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FREE READ È Dont Even Breathe Maggie Novak #1 ↠ ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Dont Even Breathe Maggie Novak #1 Author Keith Houghton – From the bestselling author of Crash comes a riveting thriller rife with murder misdirection and ghosts from the past Florida homicide detective Maggie Novak has seen hundreds ofRick she’s desperate to forget And when another body turns up Maggie realizes she too may be the target of a sinister plot creeping toward its final actMaggie needs emotional distance to do her job but she’s so close to this case that she can’t even breathe Will Maggie be able to uncover the truth of who wanted Rita dead Or will her past mistakes catch up with her firs. I was pleasantly surprised by this book a good but not pretentious thriller police procedural that keeps up the pace and tension but doesn't try to overdo itself The protagonist was likeable the motives of the characters somehow understandable and also very important characters seemed to provide some kind of surprise to the reader without drastically changing their established personalities I didn't guess what would happen until very near the ending and even though the last scene was a bit dramatic it still seemed to make sense Looking forward to read of this series

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Halloween prank gone wrong she is confronted with a twenty year old secret The body is formally identified as that of school counselor Dana Cullen but a distinguishing mark makes Maggie look again She believes it is the body of her school friend Rita who perished in a fire twenty years agoMaggie’s hunt for the truth behind the murder takes her back to a cruel high school t. The dead can't talkYou need to do it for themDetective They rely on you to shed light on their death even if it takes you to some very dark places You'll do good never to forget the dead bodies are still people with family and friends and lives before they died Let them speak through youThis was a great mystery and one that definitely kept me flipping the pages I couldn't figure out who done it and I kept chasing the same line as the MC Maggie trying to get one step in front of the bad guy This would have been a solid 4 star book if it hadn't all been a bit tooneat There were just a huge whole string of coincidences that held the whole plot together and I just couldn't uite make the leap with the story like the Deathtectives did I did enjoy Maggie and her struggle to be who she is now and try to make up for who she used to be I liked the plot and it moved uickly I'd definitely read from this author


Dont Even Breathe Maggie Novak #1From the bestselling Breathe Maggie Epub #226 author of Crash comes a riveting thriller rife with murder misdirection and ghosts from the Dont Even PDFEPUB or past Florida homicide detective Maggie Novak has seen hundreds of brutal murder cases but when she is called out Even Breathe Maggie PDF #203 to investigate the charred remains of a young woman in what appears to be a. Don’t Even Breathe is a pacy addictive thriller with an intriguing mystery at the heart of it that draws you in immediatelyThe prologue in which a murder is planned was enough to engage my reading senses then the author backs that up with a tense and beautifully plotted novel with little twists and turns leading you to a heart stopping finaleMaggie is a great character and there is a well formed supporting cast with enough misdirection to keep you guessing Past and present collide and you are hooked in first page to lastA great crime read I would not be disappointed if this were to be a seriesRecommended