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Odium II The Dead Saga #2 Summary Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à [Reading] ➲ Odium II The Dead Saga #2 ➺ Claire C. Riley – Insolpro.co.uk Book two in the bestselling post apocalyptic series from USA Today Bestselling AuthorPeople will do anything to surviveFortune favoursthe DEADSome secrets are too horrifiBook two in The Dead MOBI #240 the bestselling post apocalyptic series from USA Today Bestselling AuthorPeople will do anything to surviveFortune favoursthe DEADSome secrets are too horrific to ever be Odium II PDFEPUB or forgiven and some people should never be trustedTortured starved and on. 5 Twisted StarsGenre DystopiaHorrorZombie ApocalypticType Book 2 of The Dead Saga SeriesPOV First Person MultipleThis book opens up with the reality that Nina finds herself yet in a different type of hell a new nightmare She feels betrayed and yet she wants to keep going to protect the ones she cares for Nina honestly is someone you can look out to because in her weakness she finds strength She always ends up sacrificing herself to protect others At the end of the last book Nina is at the mercy of the forgotten They are cruel and I freaking hate them The things they did to Nina I can't even breathe thinking about it Mikey was devastated because they made him watch her suffer However he promised he would get them out of that mess even if he had to do things he hatedWe meet new characters some just briefly but others play a major part in the series Hilary and Deacon are a couple that have a story running parallel with that of Nina and her crew All the events leading towards the end left me on the edge And what crazy ending I mean what in the world Ahhh Claire has delivered another incredible ride packed with suspense action blood and the twisted plot that you will not see coming Readers who enjoy this type of writing should grab this series because I guarantee you will not be dissapointed MY STATUS WHILE READINGMe in the beginningNOOOOO crying so hard everything hurtsLater I wasThen I was Then I was likeThen I wasThenAnd the ending of course claire evil c riley is the best at it LOL Book Series Order

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The run Nina thinks she’s faced the worst that mankind has to offer but she’s wrong She II The Dead PDF #202 may have survived this long but she’s not come out of it unscathed and there’s worse to comeNina’s trusty Doc Martins are showing signs of the zombie Apocalypse and she isn’. NO NO NO NO NO NO NOWhy How could you end the book like thisWhen does the next one come out Can I have an ARC NOW Can I beta read Can I bow before you for effecting me like thisA MASTERPIECE I can't stop crying right nowI hate you I love you I worship you

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Odium II The Dead Saga #2T faring much better With her snarky attitude guaranteed to get her in trouble Nina needs to forgive the past and to live once in the present and learn that sometimes she needs to place her trust in other people Because when people are faced with the end of times they’ll do anything to survi. 45 starsWhile this is technically the second book in a trilogy this does not read like a middle book folks It has its own plot and characters and stands strongly on its own two putrefying feet There is a ton of new information being introduced; it isn’t just about surviving any Now it’s about maintaining some sort of real life maybe even making some friends along the way Careful making friends in the apocalypse you never know when they’ll get eatenI have to say I think this book was even stronger than the first Since the main characters are already fully formed I was completely at home with them and ready to join them on the next leg of their journey No world building was needed and Claire jumped right into the action The Forgotten take a bit of a back seat to the Deaders this time around but they haven’t been written out They are constantly lurking in the background threatening to kill all of my favorite characters I do have some new favorites like Nova the red headed firecracker who gets off on killing the undead Dean and Anne are two teens with some weird ideas and some brilliant ones Nina is sporting a new samurai blade and Rachel is an explosives expert Zombies go BOOMThere is a new aspect to this story Hilary and Deacon They have their own chapters thrown in from time to time giving a peek into a different side plot At first I was wondering why they were there what their purpose was It wasn’t until almost the end of the story before I realized what was going on and went “Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiit” The story is taking a whole new turn and I can’t wait to see where it goesI do need to give the standard warning Yes this book is violent Yes there is a shit ton of gore blood spatter rotting corpses and indescribable scents and textures Yes there are 202 F bombs These are just some of the many reasons why I loved this book Claire’s writing is creative and exciting and if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse by investing in a snow plowSo you know when an ebook says you have 10% left and you think that’s plenty of time to wrap up all of the plot and then you turn the page and it’s the end Claire was super sneaky I may have actually growled in desperation GAH CLIFFHANGER Need Odium III NOW A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review