I know they say not to judge a book by its cover but obviously I can't help it And if we're all being honest neither can most people

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Scott was a child star and had all the pitfalls of his profession including drugs and a controlling partying mom Now he's clean putting his life back together and acting in a nationally known soap opera Things are going great until his mother shows up dem. I haven't known Sara Bell's work long; only know her for the last couple of days after reading her story in an Anthology Eternal Darkness her character there reminds me of Harry Dresden and I like her writing style So I try to find her other stories and love what I read so far For a novella this one sure jams pack a lot of punches on its slevees It's an all around classic love story that sort of epic by itself Hollywood epic I mean Like one you see in a TV drama It covers family matters love lost reunion acceptance and one sweet epilogue I enjoy the heavy family theme in this because I almost never read a story about the two heroes settling down with kids usually only up to the wedding Seeing a snippet of Zane and Scott's life in the future is VERY satisfying This story also reaffirms my belief that I love her writing style VERY much

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The LoversAnding money threatening to out him to the entertainment world unless he coughs it upWhile Scott hates the blackmail he's not out and neither is his deeply closeted lover Zane Zane's got an ex wife kids and a high powered job Scott's playing a womanizer on. A really nice novella about what's the most important thing in lifeview spoilerScott a soap opera actor was being blackmailed by his meth addict mother She'd tell the world that he's gay unless he gave him money To pre empt his mother's action Scott decided to come out voluntary in national news Such publicity not only would affect Scott's career but also his deeply in the closet lover Zane Himself an actor Zane was also the owner of the studio that produces Scott's TV series and a father of five While he's a divorcee Zane didn't want anybody know that he's gay When the studio decided to make the best of the situation by creating a spin off series with Scott playing a gay character he was asked if there would be a jealous boyfriend since the new series would have some R rated scenes Scott looked at Zane Zane kept his head down so Scott said no They ended their relationshipWhen Zane finally realized how much he loved Scott it's been than six weeks since they talked Was it too late for him considering the production of the new series had started and Brady the openly gay actor who played Scott's charater love interest was around him on the set most of the time hide spoiler