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Falling for Leigh A Brookhollow Story #3 review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï [PDF / Epub] ☀ Falling for Leigh A Brookhollow Story #3 ✍ Jennifer Snow – Insolpro.co.uk Can she be his cure for writer's block  For New York novelist Logan Walters falling for the girl next door was than a clichCan she be his cure Leigh A PDFEPUB #231 for writer's block  For New York novelist Logan Walters falling for the girl next door was than a cliché It was a calamity If Leigh Norris hadn't been so attractive and hadn't b. Falling For Leigh was the first book that I had the pleasure of encountering from the Brookhollow Series I had the pleasure of receiving a copy from Jennifer with some kickbutt swag Romance books are not usually my go to for picking a book up and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this one The great thing about it is that it worked as a standalone there wasn't any feeling of missing out on part of the story having not read Books 1 or 2 However I definitely will be checking of this series that Jennifer Snow has createdI was thoroughly sucked into the Brookhollow Setting and loved the realistic characters from Snow Leigh was a wonderful real woman character that dealt with a lot of realistic issues that can be seen in the world around us At first Logan seemed a bit pompish but he really came to live as a genuine person and I found myself rooting for things to work out between them Definitely worth the read

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Een hammering relentlessly while he was trying to write Logan would never have ascended her rickety ladder in a misguided mix of gallantry Falling for Kindle and frustration And he wouldn't have a broken wrist or a gui. You’ve heard the saying “you had me at hello” Well Jennifer Snow is a fabulous writer who touched my heart last Christmas when I read The Trouble with Mistletoe I was upset I hadn’t heart of Snow sooner – her storyline could easily be made into a Hallmark Channel Movie and her books are well written well edited and they definitely warm the heart When I read the book description for Falling for Leigh a Brookhollow Story I realized Snow had done it again New York novelist Logan Walters falls for the girl next door to the Brookhollow B and B he has a new assistant who can’t type and his manuscript is overdue I didn’t need to hear another word I was hooked and had to get my hands on Falling for Leigh a Brookhollow Story Before I tell you too much I have to say a sincere thank you to Jennifer Snow for sharing her time and talents with yet another heartwarming taleBrookhollow is the most ideal setting for a romance A small town with interesting characters so well written by Snow you feel you’ve lived in Brookhollow yourself or at least spent the summer there Snow adds just enough detail to help you fall in love with the setting as well as the characters There’s a heated gazebo family owned bakery noisy daycares antiue furniture filled bed and breakfasts and of course a rickety ladder for Logan Walters to fall from The characters in Falling for Leigh a Brookhollow Story are completely believable As you read about a divorcee who struggled with fertility who feels alone and unlovable you can likely replace that character with someone in your own life There’s a busy mom just trying to enjoy her children while keeping them safe – againinsert any number of your friends into that character description as well I truly appreciate the reality and honesty Snow uses in her stories It makes the story come alive for me I would definitely recommend any of Snow’s books and I certainly hope the Hallmark Movie Channel catches on someday soon and turns one of these sensational romances into a movie I’ll be the first one on the couch with a glass of wine and bowl of popcorn

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Falling for Leigh A Brookhollow Story #3Lty new assistant who can't type Clearly his escape to the Brookhollow B and B was not going to be the uiet idyllic retreat he needed to finish his overdue manuscript But it was fast becoming much interesting than expect. 45 stars I've read the previous titles in the Brookhollow series but this one is by far my favoriteAfter Logan struggles to write and put out the next book in his bestselling series he travels to Brookhollow for some uiet writing time to help cure his writers block Suffice to say it doesn't happen The uiet he seeks is shattered by a woman making a bit of noise and Logan falls for her umm uite literally Leigh feels terrible about what happened and she suddenly becomes his new typistLogan doesn't want to fall for anyone He just wants his book done and to hopefully make his comeback But somehow Leigh gets under his skin She helps him type his book out but she also inspired new scenes and things in the story he'd never thought of before Logan also makes a big impression on the people of this town without realizing itLeigh is a sweetheart She's dealing with her feelings from a recent divorce and of course it's a small town so she runs into her ex and his new happy family all the time Leigh is hoping to make a big change in her life something that she's been yearning forThere's a few times in the story I shed some tears because of the emotions and things Leigh went through I love the way she and Logan fell in love It's a slow and steady process but the way she helps with his book and draws feelings out of him that neither of them expected put a smile on my face The ending is perfect and works out well for the both of them which made me cheer out loudJennifer Snow weaves another sweet and funny small town romance I love Brookhollow it's one of my favorite small towns to revisit over and over again Can't wait for the next story