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DOWNLOAD × Alfred the Great The King and His England Phoenix Books Ú ❮Reading❯ ➽ Alfred the Great The King and His England Phoenix Books ➶ Author Eleanor Shipley Duckett – Filled with drama and action here is the story of the ninth century life and times of Alfred—Filled with drama and action here is Great The eBook #8608 the story of the ninth century life and times of Alfred warrior conueror lawmaker scholar and the. Eleanor Shipley Duckett’s biography is a useful introduction to Alfred the Great the Wessex monarch who effectively created the kingdom of England She begins with a description of the politics of eighth century England a world of maneuvering between regional kingdoms and invading Viking armies It was in this dangerous and fluid environment that a young Alfred came of age watching his father and two elder brothers deal with the threats Wessex faced before gaining the throne at the age of 22 From here her focus is on his struggles against the Danes though other chapters also address his kingdom his education and his years after his many martial triumphsWhile enlightening the book suffers from an excessive focus on narrative As readable as Duckett’s prose is Her focus on recounting the chronological development of events too freuently comes at the cost of a clear understanding of Alfred’s character and the significance of the developments of his life Readers wanting to familiarize themselves with the basic details of Alfred’s life will find this a useful and enjoyable book but those seeking a comprehensive analysis of the great Anglo Saxon king would be better served by Richard Abels’s recent Alfred the Great War Kingship and Culture in Anglo Saxon England

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Only king whom England has ever called The Great Based on up to date information on ninth century history geography philosophy literature and social life it. Eleanor Shipley Duckett goes through the events of King Alfred’s life rather uickly and mentions a few vignettes from Asser’s Life of King Alfred which was written by a contemporary of the king’s She gives the facts of historical figures around Alfred the place names where events occurred and the years of these events in a rather brief account When reading this a map would be useful I appreciate the brevity and the facts without a lot of narrative added This history would not likely be written today as the author does not interject her political opinion into the book I also appreciate Duckett’s including some of the philosophy and literature that King Alfred translated She does not include the king’s actual translations but she writes of that which King Alfred found useful for counsel The king translated from Latin to Anglo Saxon St Gregory’s Dialogues Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy the first fifty Psalms and a couple of other works It is interesting to read of what the philosopher king considered important enough to pass on to his people by translation

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Alfred the Great The King and His England Phoenix BooksVividly presents exciting views of Alfred in every stage of his long career and leaves the reader with a sharply etched picture of the world of the Middle Ag. A rare personal history of early England Alfred is credited with uniting various tribes to turn the Kingdom of Wessex into the first Kingdom of England Found this while going through my dad's library If early English history is your thing you definitely should read it Well researched and as personal as a history of a 9th Century individual it is well executed