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Our love is timeless Will is my fiancé The shy man I met years ago in college The person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with This is the life I’ve always wanted until finding a picture of four men changes everythingEtienne says he’s my husband and OMFG WOW This book literally blew my mindI need a minute to catch my breathI need a very long sleepAlso I must read epilogue again or maybe like 5 times WTF had happened?😐😐😐Full review to come later maybe not sure about it because I have no single fucking idea what to say right now I'm speechless

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The Surviving TraceFall for him until I’m uestioning which time I belong in and if the life I left behind is the one I truly desire All I know for certain is I need to survive time I need to survive love And I need to make it out on the other side aliveContemporary RomanceTime Trav Genre Time Travel RomanceType Book 1 of Surviving Time seriesPOV First Person – Female Partly dualRating Serene Parow had a love affair with the past As owner of an antiue store she was drawn to anything old and laden with history She was at a good place and completely in love with her fiancée Will Myles but the discovery of an old photo dated 1912 ripped her from everything she knew and into the world of Étienne Lacroix the mysterious man on the photo She’s gorgeous there’s no getting around that But I’m drawn to her intelligence and smart mouth She’s unpredictable in every way I very rarely like book heroine because they're often lacking certain aspects compared to the hero That's not the case in this book Serene was the hero who carried the story with strength and grace well her version of grace p Being alone with the man is akin to being alone with a master manipulator I don’t know what he’s going to do how he’s going to react Étienne was everything a hero should be He was smart ambitious and protective What I love the most about him was his slight uptightness that made him endearingI started this book not knowing what to expect There were some parts earlier that felt slow but it ended up consuming me completely But if I’ve learned anything from my journey through time it’s that nothing is impossible and everything is a lie I love every moment of the past scenes As someone who love old objects and architecture I could easily relate to Serene's passion Through the author's words I lived the era and walked through the hallways of Belgrave “You think you belong in another time Belong to another man But maybe you have it all wrong Maybe you belong here with me” The storyline was captivating I couldn't put it down There were uite a number of characters to keep up with but the mystery suspense and angst and sexiness propelled the story from the first page to the last “No matter what happens I am yours” I whisper fiercely “And you are always mine Nothing can change that” The Surviving Trace is an evocative tale of love that transcends time It would appeal to readers looking to be swept by a time travel romance🔸 ⏳ 🔸 FBR With Twinsie CC 🔸 ⏳ 🔸For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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FREE MOBI ✓ DOC The Surviving Trace ò INSOLPRO ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➭ The Surviving Trace ➮ Author Calia Read – Our love is timeless Will is my fiancé The shy man I met years ago in college The person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with This is the life I’ve alwaThe year is 1912 He can’t stand the sight of me but I don’t know why Oh and he’s one of the men from the picture I’ve done the impossible and have become trapped in time and I know Etienne is my key to going homeThe time I spend with Etienne the further I Update This is part of a trilogy that I obviously didn't realize at the time I read this first book So please take this review with that information as the grain of salt 😜 3 StarsOverall Opinion I am so hating myself right now I knew I KNEW after that initial chapter that I would probably not like the endingand shocking I didn't I was just so intrigued by the storyline that I had to go jump in and read it anyways I like the idea of time travel romance and while the overall idea that came to me from reading Outlander was great the book was so freaking long that it basically became a chore to finish So when I saw this and saw that it wasn't too long I jumped at the opportunity to read it Anyone that has a recommendation for a good time travel romance I'm all for hearing about it 😜 I'm going with a middle of the road just okay 3 Stars because there were things that I liked as well as things that didn't work for meLet's break down what I liked I liked the scenes from the past I appreciated the differences between the h's present and this time I liked the differences in culture and behavior I liked that the h didn't act the way that was to be expected from women in that timeI liked the characters Both if the mcs were likable I enjoyed their banter and the hate to love aspect of their relationship I appreciated that they fought but it seemed to always be worked out in a mature wayI liked the h and H's connection and chemistry This worked I felt their connection and their chemistry and tension was pretty hot I think that might've been part of why other things were so disappointing because this part of the story worked so wellI liked the overall idea of the story Like I said above this was very intriguing to me I honestly was also drawn to the forbidden factor of it because the h was engaged to OM and was also married to the H in different times Now for what didn't work for meThe descriptions became too much While I understand that the author needed to set the scene and even the time for the reader but it became a little too much to where I skimmed at times The descriptions of the decor and furniture were boring to me That being said I think people that appreciate and understand antiues might really enjoy this from the author but it simply isn't something that interests mePretty much the whole second part Again I'm pretty sure I understand where the author was coming from in having this part in the book and I know that there was some crucial information obtained during this time so it was necessaryBUT it felt like a mess The h was a mess I didn't like how her relationships fared and I didn't like how she behaved And my biggest issuethe ending WTF If you really want to know about it pm me and I'll give you the big spoilers I feel like I can't even deem it a HFN ending enough said 😒Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Serene and Étienne’s story Serene is working in her antiue shop and find a picture of four men in front of a plantation She is shocked when one of the men was in her vivid dream she had the night before She is somehow transported into 1912 to that very same plantation and she is supposedly married to that man After some not so great encounters Serene convinces Étienne to help her try to get back to her own time and her fiancé The time they spend together the they start to develop stronger feelings and fall in love There are some suspenseful moments some mysterious and pnr aspects and a few sexy timesPOV This alternated between Serene mostly and Étienne’s POVOverall Pace of Story Not the best It felt slow to start and then slow for most of part 2 there are 3 parts I skimmed some in those parts but I don't think I missed anything importantInstaloveNo they are like hate to loveH rating 4 stars Étienne I liked him I appreciated how he cared for the hh rating 35 stars Serene I liked her but I struggled with her behavior in the 2nd part I appreciated her strength considering all she was going throughSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPullYes view spoiler They both push away and pursue the relationship at times hide spoiler