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Text ↠ Behold the Man Ô Michael Moorcock E bilgelikle hiçbir ilgisi olmayan entelektüel laf salatalarıyla yetinemeyen insanlardan söz ediyorum Carl Gustav Jung Zaman makinesi sütümsü bir sıvıyla dolu bir küredir; yolcu makinenin duvarına giden hortuma takılı bir maskeyle nefes alıp kauçuk bir koruma giysisi kuşanmış olarak içinde asılı dururYere düşmesiyle küre yarılır ve dökülen sıvı toz tarafından emilir Küre çorak toprak ve kayalar ? You know those science fiction novels where they go back in time and discover they've become some well known historical character? Like Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency where the hero finds out he's become the Person from Porlock This novel takes the idea pretty much to its logical conclusion not sure it's possible to trump becoming Jesus Christ It's well worth reading Science fiction writers are notorious for having great ideas and then blowing the execution the Trout Complex as it were but this time Moorcock gets it right I wonder if any brave director will try and film it some day?

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Book é Behold the Man 190 pages Download ☆ Insolpro ↠ [KINDLE] ❄ Behold the Man Author Michael Moorcock – Günümüzde nevrotik denen insanların çoğu başka bir çağda yaşasalardı nevrotik yani kendilerine karşı bölünmüş olmazlardı İnsanların atalarının mitlerinden kopma ?zerinde çarpa çarpa yuvarlanmaya başlar'Büyük bir din bu kadar basitçe başlamış olamaz''İhtiyaçları olunca insanlar en olanaksız gözüken başlangıçlardan büyük bir din yaratırlar''Bu da benim belirttiğim nokta Monica' Konuşurken şiddetli el kol hareketleri yapmaya başladı ve Monica bir parça geriye çekildi 'Düşünce Mesih'in gerçekliğinden önce geldi'Ben geçersiz kılmaya değil tamamlamaya geld This felt like a childish attempt to do what Kazantzakis and Graves did far better I love many of Moorcock's books but this one was hamfisted pedantic and hopelessly adolescent in its approach to what could have been a very fascinating story It felt less like a real literary work and like a teenager's attempt to vent his spleen the sort of thing you can imagine a youth scribbling furiously in his binder and then leaning back to admire with a smug self satisfied smirk because he believes himself erroneously to be the next Nietzche

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Behold the ManGünümüzde nevrotik denen insanların çoğu başka bir çağda yaşasalardı nevrotik yani kendilerine karşı bölünmüş olmazlardı İnsanların atalarının mitlerinden kopmadığı doğanın yalnızca bakılacak bir şey olmadığı ve gerçekten yaşandığı bir dönemde yaşasalardı bölünmeleri engellenmiş olurdu Mitlerin yok olmasını hazmedemeyen ve ne yalnızca dış dünyayla yani bilimin gördüğüyle ne d I read this shortly before reading Moorcock's 'The Shores of Death sidenote I just typoed this 'The Shoes of Death' which would be a cool title In the three years between Behold the Man and The Shores of Death Moorcock's work seems to have gained an order of magnitude in sophistication This is actually one of his better written books no small thing given that Moorcock's serious efforts are uite somethingMy 2 isn't the 'not uite as crap as 1' kind of 2 it's taken off the Goodreads hymn sheet 2 OK but not good 3 The reason I didn't really enjoy this book isn't the prose or structure both strong simply that the story is unexciting largely unchallenging and predictable focused entirely on a central character who is not only unlikable but also for me uninteresting Moorcock does a good job of picking apart the main character's psyche but I didn't really careuite likely in 1969 the challenge offered to religious ideas was far radical original and shocking than in 2020 Possibly I'm damning this book for being imitated and if so I apologise I'm reminded here of a review possibly spoof that slags Lord of the Rings off for borrowing from Harry PotterEither way the book lacked tension and felt dated the latter hardly a crime for a book written in the 60sWith the exception of the time travel element this book is wholly without fantasymagicalsci fi elements and appears to rest on considerable research into knowledge of the bible and the history of Christianity It may well still float the boat of the right reader Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes