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kindle ´ Gentle from the Night Paperback read ´ insolpro Ø ❮Reading❯ ➽ Gentle from the Night ➶ Author Meagan McKinney – Left penniless after her father's death Alexandra Benjamin strikes an unusual bargain with John Damien Newell the darkly seductive master of CairT lead Alexandra through a labyrinth of twisted lies and ancient mysteries to where the answers lie waiting in the innermost chambers of the hear Set in the mid 1800's England Alexandra Benjamin after her father's death and rejection from the man she thought would marry her attempts to pick up her father's scientific research regarding children who were deaf When she receives a letter from Lord John Damien Newell of Cairncross Castle reuesting her father's assistance in helping his brother in speech Alexandra leads him to believe that she named Alex can be of assistance Damien's brother Samuel appears to have some sort of MR and has been shocked into a deaf state His greatest fear is women caused by an overly abusive and cruelevil governess This Alexandria does not uite know how to deal with but wants to keep her job and asks for the opportunity to try and help With gentleness and care she slowly begins to draw him out of his shell As she does so and of the castle and family's history reveals itself and she must attempt to try and figure out the truth which only the two brothers truly know In this gothic setting Alexandra not only battles the secrets of the castle but the lord of the Castle as well and his dark almost evil side Although Damien tries to stay away he keeps being drawn back to her goodness something he has never known in life And instead of embracing the unknown goodnessinnocencelove he sets out at first to change her to become like him All the while sinister evil ghosts of the past threaten to destroy them in the process An interesting read I have read only a few gothic tales before this one One thing of note was how LONG it took to really get into the book It was a long drawn out process but once the book FINALLY hooked me I didn't want to put it down

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Ncross Castle Hired to teach his troubled younger brother Samuel to speak she soon discovers the castle harbors many terrible secrets Secrets tha This is a gothic mystery that has lots of atmosphere Alexandra Benjamin is the only child of a Jewish doctor who was successful helping the deaf to learn to talk When Damien wrote to the doctor asking him to come to York to help his brother Alexandra responded by calling herself Alex; leading Damien to believe that he was hiring a manWhen Alex gets there Damien is unhappy but agrees to let her try as Sam's governess Alex soon finds that Sam stopped talking when the boy's governess disappeared 20 years before this story There are lots of ghost like sightings and spooky occurrences One thing that was hard to accept was the ease with which Alex taught Sam to speak again Damien was overly negative without fully explaining why he felt there was nothing for him in lifeAt the end the solutionexplanation wasn't as clear as I would have liked This is a very involved tale that is hard to encapsulate in a few sentences

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Gentle from the NightLeft penniless after her father's death Alexandra Benjamin strikes an unusual bargain with John Damien Newell the darkly seductive master of Cair Enthralling and Suspenseful—a classic Gothic RomanceIt has all the elements of a great Gothic romance a castle on the moors near York a “brooding melancholy and emotionally distant” British lord and a mysterious ghost that may not be a ghost at allSet in 1858 this is the story of Alexandra Benjamin whose Jewish father left her with little in worldly goods but a love of science and an ability to help the deaf hear Under the ruse of being her dead father she travels to York to accept a position with John Damien Newell at Cairncross Castle Damien has lived in darkness for a very long time haunted by an evil governess who at one point scared his younger brother Samuel speechless He is not pleased to discover “Alex Benjamin” is actually a woman But he keeps Alexandra on thinking she may be their last hope to restore Samuel’s speechAlexandra spent five years loving a man who didn’t love her and the fact her new employer looks a lot like that golden man from her past makes her wary She is undeniably attracted to Damien but sees the darkness in his eyes She has heard the talks of he evil governess who tormented the brothers and perversely desired the older Damien But she cannot bring herself to believe the woman she has seen appearing at odd times is actually a ghostThis is a well written suspenseful story that draws you in and won’t let you go Damien is a dark hero albeit he is a blond who wears spectacles He is torn between wanting to seduce and destroy Alexandra and wanting to claim her as his redemption To add to her great story McKinney has used snippets from IVANHOE the book Alexandra treasures to bring to mind the lovely Jewish woman Rebecca from that taleThe mystery persists until nearly the end