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CHARACTERS ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Philip José Farmer G him into national prominence He received two phonecalls in conseuence Traitor to Kindle The st was from Western offering to bring him to LA for a free MEDIUM demonstration an experience whose hourly cost was far beyond his salary as a Medieval History professor The nd was from Patricia Carfax a cousin he'd never met who claimed that Western had murdered her father to get MEDIUM's plans While Carfax d. It pains me to give a Farmer book only two stars but he really dropped the ball on this oneIt's a very noir feeling story dealing with a machine that can talk to the dead and the various people scrambling to control and explain itUnfortunately the noir conspiracy stuff takes over and drags on so all the interesting ideas about being able to talk to the dead are these really 'ghostssouls etc' or something sinister and sci fi and the impact this would have on the world all seems to happen on the sidelines or get rushed through so the hero can sneak around playing detective and trying to get laidThen at the 34 mark the story takes a coolcreepy turn and Farmer wastes it then at the 99% mark the story dives into brutal tasteless and stupid and then rushes to an unsatisfying endingSo many good ideas wasted and the cast which is sympathetic yet flawed get little screen time and end up becoming 'types' rather than characters

SUMMARY Traitor to the Living

SUMMARY Traitor to the Living 107 ´ [BOOKS] ⚦ Traitor to the Living ✰ Philip José Farmer – Cover Artist A PedroGordon Carfax's troubles during a lecture when he suggested that Raymond Western's MEDIUM device wasn't contacting the spirits of the dead as claimed but that spirits were intellig Cover Artist A PedroGordon Carf Ebated accepting Western's invitation Patricia arrived She explained the circumstances of her father's mysterious death after he'd developed the MEDIUM prototype with Western's financial aid of attempts that had been made on her life obstensibly on his orders after she threatened exposure Carfax decides to use his free demonstration to contact her father's spirit departs for LA his st meeting with Wester. I’ve long considered Farmer to be a hit or miss author When he’s good he’s brilliant but when he’s bad he’s dreadful This novel occupies the middle ground I didn’t find it as dull as many other reviewers seem to think but it certainly doesn’t hit the heights achieved by Farmer in novels such as LORD TYGER and TO YOUR SCATTERED BODIES GO The third in the Harold Childe trilogy it lacks the explicit and graphic weirdness of its predecessors THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST and BLOWN and has in conseuence less of an impact Also the theme of the dead being contacted via a machine is so intriguing and poses so many uestions about how society would respond that it probably deserves a better treatment than this which amounts to little than a detective thriller A missed opportunity then Reasonably entertaining but without anything memorable about it

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Traitor to the LivingCover Artist A PedroGordon Carfax's troubles during a lecture when he suggested that Raymond Western's MEDIUM device wasn't contacting the spirits of the dead as claimed but that spirits were intelligences occupying the same space as ours but at right angles to it who're posing as human dead for sinister purposes His efforts to answer uestions from an unexpectedly huge audience ended in a riot catapultin. oh sci fi nerds i am trying to live amongst youlord knows i do not want to offend the great unwashed masses of science fiction fans with their sueezing of themselves into bookstore aisles too narrow for their girth to talk loudly and nasally about every single plot point in every single star trek book and their hushing up every time a girl walks by i am not looking to offend with their nose picking and cavalier approach to hygiene and noise pollution oh the guffawsi don't mean to make fun of the adolescent simplicity of your sexual fantasies but man i just don't get youbut i'm keeeeeding bird brian sent me this book just like he sent me blood music because he wants me to suffer okay it's not that bad but i think that overall science fiction does not please me as much as it pleases other people i thought he was sending me this because it was SO bad that i would have a field day with the reviewhis review was hidden under a spoiler blanket so i couldn't even read it i was operating in the dark but as i was reading the book i was thinking oh this isn't terrible HIGH PRAISE INDEEDbut at the end of it all i thought the opportunity for this kind of literary invention a machine that can talk to the freaking dead was wasted on some small fry stuff solving a murder and getting to the bottom of that huge problem facing our world the inconsistencies of etruscan linguisticshmmmthose who fail to remember the past indeedi think the repercussions of his own literary invention scared him off from too close an examination which is why all the religious elements were kept as background characters and sideplots and the true historical benefits were what too difficult probably instead this becomes a personal story the solving of a murrrrderrr the getting to the bottom of this wacky machine and what it can do but small scale please we lack a budget and the intercourse with our cousin along the way whaaaat it's the future we are all metric now and in the metric system it is okay to have sex with your cousini have nothing useful to say about this book it suffers from a lot of the salacious undercurrents as other sci fi i have experienced from this era this one is 1973 salacious did someone say salaciousgotta win those nerds backbut there is just this ick feeling for me all the women are full breasted and clothing is optional and the clothing that does exist for women anyway does not include undergarments making movement problematic that's not sexy to me that's an eleven year old alone under the covers i am not giving up on the genre though i am told there are other books i might likebrian likes dick he says i should try to get into dick i told him greg forced dick on me one time and i didn't like it brian said that dick is something someone has to discover for themselves he says he was introduced to dick when he was thirteen and it was a magical summer i might be too old for dickbut i will keep trying maybe someday i will find the sci fi that is right for mecome to my blog