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Read Ò Djinn City 107 Á [Download] ✤ Djinn City By Saad Hossain – Indelbed is a lonely kid living in a crumbling mansion in the super dense super chaotic third world capital of Bangladesh When he learns that his dead mother was a djinn — commonly known as a genie Indelbed is a lonely kid living in a crumbling mansion in the supeO the djinns eg a magician his whole world is turned inside out Suddenly and for reasons that totally escape him his father is found in a supernatural coma and Indelbed is kidnapped by the djinn and delivered to a subterranean prison Back in the city his cousi. Great fantasy book that doesn’t have a single elf dwarf goblin orc or troll in it So refreshing The ending however leads me to believe the author passed out and his agent sent it off for publishing without consulting the author or reading the manuscript

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Indelbed is a lonely kid living in a crumbling mansion in the super dense super chaotic third world capital of Bangladesh When he learns that his dead mother was a djinn commonly known as a genie and that his drunken loutish father is a sitting emissary t. I'm confused about this Because it started off great and it's incredibly imaginative well written and laugh out loud funny It takes the largely untapped lore of djinn and weaves something incredible out of it Politics djinn currency airships giant sea monsters dragons enchanted vases and glasses and a decent amount of fascinating genetic science the world building gives Harry Potter some competitionBut as the novel progressed I felt like it was doing too much Instead of remaining a concise tight packed tale about a young boy with a magician father it becomes about anything but Indelbed was a fascinating main character but his story arc is stunted because Hossain decides to focus on other character arcs that aren't nearly half as interesting It became an adventure story and one that was too long and too scattered I skimmed the last 100 pages reading them just enough to get a sense of where the story was generally headedAnd there's actually uite a lot of problematic language here Not problematic concepts but off hand words thrown around in dialogue that don't serve a purpose in the story but just exist for whatever reason The ableist 'r' slur is thrown around uite often some anti Semitic off hand comments are made that aren't characterized as good OR bad they're just there and a slur against Native Americans r I is used Like I said they're not integrated into actual theme or plot point but there was a lot of language that gave me pause so I had to take off a star for that alone Trigger warnings apply for Violence torture rape child abuse drug use

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Djinn CityN Rais and his family struggle to make sense of it all as an impending catastrophe threatens to destroy everything they know Needless to say everything is resting on Indelbed’s next move and he’s got a new partner to help him the world’s most evil djin. 35 Stars The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday was my first book this year and it was such a nice surprise After I finished it I wanted to get Djinn City since it was also set in the same world with the Djinn although a millennium earlier It was uest to get the book I first when to my local bookstore to let them order it for me I was sure it would not happen to be lying around somewhere in the bookstores in my city They ordered for me but when I went back and asked after it three weeks later the order had been cancelled by the supplier They even suggested I'd buy online from the giant booksellersNext I went to London and I hoped I could buy it there The Forbidden Planet has a great science fiction and fantasy book store and they sell a lot of books that I had previously only seen online But even they didn't have it So I ended up buying an ebook online but I tried I really did to find it somewhere in a brick book store Either way my anticipation was very high for Djinn City at this point Still it took me a few months to get to it corona and all that and when I started at last the expectations were very very high and it took me uite a while to get into the story It's the story of Indelbed and his family as they navigate around a Djinn conflict Indelbed is a 10yo kid from an impoverished brand of a major clan and he struggles daily with the fact his mother died giving birth to him they called this Death by Indelbed When a minor hunt some kind of Djinn ritual of passage is organized on Indelbed's head he and is family will be drawn into an entire different world with Djinn distortion fields and a war which has been ongoing for 20000 yearsThis was a strange read I cannot say it in another way More than the Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday I would classify this as fantasy but it is probably unlike anything you've already read Not only are Djinn a type of supernatural creatures which have been less massively utilized in fiction compared to certain other types there are also a couple of plot twists that I didn't see coming There are many different aspects to the story and while it is a very original mix at times I wondered whether it was not trying to do too much at the same time It took me a while to get into the story There were certainly times when I could really see the same wittiness that made The Gurkha so much fun But overall I felt this was the work that let up to and set up the later one While this was certainly a very entertaining read in the end I am not entirely sure who to recommend this to If you like non standard fantasy novels in non standard settings Dhaka Bangladesh with a little raw edge this might be perfect for you Else you might want to start with The Ghurka and the Lord of Tuesday Find this and other reviews on my blog