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READ & DOWNLOAD å The Massacre at El Mozote Ê [Read] ➭ The Massacre at El Mozote Author Mark Danner – In December 1981 soldiers of the Salvadoran Army's select American trained Atlacatl Battalion entered the village of El Mozote where they murdered hundreds of men women and children often by decapitat In DecemThe United States the Reagan administration uickly dismissed them as propaganda In the end El Mozote was forgotten The war in El Salvador continued with American Massacre at El Epub #223 fundingWhen Mark Danner's reconstruction of these events first appeared in The New Yorker it sent shock waves through the news. Danner is extremely reserved in his prose here; he lets the facts speak for themselves Still this is one of the most devastating accounts of anything that I've ever read And then to read about Reagan administration and its lackeys at media outlets like the Wall Street Journal as well as the right wing campaigns to punish the reporters from the Washington Post and New York Times who wrote the first stories on the massacre which were partially successful they got the NYT's reporter taken out of Central America serves to enrage even further There were no limits to the utter depravity of US Central American policy during the 1980sI went to El Mozote in 2008 People have moved back but there's still an incredibly heavy pall of death that hangs over the place

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Media and the American foreign policy establishment Now Danner has expanded his report into a brilliant book adding new material as well as the actual sources He has produced a masterpiece of scrupulous investigative journalism that is also a testament to the forgotten victims of a neglected theater of the cold w. This book chronicles the worst atrocity that has occurred in Central America the massacre of 767 non combatant civilians in December 1981 by the Salvadoran army in the village of El Mozote and likely many victims whose remains did not permit counting Not a dramatic narrative the author focuses on telling the facts preceding the situation the event and the denial and obfuscation by both the Salvadoran regime and the US government that poured six billion dollars into supporting the regime and its oppressionI'd already visited the site and heard the story of what happened told with a lot emotion by people who lived the Salvadoran conflict What I found most interesting in Danner's book is the materials he includes Intentionally or not the source materials embassy cables interviews US government hearing transcripts etc show how the truth is destroyed not by denial but through dilution misdirection small lies semantic games it dies from a thousand cuts It is a cautionary lesson to me as I process the news from conflicts military actions and other atrocities small and large that continue unabated

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The Massacre at El MozoteIn December soldiers at El Epub #221 of the Salvadoran Army's select American trained Atlacatl Battalion entered the village of El Mozote where they murdered hundreds of men women and children often by decapitation Although reports of The Massacre ePUB #187 the massacre and photographs of its victims appeared in. When I was a college student I majored in Latin American Studies and many of my classes explored the functions of the military in various Central American countries In my junior year I joined up with a bus full of strangers from Austin and we headed to Georgia for an annual protest designed to force the closure of the School of the Americas later renamed the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation We gathered early one morning with hundreds of like minded activists and we carried small wooden crosses with the names of individuals all civilians as far as I know who had been killed by soldiers trained at this institution My cross was for Maria Dolores Amaya Claros Age 5 killed at El Mozote but I didn't really know many details about her or what happened at El Mozote In the ten years or so since the protest I have become moderate in my political views but every so often I have thought about that little girl and wondered about the details of what happened to her I finally decided to buy this book and I am thankful that I didDanner writes his account in a journalistic style giving the reader not just a graphic and nauseating play by play of a small group of Salvadoran soldiers storming into a town full of civilians and murdering hundreds of them in gruesome ways but also a historical context of why the atrocity took place Danner delves into the ongoing war between the military and the Communist guerrillas and he highlights the complicated impact of the rumors and facts of the event on the new Reagan Administration in their Cold War efforts Perhaps the most striking benefit of the book though is that the story is uite short maybe 170 pages minus full page photos along the way but it comes packaged with copies of actual communications and editorials and other documents including a multi page list of the hundreds of named victims of this military operation Although the massacre at El Mozote occurred about thirty years ago and the book itself is nearly twenty years old I still highly recommend this book for readers today who are interested in the way that US foreign policy has responded to human rights violations during times of war