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text Û Reaver AUTHOR Larissa Ione Ò Larissa Ione N doomed to an eternity of agonizing torture Even if Reaver can snatch her away from Satan's lair even if they can fight their way out of the underworld's darkest depths there is one thing Harvester can never escape her newfound thirst for an angel's blo This was another great book in the Demonica series Larissa Ione is incredibly versatile in her writing and world building I am continually impressed by the breadth of her world and characters as she spins wild and creative tales to enjoy In REAVER we move from Horsemen to Angels focusing on Reaver a formerly fallen now redeemed angel who is going after Harvester a currently fallen angel who has been condemned to hell for trying to save the world essentially He knows he’ll get in big trouble with the snooty angel council for this but goes anyway There’s this great magnetic pull between Harvester and Reaver a love hate thing that has been going on for several books and in this one we find out the source of their connection and the degree to which their star crossed lover plight extends It’s a great backstory and I love the way they eventually come around to each other Another great addition to the series Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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Free Reaver AUTHOR Larissa Ione kindle ✓ eBook 9781455526970 Ê ➣ [Epub] ➝ Reaver By Larissa Ione ➭ – WARRIOR OF HEAVENReaver is an angel with a past a record and a less than heavenly attitude Powerful enough to fight alongside the fiercest battle angels and crazy enough to WARRIOR OF HEAVENReaver is an angel with a past a record and a less than heavenly attitude Powerful enough to fight alongside the fiercest battle angels and crazy enough to risk his wings on a one way mission to hell he's agreed to go where no angel has Reaver the angelReaver the watcher of the four HorsemenReaver the daddy and grandpaReaver the lost loverReaver Harvester are meant to be together They were together until Reaver fucked up and then they both lost their memory They were apart for so many years as deadly enemies as opponents in the battle between good versus evil – or at least this is what Reaver and us readers thought But NO she was NOT Because we may thought that Harvester is the bad Fallen Angel that works with the Satan and she tries to break the seals of the four horsemen; we may thought that she wants to bring Apocalypses and there is no disgusting evil action that she has not taken part in But as it is already apparent she was nothing than a spy from Heaven who has volunteered and has made uncountable sacrifices until the right moment comes to prevent the Apocalypses Unfortunately she was found out and the book starts with her stuck in Hell literally being tortured without hope and without futureSo here comes Reaver the warrior the cunning male the determined lover to be Reaver will go after her because NOW HE KNOWS that nothing is what it seems He will have Harvester even if he has to sneak to Sheoul Hell to get herTheir love story the story of their lives is magnificent They have self tortured their souls for thousands of years and they were miserable without each other without knowing the reason When the time comes when Reaver and Harvester are together when they remember everything will be perfect No one will uestion how we get thereIn terms of revelations and anticipation “Reaver” has been the book that all the series’ followers were looking forward to read I was extremely happy with what I got and I am sure most of the fansFavorite uote “That's my girl he murmuredI'm not your girlWell he said not bothering to hide his smile from her sightless eyes the good news is that the honey gave you back your sparkling personalityAnd the bad newsThe honey gave you back your sparkling personality”

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Reaver AUTHOR Larissa IoEver gone beforeto steal the most seductive and dangerous prize of Satan himselfANGEL OF HELLHarvester is one of the Fallen a once heroic angel who sacrificed her wings to work as an undercover agent in hell But now her cover has been blown and she's bee Finally the story of Reaver and Harvester or Yenrieth and Verrine Likes • The whole best friends to enemies to lovers theme never gets old • I really liked Reaver a lot in this book I guess because we got to see a gentler and loving side to him • It was great to see the sweeter side of Harvester too but I still like her 'badassness'• Took a while for things to get going but when they did it was good I always like how the blood drinking amps things up• Yaywe got some great scenes with Wraith but not enough with Thanatos • I love the tying together of the two series• I thought the scenes with Reaver and Limos were really endearing• Interesting how things were set up for Revenant Dislikes • The whole Lucifer plot line was grossespecially the full grown part • I really wanted to see interaction between Harvester and her dear ol' Dad• I wish we would've gotten details about Yenrieth and Lilith for Harvester You can read that story in Eternal Damnation I don't feel it was explained enough or Reaver was remorseful enough to Harvester• Wowdidn't expect that from Raphael • The whole wing cutting off ceremony was pretty intense and gruesome • I was ready for this to be the end of the series x2 Overall I really enjoyed how things all came together with the two series and while I find Revenant very intriguing and I'm curious about how things will proceed I was a little disappointed that the series was continuing I guess I was just prepared for a big ending and I'm not sure where things will go from here Still looking forward to Revenant even if we have to wait till late winter to read it Favorite uotes ♥ “Good luck man” Wraith clapped him on the shoulder “For an angel you don’t suck” “Ditto For a demon well you do suck” “Because I’m half vampire” “Sure” Reaver said “Let’s go with that”♥ “Wraith called me Angelicus Prime I’m not sure if that’s an insult or not”♥ “I’ll always be here for you I’ll wait as long as it takes” He locked his eyes with her “You were always the one”