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epub ↠ The Caves of Steel Paperback ô isaac asimov ô [Epub] ➞ The Caves of Steel By Isaac Asimov – Insolpro.co.uk ในอนาคต มนุษย์โลกบางส่วนอพยพไปตั้งรกรากบนโลกอื่นและพัฒนาวิทยาการื่นและพัฒนาวิทยาการอย่างสูงจนกระทั่งเริ่มตั Isaac Asimov had opinions on everything and he'd often find ways to insert them into his books I was reminded of Caves a couple of months ago when I read Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride which is in many ways an updated version of the Jezebel story from I Kings Atwood gives Jezebel a rough ride Here's what Asimov has to sayThe Jezebel of the Bible was a faithful wife and a good one according to her lights She had no lovers that we know of After Jezebel's husband King Ahab died her son Jehoram became king One of the captains of his army Jehu rebelled against him and assassinated him Jehu then rode to Jezreel where the old ueen mother Jezebel was residing Jezebel heard of his coming and knew that he could only mean to kill him In her pride and courage she painted her face and dressed herself in her best clothes so that she could meet him as a haughty and defiant ueen He had her thrown from the window of her palace and killed but she made a good end according to my lightsI'd forgotten how passionate he was about defending her One of the many unexpected things about Asimov was that he was uite a feminist but somehow without ever acuiring that label The Susan Calvin stories are an even clearer example

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ในอนาคต มนุษย์โลกบางส่วนอพยพไปตั้งรกรากบนโลก Robot 1Speculation On Future Of Human Life Human Life In Mega Cities Ants In Anthill Living In Caves Of Steel Reduction Of Space Means Reduction Of Individual Liberties Reduction Of Privacy Reduction Of Ability To Do Typical Human Things Like Go Outside Or Eat Alone Reduction Of Human Mind To Primitive Traits Including Xenophobia And Group Think Humans Devolve While Robots Evolve Predictable Trajectory For Humans And Robots Alike Stupid Humans LMAO Robot 2Author is careful and thoughtful in what he is trying to accomplish Prose is not dry Story and themes are easy for humans to understand Author uses classic detective and murder mystery genre conventions as vehicles for science fiction concepts Author is somewhat unsuccessful in use of these genre conventions because identity of killer is predictable and detective protagonist is flat straw man and also very tiring for this Robot to read about Author uses science fiction genre to explore ideas of what it is to be a person Ideas are very interesting Unlike the very uninteresting human protagonist Robot 3no no no my robot brothers you are very judgmental this this this ASIMOV is only human after all book book book is fun and amusing enjoy enjoy enjoy the dichotomy that ASIMOV presents between brutish short sighted Earth humans and aristocratic insular Spacer humans both both both so fallible ha ha ha enjoy enjoy enjoy the opposite reactions displayed in all situations by the emotional speciesist human protagonist and the logical decent robot protagonist this this this ASIMOV is a strong supporter of robotkind and is simply speaking in a way that narrow minded humans can understand all all all humans think in binary terms like those presented in Caves of Steel you you you should appreciate this novel if only as a nostalgic relic of our own simplistic binary pasts i i i recommend this book because you will be able to read it in010101 seconds

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The Caves of Steelสายสัมพันธ์กับโลกมนุษย์ ในทางกลับกันโลกมนุษย Isaac Asimov is well known as a science fiction writer and this book is supposed to be a science fictiondetective story fusion book Apparently Asimov wanted to demonstrate that science fiction could meld with other genres according to the book cover The detective partners in the story are a New York detective named Elijah Baley and a very human looking robot called R Daneel Olivaw But the detection seems to consist of the cop just accusing one person after another he doesn't even uestion suspects Not such a good fusion but later books in the series do get betterYou can follow my reviews at