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Creative Dreaming Plan And Control Your Dreams To Develop Creativity Overcome Fears Solve Proble Read & Download Ø 104 ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Creative Dreaming Plan And Control Your Dreams To Develop Creativity Overcome Fears Solve Proble By Patricia Garfield RD cultures and times that will enable you to plan your Dreaming Plan And Control Your Kindle dreams ahead of time influence them while they are occurring and recall them and their lessons forever afterwar. This is the dreaming book I go to for a reread whenever I'm trying to recharge my dreaming life I bought this book used for a uarter almost twenty years ago read it in a day and have been keeping a dream journal ever since At times attentively than at others which is why this book is always good to reread because Patricia Garfield's contagious excitement about dreaming carries every chapter even though the book covers the dreaming habits of a variety of cultures

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Dreams are than just random images Plan And Epub #218 that play in your head at night They are a source of inspiration and transformation Creative Dreaming MOBI #10003 that can have a profound effect on you. I love this book; from a young age I have been interested in the benefits of dreaming Focus on the subject only opens up new doors and strengthens the power of dreaming and the ability to recall dreams The most memorable part of the book for me was learning that Robert Louis Stevenson and many other famous creative people attribute 100 % of their creations and success to their dreams It also includes several simple mental exercises It is easy to read even though is written by a PhD so its not really dumbed down I have had personal success with what I have learned from this book including a creative revival Interestingly at the bookstore after picking it out without showing it to the clerk I asked her recommendation on the subject and it was the first book she named; needless to say she was pleased when I showed her I already picked it out

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Creative Dreaming Plan And Control Your Dreams To Develop Creativity Overcome Fears Solve ProbleR waking state While everyone dreams not everyone makes use of this uniue resource Patricia Dreaming Plan And eBook #180 Garfield presents techniues and information drawn from many dreamers and widely varie. I bought this book years ago in about 1987 and recently felt the urge to take it up again So it is not the latest edition I’m here reviewingThe author explains that we can plan our dreams and provides suggestions on how to do so We will need to accept that it is possible to induce dreams and should present ourselves with suggestions for the intended dream when in a deeply relaxed state Put your intention into a “concise positive phrase” for example “To night I fly in my dream”To induce dreams on a certain topic it may help to involve yourself in activities relevant to your desired dream It is most helpful to intensely focus your attention in your area of interest for at least two or three days at a timeRecord your dreams as soon as possibleYou may obtain many creative solutions in your dreams if you take the following preliminary steps 1 Be motivated 2 Have gathered relevant information and 3 Have made initial attempts to synthesize material The “illuminating” solution will then come either during the dream or immediately after awakeningHowever the solution may or may not be the correct one The author uotes the case of Dorothy Parker who after dreaming that she had the answer to the world’s problems scribbled it down; in the morning she found she had written “Hoggimous higgimous men are polygamous Higgimous hoggimous women monogamous” Ha haThere is a chapter on learning from American Indian dreamers We learn that if we regard our dreams as important we will receive and remember valuable dreams Our dreams will become relevant to our waking life as we value and use them The dream friends we have the better Successful problem solving in dreams carries over into waking life And much We are introduced to the Senoi a primitive tribe in Malaysia who report their dreams at breakfast and later in village council continue the work of dream discussion Most of their lives revolve around dreaming and the interpretation of their dreams and apparently because of this the Senoi “show remarkable emotional maturity”The author has personally interviewed members of the Senoi tribe Some main dream rules according to the Senoi are 1 Confront and conuer danger 2 Advance towards pleasure in a dream this includes sexual pleasure 3 Achieve a positive outcomePatricia states “The dreamer should not allow his dream to end without completing a positive action He should fall or fly some place make love to orgasm fight to the death or be killed and always obtain a creative product”When one dream image attacks another you the dreamer are attacking part of yourself These conflicting elements can be reorganized and unified in a positive way by applying the Senoi concept of dream control The dreamer who uses his dreams properly can become integrated – he can work for peace on Earth by first establishing peace in his bodyWe should ask for a gift from the aggressor we conuer It does seem to me that remembering to attack our aggressors and demanding gifts from them reuires that the dreams be lucid Patricia doesn’t mention this in the Senoi chapter though there is a later chapter on lucid dreamsA lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming When you become lucid you can do anything in your dream including flying anywhere you will One way to become lucid is to be frightened in a dream and then realize it is a dreamThe author includes much about flying dreams which often precede lucid dreams Lucid dreamers have many flying dreams than the ordinary dreamerThere’s also a chapter about yogi dreamers keep