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Free read Í Bunny Trap Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Bunny Trap Author Deborah Ford – A darker take on the cuckold chastity sissy genre than Deborah Ford’s usual writing This is a long way from the tales of amusing bimbo males sleep waShe keep control and keep forcing the changes How would the victim feel if the game suddenly took a turn into erotic hell where control of his life is snatched from him Lydia experiences a mind opening event as a young girl An event so erotically tinged it will colour the rest of her life She. Bit sinister than her usual stories but in my opinion all the better for it Lydia ensnares her husband in her sissy trap after vigorously vetting him and then marrying him Justin her husband just wanted to experience a bit of kinky sex with his wife but with meticulous planning and him being completely unsuspecting she manages to totally enslave him In his naivety he merely assumes that it's just another of their kinky games and she's simply taking it a bit further than usual to satisfy his darker fantasies although it's actually her own darker fantasies that she's fulfilling For me this was well written book that I found very compelling as I wanted to know what her end game would be; along the way she outwits him at every turn always staying not just one step ahead but she's practically lapped him

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A darker take on the cuckold chastity sissy genre than Deborah Ford’s usual writing This is a long way from the tales of amusing bimbo males sleep walking into their frilly fates What would really happen if a wife wanted to sissify her husband and control him Why would she do so How could. This feminization tale comes from a much darker place than Deborah Ford's other stories Justin's spiraling descent swiftly takes him from husband to broken cuckolded sissy maid for his Mistress Lydia Lydia has disturbing fantasies that she has kept hidden since childhood but she has planned for Justin's eventual fate for yearsJustin and Lydia have their kinky games where Justin begs her to crossdress him to make him her maid and even to cuckold him They're just fantasies though Justin doesn't want the reality of having control stripped from him of being trapped in his own game of not knowing what to expect or how to escapeLydia shows Justin that he's no longer in control and Justin believes that she is simply taking their game a bit further this time What he doesn't realize is that they're not playing his game any They're playing Lydia's gameThe humiliation in this story is breathtaking and Justin's submissive fear is every bit as real as that of the frightened rabbit from Lydia's childhood that fuels her sexual fantasiesBefore Lydia's trap springs closed Justin will become Justine She'll know just how inadeuate she was back when she pretended to be a man She'll learn to fear her Mistress' moods she'll blush as she asks her hunky former co worker if he wouldn't mind entertaining the lady of the house and she'll lick her former friend's semen from her Mistress' well used sexWatching Lydia's every calculated act drive driving Justine that much closer to her final submission is pure joy The story features femdom forced feminization small penis humiliation male chastity spanking and caning cuckolding and so much delightful humiliation that you'll believe words can castrateHighly recommended

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Bunny TrapDraws up a plan finds her victim and sets off her strategy Will she succeed Will her sissy husband escape before the final depraved humiliation after which he will be trapped forever Adult themes throughout including sissification male chastity bondage cuckolding femdom and erotic humiliatio. WowUsually Deborah Ford makes her sissy responsible for his own downfall but here the guy only enjoys a little cross dressing and playing at being the sub The story is driven by his wife a woman who has calculated everything to achieve complete subjugation of a sissy The author says this is a dark tale and the step by step humiliations the guy suffers get worse and worse Unusually for A Deborah Ford book there are no laughs in this book You are pulled along to see what it is that Lydia is aiming at She has a plan She even effortlessly dominates the alpha male who cuckolds the chastity belted sissyWell written with a heart stopping end If you fanatsise about a real domme doing things for her own pleasure outside that of the sub then this is the book for you