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One Without her Papa her music or even her true identity she must move past the task of surviving and onto living her life In the displaced persons camp where she is staying Gerta meets Lev a fellow teen survivor who she just mig. My reaction to this book was very uneven In parts it went as high as giving it 4 stars and in parts as low as 2 Maybe if I were less familiar with this phase of history it would have had a stronger grip on my imagination For me it felt like I could easily see the ribcage of the research through the diaphanous skin of the story The most interesting aspect was that it dealt with the survival readjusting period than with the camp years something that I had never seen in fiction please let me know in the comments if there are otherbetter works of fiction dealing predominantly with the rehabilitation of Holocaust survivors during 1945 1948 The least attractive features were the predictability of the plot and the author's complete silence regarding the controversy of displacing and persecuting Arabs to create Israel

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What the Night SingsHt be falling for despite her feelings for someone What the Epubelse With a newfound Jewish identity she never knew she had and a return to the life of music she thought she lost forever Gerta must choose how to build a new futur. EVERYONE STOP WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS REVIEW AND GO PICK UP WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS BY VESPER STAMPER So this book is just another part of the reason why I wait until the first week of January to make “Best Books of Year Whatever” lists I picked up this book because I’d seen it around a couple of times and the synopsis looked interesting but mainly because I still have to complete my Goodreads challenge UM well this book had me pausing every 5 pages because there are So Many Powerful uotes This illustrated novel follows Gerta Rausch a Jewish teen survivor of the Holocaust It’s a coming of age story just like any other except for the fact that Gerta has faced years of being told she isn’t even human So Gerta isn’t simply finding or discovering her identity she’s rebuilding and regaining it after an unfathomable tragedy that has robbed her of every friend or family member that might have helped The author Vesper Stamper highlights all the many factors of identity SO well I spend all my time reading and writing and I still can’t find a way to encapsulate just how perfectly Stamper portrays the pieces that make up one’s identity Choice individuality survival chance and art are all depicted as forces that make us up and I couldn’t agree with this depiction This story is so clearly Gerta’s but I feel like anyone who’s ever thought hard about their identity can find themselves in Stamper’s words and illustrations That said this book is about than just identity It’s also about the tragedy that robbed the world of countless uniue and irreplaceable souls There’s nothing I can say about the Holocaust that hasn’t already been said However what sets this book apart from many other Holocaust books none of which are less important than this one is that uniue combination of such a tragedy with the tale of girl growing into a woman That and the emphasis on music’s impact on Gerta’s life The contrast between the hideousness of the life our characters were forced to grow accustomed to and the beauty of the music that kept Gerta alive was breathtaking to put it simply Stamper balances the death and ash of the camps with the glory of music in a way that my mind is barely able to wrap its head around The one issue I did have with this book is the romance I understand that Lev Gerta’s love interest symbolizes a ton He helps her bridge the gap between existingsurviving and truly living shows her how much potential she has from the moment he first meets her and patiently allows her to grow into herself while supporting her from the frontlines That said the chemistry felt off platonic than romantic It isn’t toO huge a dealbreaker for me though because the author does indirectly address this issue within the novel Now that the critical part of the review is over though LEMME JUST SAY Vesper Stamper is one of the most creative minds I’ve had the privilege to encounter through a piece literature this year She combines history with a current and forever relevant topic identity struggles all while writing like the goddess she is AND THERE ARE PICTURES TOO I’m a hoe for Young Adult novels with illustrations in them and this book was no exception Everything from the slightly disturbingodd style of art and the illustrations themselves adds legions of meaning to an already spectacular story I just want Vesper Stamper’s brain please and thank you Seriously this novel is art and a speculation on art and produced by art Ughhhh I say this about a ton of books but when I write a book I want it to be like THIS ONE Obviously this book was magnificent Because of the subject matter I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to the faint of heart Be prepared for parts that’ll make you cry and leave you scarred I finished this book just a couple of hours ago but I just have that feeling that it’ll stay with me long after today If you want a book that will genuinely touch your soul pick up this one ASAP PS The author’s note is 100% worth reading Give this book and author all of your attention and money thank you and good night

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Summary À What the Night Sings Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ [Read] ➪ What the Night Sings By Vesper Stamper – A teen Holocaust survivor must come to terms with who she is and how to rebuild her lifeAfter losing her family and everything she knew in the Nazi concentration camps Gerta is finaA teen Holocaust survivor must come to terms with who she is and how to rebuild her lifeAfter losing her family and everything she knew in the Nazi concentration camps Gerta is finally liberated only to find herself completely al. Eually a love letter to the power of music as well as a Holocaust remembrance Lyrical evocative language is the real strength of this book though the story itself is engaging too though horrific because of what happened to the Jews which it does not shy away from discussing It's almost poignant because the heartbreaking details are reported so matter of factory while the hopes and dreams if there are any left to have are presented so magically that that juxtaposition makes the harsh reality all the clearer For fans of NUMBER THE STARS LETTERS FROM RIFKA and other WWII middle gradetween reads this provides a new perspective telling two Holocaust stories we don't often hear a secular Jew's confusion over both her treatment and afterward her religion and the significance of music Exceedingly powerful with the illustrations acting like a garnish for the writing