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FREE EPUB ¼ MOBI The Angel and the Sorcerer î 9780892542000 ñ INSOLPRO ✓ [Reading] ➭ The Angel and the Sorcerer ➵ Peter Levenda – Based on Levenda's research into Mormonism Freemasonry and esoteric societies over the past thirty years this book is intenE media over various Mormon phenomena such as the magic underwear polygamy Big Love style and much else This book examines the beliefs and reveals the facts of Mormon ideas and practice starting with its founder Joseph Smith Jr who began his religious career with rituals of ceremonial magic and divination and ended it with Freemasonry the largest militi While it was not necessarily the author's intent to reflect badly on Mormonism I think it would be difficult for any reader of this book to become an immediate and enthusiastic convert to the faith It is uite different that the previous book I read about Mormonism The Mormon People The Making of an American Faith by Matthew BowmanThis book does provide an insight into the early origins of Mormonism in the US and places them within the political and religious context of the times While the author points out many uestionable or difficult to explain aspects about the Mormon faith he also to his credit points out some of the uestionable tenets or foundations of other mainstream religionsIt is difficult to summarize a book such as this My only suggestion is that if you are interested in the subject to read it for yourself and form your own opinions It is not what I would consider a page turner by any means but it does contain many interesting things

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A in the state of Illinois a candidacy for US president and assassination Levenda also discussed the Mormons connection to Howard Hughes Richard Nixon and Watergate as well as the role of Mormons in contemporary Presidential electionsThis is the fascinating story of a purely American religion its occult origins and the rise of Mormons in American politi Well written easy read that places complicated history into well understood data and comparisons Does not place judgements but instead gathers information and asks the uestions

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The Angel and the SorcererBased on Levenda's research into Mormonism Freemasonry and esoteric societies over the past thirty years this book is intended for an audience that is curious about Mormonism in light of the fact that at the beginning of 2012 there were two Mormons running for the GOP presidential nomination against two Roman CatholicsThere has been much confusion in th I have studied the Latter day Saints LDS faith for several years now and this book took a different angle to explain the Mormon religion I would have never speculated sinister forces influencing the LDS faith until I read this book This was a new look and shed some light on the allegations of darker occult and demonic origins of Mormonism Was Joseph Smith really visited by the angel Moroni in his room? Did Jesus and God appear to him in the wooded grove as he kneel praying? Or was he visited by demonic forces appearing to deceive Joseph Smith? Why was 23 September also the autumn euinox and important pagan ritual date chosen for Joseph Smith to be taught by angel Moroni? There are so many things I learned in this book I am neither pro Mormon nor anti Mormon but this book presents a strong argument The author gives his opinions in a respectful and articulate way These may be allegations but they are worth reading The information presented is very clear and well balancedThis book raised even further uestions and speculations I have about the LDS faith I still continue my own research into the proclaimed one true church as all other church creeds were an abominations as their leaders had become corrupt Read this book gather information to help form your own opinions and have educated conversation about this religion shrouded in secrecy Thanks